Friday, April 1, 2011

The Incomprehensible, Extravagant, Infinite, Victorious, Eternal Love of Christ

If you go through duties and motions out of a sense of responsibility or lacking options, if u feel you know the truth, but you aren't on fire about it. I are not in the center of all that God wants and desires for you. The Bible DOES say that we are not UNDER the law, to be under something implies that it ways us down, that it lords over us, that it is a burden. If the lifestyle you lead is a duty and responsibility, it is not the life God has planned for you-because we are not living responsibility, we are living a relationship. Many people are scared of this train of thought, why? because they're afraid it will lead to irresponsible, lascivious living----but I think the exact opposite is the case. Frustrated, discouraged, repressed people, are the ones who will fall into bad living, free, liberated, joyous, happy people, in love with The Lord, are not going to fall into the traps of sin. Because when you walk in the light as He is in the can see all of the pitfalls and you stear clear of them, it is when you are not walking with HIM that you fall into the dark, unseen holes of life.

Why are you Afraid to entertain the possibility of spiritual liberty? Perfect love casteth out fear. You do not have to be afraid of the truth. Ever. The truth will make you free, and the truth is that there is a God, and that God created you, specifically, purposefully, it was not an accident. It was not an oversight, it was not on a whim, your very existance, and every inch of who you are and how you function, was conceived by the mind of God! And then, beyond just thinking of creating you, and giving you breath and a soul, He also, gave His perfect, Holy, Omnipotent, lovely, Matchless Son, the Saviour, Jesus Christ, to shed His perfect, innocent blood to save you from your sin, and guilt and shame and damnation, to make you not only His creation, but His child, His son!

People argue & worry and analyze about so many "Religious" questions. But the centerpiece of it ALL, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the fact that He died, shed His blood and rose again and was seen by many people-that He loves you and wants to redeem you, that is the most important. And it isn't just the beginning. It is EVERYTHING. SOme people think you come to this realization and then you just go on to other religious questions. No. Everything in life, all comes back to this one thing. Countless Believers who have never been to seminary, never been able to spend huge amounts of time in study, some even unable to read-have lived profoundly powerful lives in Christ by understanding ONE truth-Jesus. He IS the truth! If You know His love and thus love Him, EVERYTHING else will come into its correct order.

Divisions in Churches, arguments, petty problems? Completely dissapear if you have sincere Church members who love God with all their hearts and would NEVER put their own insecurities or needs above loving Christ!

Discouragement and dissilusionment vanish from the hearts of those who are overwhelmed, overjoyed and overflowing with the love of God, the love of Christ!

Materialism is gone when the chief love of the heart is the unseen Christ!

Selfishness and abuse and arguments in families are gone when the members of the family love Christ so much they cannot bear to be cruel to each other and they just love each other with Christ's love.

So many people have come to the sad, sad place where they think "God's love conquers all" is a meaningless, shallow cliche'. It is not a cliche' -It is the power of the Gospel! For God so LOVED the world! ! ! We have gotten away from the message of God's love!

God loves you more than you know, more than you imagine. He loves you more than you love your children! He loves you more than you love your parents, more than you love your husband or wife or boyfriend girlfriend, best friend etc. But this may not seem like a powerful message to you right now. Why? Simple. Because you haven't let yourself truly BELIEVE it! And hey, without faith it is impossible to please God, yes? it is all about what we BELIEVE. DO you believe? God loves you so much, but it doesn't really do you a whole lot of good until you receive it. You need to have faith, that's why the Scripture says by grace through FAITH we are saved. You receive God's grace THROUGH you BELIEVING (Faith).

If you believe God is distant, cruel, detached, uncaring and cold, you will live your life as if that is true, even though it is not true. If you Believe and know the truth, that God loves you, adores you and cherishes you and that Jesus Christ Himself intercedes for His children-you will live your life in that truth and be better for it!

I see soooooOOOoooOOOooo many problems in the American Churches today, division, lukewarm liberalism, heartless legalism, confusion, backsliding, prosperity doctrine, false humility, shame and guilt, confusion, materialism, immorality, pride, discouragement, we try to see what the core problem is, but it seems these problems come from all sides. Now we can address each problem one at a time and preach about them till were blue in the face, but you know what? We have been doing that for years! No, the problem isn't some new problem,and it doesnt have some new solution. The probem is we have left our first love, and so we are preaching new solutions instead of realizing there is only ONE solution to ALL of mankinds problems-it is the Love of God! It always has been and it always will be! The Word of God, the blood of Christ, the Ressurection, the preservation of God's Word, Holy Living, Accountability, ---All of these important "Issues" have one common, blessed source, the Love of God! But God commendeth his love towatd us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for the ungodly. Christ died for us because GOD Loves us! It all comes back to John 3:16! It IS that simple. We have just left our first love, and grown cold to the wonderful, overwhelming truth of John 3:16!

No Christian, who truly believes John 3:16, who truly has receieved the SPirit of God and been filled with the love of Christ, would ever dream of being involved in division, gossip, lies, immorality, liberalism, legalism and/or all of the other problems that plague the 'postmodern' Church! SO what do we do? Address each little problem and strive to fix it with worldly wisdom? No, we teach and preach through the power of the Holy Ghost-the love of Christ! Just like in the days of old!


  1. EXACTLY!!!! The filling of the Spirit and walkin in it IS THE ANSWER. Walk in the Spirit and you will NOT fulfil the lusts of the flesh. Thx for posting,,, Jody Moran