Friday, April 22, 2011

Keeping my Eyes on the Cross

Sometimes I look at my own behavior and I feel so discouraged about it. Sometimes I look at the behavior of others around me and feel dissapointed. The more I learn of Jesus, the more I realize how unlike Him we are :( And yet, I don't know that my feelings of discouragement about that are correct. I am getting a clearer look at Christ, yet I need to have the grace to see others as He sees them instead of seeing how unlike Christ we all are. The Bible says Jesus was moved with compassion on the multitudes, probably many of the same people that would one day consent to His crucifixion. But He wasn't eten up with anger and cofusion about it, He was compassionate. It break smy heart even now. How did you did that Lord?

I sometimes share my struggles on here, some may view that as not the greatest way to teach and edify and help others, but I think if I struggle with something, most likely a lot of us struggle with it. I mean, do you ever feel like it is so easy to love God and commune with Him when you're by yourself but then when it is time to share that love with others you get distracted, judgmental, hindered, confused, angry even? Yep. That's why living like Jesus isn't something everybody does, it's supernatural. Thankfully, God forgives us and uses these situations to teach us...and hopefully to teach us even more about His love, through forgiveness, reconciliation, humility and sometimes even taking a lil abuse and persecution for HIS sake. It is hard sometimes.

I don't have it in me to be like Christ. But in me, I have Christ, lol. I just have to let Him do what He does.

My joy is out the window when I think about humanity, and people, and how we act and how we treat each other and what we do-but my joy is overflowing when I think about Jesus Christ, and how He acts, and how HE treats us and what He does and who He is and what He did on Calvary! God, help me to keep my eyes on Your Son, and to constantly see others through Jesus' eyes. Please forgive me for not having Your tender heart towards others. Thank You Jesus that You forgave us, that you forgave me. I love you so much JEHOVAH God, my Father! Amen.

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