Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Manifesto

I am ONE with Christ. I belong to Him. I am crucified with Him yet not I but Christ liveth in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God! Jesus loved me. He loves me in ways that NO human being can comprehend, conceive of, imagine or understand. He loves me despite my sins. He NEVER leaves me nor forsakes me. WHATEVER the directions and trends of the religious, the camps, the groups, the denominations.....All I know is Christ, and as Paul said I'd rather not know ANYTHIN about anyone except to know Christ and Him crucified.

I was and have never been a part of one particular "Camp" if u will, I don't care about it. I even care less and less about me.  He must increase and I must decrease. I love, adore, live for and in and because of-Jesus Christ. ANY "Affiliation" that I may appear to have is only there because it is in line with what seems to be honoring to Christ. I don't care what you call yourself, who you are associated with, what your style is, how many of you there are, whether you're popular or unpopular, all I care is are you in Christ?

I am FREE because I am in Christ. Some folks only "Fellowship" with folks who look like they do, smell like they do, dress liek they do, and sound like they do, but I have communion and fellowship with ALL who are in the SAME Christ that I am in. And to deny the true body of Christ, would be to deny Christ which I cannot do. How can those who love the same God, hate their brethren? How can you hate, lie about, bad-mouth or have any real problem with someone who is just as Beloved as you are? Really, you can't. You'd know in your heart how wrong it was and it would make you sick. We are one body.

I know talk like that has been twisted by the enemy to mean something else, but let's not giv eplace to him. let's not lose ground and let him steal our blessings. GOD is big, reallly big. He is bigger than our little programs and ideas and preference. He doesn't ask our permission before He pours out His Spirit on someone. I will follow God's presence wherever it takes me, whether religious zealouts like it or not.

Jesus greatly frustrated the Pharisees of His day, and thos eof us in Jesus today, will also find that our joyful freedom is of great frustration to modern pharisees. But Jesus told the people their righteousness must exceed that of the pharisees if they were gonna make it into the kingdom of God. Do you know what you need to make it into that kingdom> ? The righteousness of Jesus. HE paid it all. He made the Way. he IS the Way. I love Jesus! I adore Jesus! I follow Jesus! And I don't say it in a divisive way-but I follow JEsus not man! Sure, if a man is following Jesus and he's ahead of me, and I'm also following Jesus and I'm behind him-then I'm following him following Jesus :) bhahahaha that's fine, but the truth is, i'm still following Jesus.

NOBODY has a monopoly on Jesus. He is available for everyone! You don't need a "priest" or a pope, a program, a big screen or a small hymnal-you just need the truth of God's own Word.

While the religious fight over whether they should use a big screen or a book, a clear pulpit or a wood pulpit, an old preacher or a young speaker-get the new look-from the Old Book-get the new look from God's Word. And guess where God's Word is going to lead you?---to CHRIST!

It IS ALL ABOUT JESUS! Don't let the religious lead you to believe otherwise. He is our only Hope, our only Saviour and He alone is worthy! Amen.

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