Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Need This Message Of Love

Mankind has a way of muddying up, nice clean waters-and confusing issues. But God is not the author of confusion. I continue to see two sides of an endless battle in the world, in all ideologies really...and I realize, more and more, that I have no place in either side. I'm a stranger to this world in so many ways.

I am primarily concerned with One message, and that message is really a person. I have OFTEN been discouraged and distracted with how unworthy I feel to be one who speaks on His behalf. It is soooo difficult for me to sometimes discern between what is humility, what is false-humility and disguised pride and what is satanic guilt and lies. Either way, in a sense, none of it matter because the message is not ME, the message is HIM and if I keep my eyes on HIM everything will be fine, including myself as I am covered in the light of His presence and the cleansing blood of His Son.

My heart is heavier than EVER tonight, (early this morning) and I can't sleep. I have a deep, inner peace from God yet at the same time, I have a sorrow, and a burden. Where can I share this message of Christ's love which is so desperately needed? Why is it often ignored and misrepresented? What does God want me to do about it? I see so many people in need of this message but I know ONly God can make it understandable and real to them.

Christians, religious, non-religious, whoever-the message is for us all. This message is for every human being. It's for Pastors and teachers and teens and kids and senior citizens, it's for everyone, everywhere.

There is a God, a Righteous God-just as righteous as you've ever magined and moreso-but ALSO just as loving as you've ever hoped for and moreso! Your Creator, didn't do so by accident. You are part of His plan. He has a plan for you. Do you want to be part of it? He has made a way for you to have a relationship with Him, that disconnected feeling from God that you have can be healed. All you need to do is turn to Him and receve the precious gift that He gave through His Son. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, he paid the price for Every sin so that you could be wiped completely clean and innocent in His sight, and EVEN become adopted into His Divine family as not only His creation but His child! All you have to do is be willing? Are you sick of sin and dissapointment? Turn away from your own ways and your own pursuits and jut trust in Him, call out to Him and put your faith in His Son because of what He did on the cross. One drop of the blood of Jesus will wash all guilt away!

In the "Holy Land," people are fighting and dying over a piece of real estate because they feel it has spiritual significance to them. In Ireland, protestants and catholics kill each other over what they think of a man in a funny hat who lives in Rome. In AMerica, people fight over everything and anything from the color of the rugs, whose singing the music, aw geesh, we could go on for every but the point is people are fighting over weird things......but ALL of that just fades away when you put it next to the message of Jesus. As a Christian, it all fades away when you compare it to having a Friendship with Jesus.

Call me a liberal, call me a fanatic. Call me what you will. But for me, it's all about Jesus. I'm caring less and less what you call yourself and what circles you run in. The only person it's really impotant to run with is HIM. I've been on all ends of this game. I've been a pharisee, I've been victimized by Pharisees, I've been a bit of a compromisor at times, But all that stuff is what Paul would call "Dung" compared to the excellency that is in Christ Jesus.

I turned off my radio, put the books down and opened up my Bible and read Romans 8 and realized what I'd been missing. GOD LOVES US! He isn't spending all of His time dissapointed in me, dreaming up new punishments and glaring at me. He wants to heal me. Grow me. Speak to me. Help me. He cherishes me. You say, oh Micah-you sure are getting carried away, you sure are self-indulgent, ur going liberal trying to make God sound sissy ; )  Well, the BIBLE says I am His CHILD, now how do you suppose a Loving Father treats His CHILD? Wouln't u say he loves him and cherishes him? And even moreso as God the Father is PERFECT-He'd love me even better than an earthly Father would, so it is fair to say, GOD Reeeaaalllly loves me. And He loves you too! Stop being afraid to approach the one who loves you and go to Him.

If you are in bondage in any way, whether by your own feelings or addictions, or by someone else trying to manipulate, control or guilt you-even your own gult can be used against you by the Devil. Don't listen to the Devil. Only Satan would want to keep you away from having YOUR OWN close, personal, happy relationhip with Jesus Christ the Lord. If someone wants you to think that you can't be close to Him on your own because you aren't good enough, flesh-blood or spirit, that someone is lying to you! Jesus wants YOU to know and love and enjoy Him. HE loves you so much more than you can even imagine. He created you. He knows you and He loves you.


  1. I love how the Lord is speaking to you. :)

  2. me too! It's a great blessing for me. I hope it will help others too, who go thru the same time of seeking the Lord that I have

  3. thanks for the encouragement!