Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Answers

Religion as defined in the Bible is very simple. It's visiting ppl in jail and the hospitol and helping out widown and orphans. Pretty straightforward. But religion, by it's modern definition, is an extremely destructive, toxic and powerful phenomenon of evil. It is the device of man, even of the Devil. The Devil uses religion against us quite often to give us false perceptions and concepts about God and His nature.

The half-truths, and un-questioned preconceived ideas that you have adopted about God through your life are often not found in God's Word, the Bible, but from other sources. From false-piety and pseudo-spiritual know-it-alls, from misguided preachers, from life experiences, from your family, your Church, your school, tv, and even Satan himself-have come many false notions that we have adapted into our own twisted religiosity and Churchianity...but true Christianity is CHRIST.

Christ is the author, the finisher, the beginning, the end, and all points in-between. He is all in all. To live is Christ.

So many people who go to Church, read the Bible, follow the rules, or atleast try to, preach, teach, judge people, condemn, get angry, act holier than thou, live clean, give, study, dress nice and on and on-have a big, gaping hole in their hearts, suffer from intense insecurity, depression, anxiety, guilt, selfishness, self-righteousness, critical spirits-I mean basically just misery. And it is easy to say, hmm. what's wrong with this picture? If Christ is really the answer, why are these poor Christians such miserable, hopeless people? What has changed? Where have we dropped the ball? Is God failing?

No, He isn't failing us. It is just that we have traded in a friendship/relationship with God for a system of religion, a life-style, a method and a set of rules. Christianity is not a big list of principles. Christianity is Christ. To be a Christian means to live with Christ, in Christ, because of Christ.

There are teachings and books etc, out there about EVERY aspect of ur life from family to finances and health etc, and indeed, the Bible itself covers principles for all of those areas and issues of life, but what is interesting is DOING all of the right things for each category of your life will NEVER fill your NEEDS. It will never cure ur wounds or fill the emptiness inside of you-the center of ALL the Scripture is One Individual, Jesus Christ, He fulfills ALL things. He fulfills your needs. If you are suffering from loneliness, guilt, shame, insecurity, bitterness, depression, etc u dont need to get a book full of principles, u need to get to know the Author of the greatest Book ever written. U need to spend time with Jesus. He is the greatest Counsellor and Great Physician and He can take care of ALL your needs. Amen.


  1. I know this great book that you should read about this....

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  2. lol, ironically there probly are a lot of good books about it, but u get the point, hehe just like this awesome blog is about it ; )