Thursday, May 19, 2011

Denomination............"son of God." dont believe it, read 1 John :)

What kind of love-
Picks me up and calls me His son?
What kind of love calls me Beloved one?

I want to tell the whole world,
Though I know they don't all understand
I want the whole world to know,
The Father has a plan

I've heard the preaching and teaching
I've shed the tears and prayed prayers
I've been in the ashes repenting
I've struggled with duties and snares
Listening to voices I thought were you, Lord
But they were just deamons & men

I've been afraid to receive, the love that they say is so real
I've been afraid to believe, acceptance is waiting for me
Shielded from your love by doubt, fear and religion-
Unable to accept what You sent in a Holy Vision
But I was driven closer to You by all the dissilusionment and-
You used evil for good, as my fears sent me running to Your-

I have tasted Your goodness
I have seen a glimmer of Your marvellous light
And I'm trading in the darkness
I'll give you my shame for Your glory
I'll take Your cross and resurrection
I don't understand it all
But surrounded by Your love-
I want to shed the scales human religion forever
I want to live in the light-the glorious light from Your throne
Never again to wallow in the grim darkness of human devices
Magnifying the name of the Risen Christ!
Repent, Forsake human righteousness forever
For the Holiness of our Loving Father

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