Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Liberty to the Captives

Lately, I have had this sneaky suspicion, this hope against hope, that maybe, the authoritarian, duty-filled, guilt-driven, shame-ridden, intimidated, scared, beat-down, bullied, and hopeless lifestyle I once accepted as normal-is not normal. That it isn't my cross to bear. It isn't just the way it is. It isn't the will of God, it isn't just life-it is a lie. Now. Maybe I'm wrong. But if I am wrong, then life isn't so great. But if I am right-then life is and can be so much better than the bill of goods that I have been sold!!!

From rapists, communists, to faschists, to Devils, to Educators, BULLIES and manipulators, and the system, the machine, the framework and ideology of OPPRESSION is ALL the same. Whether it is the oppressive whispering of devils and evil spirits in the mind of their prey, or the propaganda of an organized politcal party spewed out thru the media (Communists regimes, etc). or the guilt and manipulation of the sexual abusers (Don't tell anyone or I'll kill your parents, or they won't love you anymore, Etc.) or the fear from religious leaders (Don't deny the Pope or you'll be burned at the stake, don't listen to the Protestants or you'll burn in Hell) NO MATTER the SOURCE, MANIPULATION is always trying to put you DOWN and make you feel discouraged and defeated. Ultimately, these attributed trace back to their father, the father of lies, Satan. And so abuse, from organized religion, to the Holocaust, to sexual deviants, to the Communist party-it all traces back to Satan. He is our enemy, that walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. BUT we are to resist him steadfastly in the faith. DO not be devoured!

GOD is greater-greater is He that is within me than he that is within the world.

Some may ask, wait? Why is he going on about communsts and sexual abuse, etc? Well, firstly, many many people are effected by such things, and we often forget that. But more directly we are ALL effected by SPIRITUAL abuse. In the same way that this evil world seeks to destroy and abuse people physically speaking.....the Devil uses the same tactics, lies, propaganda, repetitiveness, volume, media. louder and louder and louder-screaming his lies at us! The world offers us sin and lust that will destroy us and religion offers us shame and guilt and unrealistic expectations that will destroy us! And this is what we hear. But CHRIST. Christ neither offers us Sin or shame. He offers us HIS Love, and His love, and His presence, His Spirit-offers us True LIBERTY! Christ NEVER oppresses, abuses, or manipulates. Christ is our true Liberater! Spread the word, break the cycle of defeat and fear-God loves us. God delights in being with us! He wants us to spend time with Him! He doesn't count the minuted and keep track so you can earn a reward, the time spent together is good enough! it isn't religion, it isn't a duty, He is not the cosmic slave master in the sky, He is our Beloved Saviour and Friend.

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  1. I can almost hear the words of the "Nay sayers" ringing in my ears as soon as I finish posting something like this. Lots of things like, wow Micah, you've allready said basically this same thing a million times, or geez dude, when are you going to stop dwelling on what happened at Christian school.....or, ur dramatic, or you're angry....you shouldnt be angry. Ya know. My attitude is not one of hate, revenge, guile, spite, nothing of the kind. I do not like to see other people hurt. I am not spiteful and I do not look to harm or hurt other people. The one thing that really does make me ANGRY, is when I see other people, especially the most innocent and vulnerable, being hurt. Then it IS time to be ANGRY, and there is nothing wrong with it! I am angry at the Devil! I hate the Devil! But I love Jesus Christ! JEsus sought to save people, forgive people, HEAL people! That is the heart of our Saviour! And so when I see people (In Jesus' name) hurting people, putting people down, belittling them, bullying and abusing them, guilting and shaming them, making them feel stupid...as I have sooo often seen in so many religious settings, schools and churches etc, yeper, I get angry. But what should I do about it? SHould I scream and swear? SHould I go hit people? SHould I quit going to Churches? SHould I burn down Christian schools? lol No, All I know to do, as feeble as it may be-it to write blogs and preach sermons and talk to people in order to spread the TRUTH about who Jesus really is and break the cycle of religious oppression! You wanna say I am dramatic? Say what you want. But more than likely you only feel like it is dramatic because you yourself are a victim of hopeless religion and youve been taught that it is your God-given duty to accept the ho-hum, much less than abundant, defeated, hopeless existance you call life-anc chalk it up to that maybe you dont deserve any better, that it is yur cross to bear and u just need to be content, etc.

    But ya know, if they just "Submitted to authority" during the American Revolution, there'd be no USA. If we all just accepted that everything is the way it s cuz its SUPPOSED to be, there'd still be slavery! Injustice is WRONG. And God doesn't condone it. God is the father of the fatherless and the helper of the widows!!!! God is merciful and kind! God never put His stamp of approval on oppression----God CONSTANTLY told the Israelites to REMEMBER THE RED SEA! Remember how JEHOVAH GOD Delivered His people from oppression and slavery! GOD IS MY DELIVERER! HE brings me spiritual liberty from sin and satan. I have the victory in JESUS CHRIST THE LORD! Amen.