Thursday, July 21, 2011


No one has so much as commented on my blogs in a while. Maybe they are too intense or problematic, or perhaps I just seem like a broken record. But I have some thoughts heavy on my heart tonight and I pray I can somehow ge tthe right words to share this VERY important issue.

Love love love, the Love of Christ. That has been my theme, that has been my broken record, that has been my message constantly, but no matter WHAT I say or how I say it, it NEVER does it justice, it never properly or completely explains it, it never goes into ALL that the Holy Bible has to say about it. 1, 2, 3 John talk CONSTANTLY about it, the whole Bible is about it. God is Love! YOu can never exhaust His eternal spring of love!

Please consider this-
PROBLEMS, we all got um, some more than others. I deal with people's problems ALL the time, in the ministry, people come with marriage problems, relationship problems, health problems, financial problems, religious problems, etc. emotional problems, mental problems....and the truth is that the LORD has and is the answer to All of our problems. He really is. And people know this, so they come to the Church, the Bible, the Pastor, the Christian Counsellor, etc-with their problems. But here is the thing. God is the solution and God IS love. I know so many people who KNOW the principles of God's Word, and they know the plan of salvation and the story of the Gospel. They know the truth. And I can sit there and share and share and teach and share some more, and preach and counsel and advise, forever. But giving KNOWLEDGE to someone, who really allready has that knowledge, does Nothing! They KNOW the answers, they know the principles, they know the doctrines, and it does them NO good! 

Knowing the truth of the Gospel, and the principles of the Proverbs, and the doctrines of God's Holy Word, is VERY good, But it can be in vain. The Devil has a lot of that same knowledge.

When a husband and wife are sitting down for counselling, and the Pastor reminds each one how Christ loved them so much and forgives them and how they should extend that same compassion and forgiveness and love to one another-much of the time, that statement has little effect on them. They KNOW that Christ loves and forgives, but they aren't interested in hearing how they need to love and sacrifice and forgive-they're interested in finding a way to make God and God's man make their spouse do what they want them to do to make them happy! People come to church to FIX things, marriages, families, depression, anxiety, finances, and on and on. Does God want to bless all of those areas? Yes! But there is NO Biblical secret, or super Pastor Counselling,  or Bible teaching principle that is going to FIX any of it, the ONLY way to find the blessings of Jesus, the only way to experience His power and miracles is by having HIM put the love of God in you! That is the only way! Jesus said he that will gain his life must lose it.

My heart is so torn up over this, because I can't find the words to explain it! People are looking for a secret, but the secret is right in front of you. You keep glossing ove rit and thinking it isn't important, you keep hearing it, but you're waiting for something 'deeper.' The answer to your relationship problems have ONE answer-the love of Christ. THAT. IS. IT. The love of Christ is the whole message of Christianity, it is the power of God! NO ONE can say what Jesus can say. No one can love like He does. No one can offer forgiveness like He does!

When you get the love of God in your heart, your marriage, family, friendships, spiritual walks-everything, WILL BE FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED! That is the ONLY answer. Oh, I wish to God i didn't fall on deaf ears. It isn't just some saying, it isn't just good preaching, it isn't a bumper sticker, it is just the truth, if you dont have the love of Christ, love that gives expecting NOTHING in return, you will not have the blessings that Only cn be claimed by the Christian! You can't have a blessed marriage, a blessed family, a blessed Church, a miracle seeing ministry, you cannot have that unless you have the love of Christ! There is no short-cut. There is no deeper truth. It is that simple. The division and discontent that has been eating the brethren alive and causing church splits and family splits, etc-is simply that the love of many has waxed cold. People who are more concerned and in love with Jesus and others that themselve, would never have hurt feelings over petty things, argue cuz they can't get their way, gossip and backbite, and all of the things that happen when there is discord. The answer to all of it is simple. Love God and Love your neighbour, and you can only do that-when the Spirit of Christ comes in and gives you His love! YOUR love can run dry, your patience can be depleted. BUT GOD gives a love, when we get close to Him, the love of God is endless and infinite and will overflow out of our lives and do wonderful and great things!


  1. hey, I read all your blogs bro. I don't always comment on them, and I'm sorry.. but keep um coming!

  2. naw man, i dont expect ya to comment all the time ; ) I was just kinda curiously wondering what ppl might be thinking of what I been saying, there's no pressure to comment though bro : )

  3. no one comments on mine either lol