Friday, August 12, 2011

lord of the flies

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone. Human nature.

But there is only ONE God.

I do not owe you ALL an explanation. I am NOT running for office. I do not need your approval. I do not need people to like me, You can dislike me all you want and it does not vote me out of existance. God didn't ask you for permission to allow those first cells to split in my mother's womb ; )

God did not make me a doormatt. I am a human being, I deserve the same respect, courtesy and human dignity as EVERYONE ELSE. And I REFUSE to be bullied, intimidated by gossip or lack of approval. This post makes you raise your eyebrow? Good for you. But guess what, this is a free country still.

I am Not a child. I am not in the wrong. I do not need to be grounded, spanked, talked to or corrected. I do not need a reality check, I am VERY aware of reality. Speaking of children, amongst all the nastiness, gossip, bullying, double-talk, manipulation and intimidation that I see everywhere I look-I wonder where the heck the ADULTS really are in this lord of the flies scene???????????????

I'm going to stand up against people being mistreated, and I don't care if the WHOLE STINKIN ORLD IS AGAINST ME! I'd rather die than be counted with those who don't have enough backbone to say WRONG IS WRONG no matter who is doing it!

How many people will say tomorrow when they read this,...well I woder what Micah is on about this time!!! YOU"RE THE IDIOT if yu honestly can't see, that hurting people, crushing their dreams, makig them feel bad is not right and there is NO NO NO NO NO NO NO excuse for it. NONE!

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