Friday, August 19, 2011

The Love of God ; )

The Love of God

Since I have been, (even amidst trials and frustration) all about the Love of God-amazingly, I have had some people try to....suggest, that one can go too far with the subject and that the justice and holiness of God need 'equal time' if you would. But I think that is a kind of misconception. God's love does not, in any way, take away from His Justice and Holiness.

God is Holy. But if He IS love, than love is Holy. Love is not unholy. Love is good. According to 1 Corinthians 13, agape love, or Charity-is the greatest attribute and will last through all eternity.

If only I knew how to explain it. I can see so clearly, that although some people seem to know all the right words, and understand all the principles and rules, and have knowledge....yet there is something missing. And I see people growing so frustrated, as they try and try and try to do what they think they need to do, as they try to make themselves holy, and acceptable, as they try to make themselves happy, they read Scriptures, they listen to music, they go to CHurch they run ministries, they get counselling, they listen to teachers and programs and go to meetings and conferences they do devotional booklets, and on and on. But somehow you feel none of it works for YOU. You miss out on the blessings that this faith seemed to promise. What is going on? What hope can be offered to someone in this predicament? IS the Word of God of none effect to some people? No. What has happened, is you have missed the central issue. You have missed the Love of God. Not human love, not earthly love, not natural love or affection, no-agape, God-love. Charity. Jesus said you need to love God and your neighbour. BUT you CANNOT TRY and strive to obey those two commandments-you can Only obey those commandments through the Spirit of God. Are you tired of trying to MAKE yourself love God and your brethren when you know deep in your heart you only love yourself? There is only one place to turn, turn to God through His Son Jesus Christ, just acknowledge that you CANNOT love because the love of God is not in you and call upon His name-ask for HIS love to superturaly be put into your heart by the blood of Jesus! There is so little love in the Christian world of the USA today and yet John said they woould know us by our love for one another. Soemthing is missing. Friends God loves you! He wants to fill you with HIS love. We love Him because He first loved us. You will never be the Christin, the husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, that you need to be UNTIL you receive the love of God that comes from God alone!

We have left our first love, and some haven't even met Him yet. Admit and confess that your human affection is not good enough and ask for God's grace to impart Divine love into your life. It is NOT hollywood love, it is not disney love, it is Calvary love! Greater love hath no man that this that a man lay down his life for his friends

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  1. When my enemies try to destroy me, slander me and hurt me-Jesus abides with me. When my heart is discouraged, tired, confused, my God sticks close by and gives me comfort. When the world is full of trouble, my Lord is not phased. He is my Rock. I am NOT the rock. I do not need to have everything under control, I cannot claim to never be discouraged or to never sin, but HE is faithful, eternal, steadfast, and He loves me. I cherish Christ.