Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Revival and the Scriptures

I have been doing a lot of studying and reading lately. I have had my mind stirred up in remembering many special truths that may have been neglected or forgotten. TRUE doctrine, is deep, eternal, and truly beautiful. It is sublime and will blow your mind ; )

Eternal truth, never changes with time or opinions of man, and the Truth will make you free! Sometimes it is good, to sit back and muse on timeless truth, on deep truths, on Scripture, on doctrine, on the love and eternal steadfastness of an Infinite God, revealed to us in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I saw a bumper sticker once that said "Let Go and Let GOD" Honestly, there is a lot to be gained from that little thought, so don't get me wrong when I make this statement.....I think we all need to get back to that intense love for the Scriptures that burns in our hearts and that desire to have communion with God in His Spirit, so that our faith is deep and real, and connected with eternity and an eternal God, in other words, I think we need to have a lot more to offer, and a lot more to meditate on that slogans and bumper, not saying little saying dont have their place. I guess what I'm trying to say is a lot of what is said and thought in the USA is shallow, and with all of the troubles we are and must go through, we need a deep, profound faith and a true, sincere walk and friendship with our Saviour.

When I turn on Christian radio, I find a commercial or a guest speaker, trying to sell a new paperback book EVERY day and for every occasion, please don't take this the wrong way, a lot of these books have their place, but sometimes we need to get to our meat and potatoes before we have candy and cake lol We can't survive on the plastic stuff they're trying to sell us. As much as it may seem difficult to those who are so used to contemporary authors-primarliy, you need the Word of God, and sometimes, to help you rightly divide the Word and learn from it, u need to look to the wisdom of other men, like C. H. Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, David Brainerd, John Newton, John R. Rice, Oswald Chambers, etc. Now I can allready hear all the platitudes ringing in my ears, about how it isn't about man it is about God, and it isn't men's books we need, it's the Bible. I agree. But don't throw your brain away with peudo-spirituality ; )

What needs to be understood is that these men's names don't come up because they're popular, or because they're on the top of some best-sellers list, or they're hip, or on the radio, or can fill up stadiums, etc. These men's names come up for a much more significant reason. Their lives, and their experience with God, their faith-the testimony of their lives, is hard to even convey! Scripture tells us you shall know them by their fruits. Scripture also gives us the principle of givign honor where honor is due.

Do the celebrity preachers on the radio have a testimony of being involved in Scriptureal revival? Do their lives often show forth a Spirit-filled walk? Are contemporary ministries seeing thousands saved, and bars shut down for lack of customers, and dirty book stores borded up because the population fears God too much to want to go there anymore? This is not to point the finger at the men of God today, all I am saying, is let's dig deeper into the spirituality of the generation of the Philadelphian Church Age.

Can we learn something from the martyrs in our history who renounced Rome and refused to dishonor Christ? Those who were hung and burned at the stake and drowned and dismembered for the cause of Christ and His written Word? Let's dig deeper. Let's remember our history and most of all, let's get back to the reverence and awe in which the heroes of the faith in the past held the Holy Words of God.

In times past, the Holy Bible was the central piece of the Christian home, of the American home. Now people go to Church, and they don't even bring a Bible under their arm? Something weird there, and if they do, they throw them on their seats or on the floor sometimes with little regard and no reverence. When we reverence God's Word again, when we open in up with delight and awe expecting its' Holy Light to shine into the darkness of our world and be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path-we will have revival.

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  1. The most amazing aspect to me, of understanding God's truths, is that He, for some reason, loves us, and reaches down with His Almighty hand, to rescue us and scoop us out of the mire and the filth of sin.

    Some think that God "Needed" us to be fulfilled. But that is not the case. God is complete. He had all the love and fullness He needed in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He created us and redeemed us out of the ABUNDANCE of His infinite creativity and extravagant love! Why He did it, I cannot seem to comprehend, but I am so thankful that He did. He is the giver of life, both physical and spiritual. He holds our breath in His hand, He causes it to rain on the just and the unjust, but He gives new life in the new birth to those who will repent and believe on His name! Praise the LORD! His glory and His love, His mercy and His compassion, are far beyond description or understanding!