Friday, September 30, 2011

Shine the Light Shine the Light, Shed the darkness no matter what you're fraid to see, He will straighten it out

There are a lot of things that God has illuminated in my life lately. So much so that I can't decide what I want to say here or where to start and how much of it ppl will be able to digest.

I am listening to Brother Hardman right now preaching about "Pleasing God." And he is talking about how MAN often tries to Control and Dominate human beings to the point where INSTEAD of pleasing God we are compelled to PLEASE MAN. Did Not Peter say IT IS BETTER TO OBEY GOD THAN MAN!?!? Do you think Peter and his brethren were scared of the Jewish authorities who had the power to BEAT them and to imprison them and to kill them? DO you think it to courage for peter to tell these intimidating authorities that it was better to obey God than man! Of course it was scary. he was probably sick to his stomach just as I have been lately but he obeyed God anyways! He is a great example for us! Thank God for Peter & his example.

In the face of persecution, amidst being yelled at, stared down, lied about, beat on, even told they were displeasing and blaspheming the God of Abraham-they continued PREACHING the TRUTH. They had boldness. They had a loyalty to God and the truth. They were true Jews, even though the rest of their Nation said they were betraying Judaism. Jesus was the Messiah even though His family didn't accept Him at 1st. He was a true Prophet though they did not receive Him in his home-town. Though He was rejected-He was and is indeed-the Son of the Living God!  

I am NOT a liar though I am being lied about. I am NOT wrong in following God, though I feel afraid. I am NOT the cause of the problem even though I am one of the ones willing to acknowledge there is a problem!. I didn't create the problem. I do not bear the responsibility for the problem. I am not perfect or much in my own self-but in Jesus Christ, I am a man of God, a man of valour, a saint.

There are so many areas, so many corners of our hearts that we have not yet allowed the light of God's LIBERATING truth to sine on yet! There is a TON of deep healing that the Good Holy Ghost needs to do.

God's Spirit is sensitive. He gets grieved. He knows where HE is welcome.

More often than not I guess, He is NOT welcome. It does not matter what we SAY, we can say we want Him to move in us all day long, but if we EXPECT Him to do things on OUR terms, according to our preconceived notions. WE are trying to take the Holy Spirit's place.

Where the Spirit of the LORD is there is liberty.

If the Pastor or anyone else led by God is NOT ABLE NOT FREE-to speak on ANY SUBJECT that God tells him to bring up-then the Holy Spirit isn't welcome is he?

FREEDOM is letting GOD have HIS way. Letting the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit and do what HE does. Not stifling Him. Not giving Him any boundaries. I'll dare any of us tell God what areas of our lives, our pasts, our families, our hearts-He is ALLOWED to shine the light of truth on and other areas WE believe should be left in the dark. NO AREA is off limits to God. No law is greater than the Law-Giver! He is LORD of the sabbath thus the sabbath serves Him! And so don't dare be a Pharisee and tell God to be careful because He isn't following the rules. There is no box or fence that you can put God on, my friend! Let God be God. Let His be the LORD of your life. LET HIS thoughts be your thoughts.

God encouraged me today through the words of a song written by a dope-smoking heathen! LOL  I could have said, No, No, Lord-you can't do that, dont you know how wicked he is? Just like Peter said Nay LORD, when God lowered those "Unclean" animals down on a sheet and told him to kill and eat. WHAT GOD HATH CLEANSED CALL NOT THOU UNCLEAN.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Greatest Artist, The First Visionary

The God that thought up the idea to paint the sunrise. That made fascinating little creatures like sea-horses and starfish, and huge yet paradoxically graceful creatures like the blue whale, the God that crafted millions of nebuli that would never even be seen by the naked eye for thousands of years, this God of extravagant and abundant creativity and whit, this artist, this lover and creator of beauty and sublimity, created YOU! So what kind of plan do you think that kind of God would have for your life???

Do you think He wants you to go through the motions? To be motivated by guilt or fear? To live just exist, to be mediocre? That does not measure up with the personality of our Creator. He is not a God who settles for DUTY, or robot-like obedience, He is a God who wants, creates and IS....Love!

Some people, especially religious weirdos, will cloud their world and yours' with negativity. they'll always say you can't can't can't. they always think you should be led by guilt and fear. Some people think fear and even intimidation are the best motivators.

I like how Philippians tells us to think on thigns that are true and honest and lovely! Divorce yourself from the negative, religous, guilt-ridden, status quo, and allow yourself to dream and BELIEVE all that GOD has dreamed and planned for you, His child! HE can answer our prayers and give us exceedingly and abundantly ABOVE all that we ask or think! NOT ONLY does God want to give you the desires of your heart, He wants to bless you even more than that so that your cup runs over! If you have a hard time believing and accepting that, if u think I'm being presumptuous.....are u truly believing in the God of the Good Book or are you believing in the guilt/fear religion of man that you've adopted? Religion sends us in the paths of guilt, fear and duty. God's faith and grace to us leads us in the paths of mercy and truth. all of the paths of the LORD are Mercy and Truth. Amen.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Truth and Accountability


Religious ppl find ways to shirk away from accountability. U ever heard of the word psycho-babble? That's something the world uses to justify bad behavior, but we need to coin a term to define pious-babble. It's the biggest way religous ppl use out-of-context Scriptures, holy cliche's and religious terminology to justify what we all know is stupid. Wrap it up in enough religious wrapping paper, tie the bow of false-humility and you can make almost any behavior seem okay to your fellow Christians.

Right is right. It doesn't matter who it involves. And wrong is also wrong.

The truth is for EVERYONE! Everyone IS accountable. If you do not think that you are accountable, or that other people have a right to peer into 'your business' or that 'what happens here stays here' etc. You have a problem and a god-complex. Transparency, accountability and integrity desperately need to be applied to the 'religious' world. And Preachers and leaders who have the guts to SPEAK the truth, should not be deamonized, sand-bagged, disenfrachized, blamed, persecuted, etc. You KNOW YOU are wrong, you know the man of God has the GUTS and INTEGRITY to stand up for the TRUTH so just acknowledge the truth, don't get sneaky, deceptive, blame-shift, and put up all the smoke and mirrors.

I am an AMERICAN. Since when did I have to be afraid to speak my mind? WHen you are afraid to speak up, to say what's on your mind, to express yourself, when you get some nagging feeling that you should be careful what you're saying even though you aren't saying anything wrong. SOMEONE is intimidating you and it is NOT right. Intimidation is WRONG, ALWAYS WRONG! Bullying is a sin. Manipulating is deamonic. Blame-shifting is of the Devil. Lying is for the children of the Devil. Muddying the waters and spreading confusion is also of the Devil.

Bible says of satan-I would not have you to be IGNORANT of his devices! I bring that up because the way that the man who has the cahonays to speak the truth is often demonized is CLASSIC propaganda technique, and is classic manipulation. All you have to do is stop being IGNORANT of these classic methods and recognize WHo is spreading the lies, and who is telling the truth.

MY LOYALTY will ALWAYS lie with the truth! God says we should love the truth and so as a follower of Christ, nothing is going to be nearer and dearer to my heart that the Truth!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Father Of Lights Gives Every Good Gift

God gives us all gifts. Sure, Mozart probably had a much more profound gift in music than your typical Church pianist. But did poor old Mozart know Christ as his Saviour? The old Church lady playing the piano somewhere, can bless people's hearts so much, that it would be impossible to estimate how much glory she's brought to God and how many people she's helped.

Whether it is your smile, your laugh, your sense of humor, your voice, your prayers, your ability to communicate, teach, write, play music, nurture, encourage, just plain old could be just your presence, your personality. The point is God put YOU where YOU are for a reason. God is wise. And He KNEW who you were going to be before the foundations of the earth. He has a plan for you, if you've been born again, you have God in you, you have a light to shine! Let it shine!

You don't need to go to seminary to be a blessing! You don't need to be ultra-intellectual to teach someone some spiritual truths! I have known children and mentally handicapped people who have edified and given me instruction and help! Don't be afraid to shine your light for Jesus!

God is at work to Heal! There is a whole movement that is concerned about healings, looking for signs and wonders......well, I have seen God heal people dying of physical illnesses, and that is truly wonderful, but eventually we all have to die, Lazarus had to die twice : ) but ya know what in infinitely BETTER than physical healing, the healing that God's Holy Spirit is trying to accomplish in your heart! HE heals all our souls diseases. He makes us new by the power of His blood! And as He heals ya, He'll empower you and free you to be yourself, to use your gifts without fear and to let your light shine! Amen.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

God Loves You

God loves you. You've heard this said many times. You may have seen it written on a tract or on a sign or billboard or heard it at Church, and you probably believe it.....mostly.

Ya know, since the Fall of man, we've had to deal with sin. Without God we are marred, we are "a wretch like me" as John Newton wrote in Amazing Grace. We have to live with the presence of sin and evil. And we know that though God created us in His image, and though we were made orginally "Good" mankind is Not inherantly good. mankind has fallen into sin. The truth of this is profoundly heartbreaking. EVERY sorrow and pain and dissapointment, disease, abuse and infirmity and injustice of existance comes back to original sin. We are damaged at our very core, it is profoundly tragic and horrible.

There are pains, dissapointments, sorrows and holes so deep inside of us that we aren't even aware of them. But in this profound and tragic damage---there is a profound and triumphant solution that is infinitely and abundantly bigger than the problem. The new life that is offered to us in God's Son, Jesus Christ the Lord-swallows up our death in it's infinity! We are not just saved by the skin of our teeth, we are saved to the uttermost. We aren't just forgiven, and let go free from the consequences, instead we are forgiven and justified, glorifed and adopted! This means sooooooo much more than a lot of Christians have realized.

God doesn't make us "Tolerable" in His sight, He makes us "Beloved". We are precious to Him. We are actually transformed from a wretch-and a sinner, and a child of wrath, into children of the living God, saints, heirs with Christ. We are beautiful in Him!

This comforts, soothes and HEALS you completely. You no longer have to loath yourself, or be filled with guilt and shame. It is hard for the newly born again creature to begin to understand that he is no longer a caterpillar but a butterfly. It takes him some time to open up his wings and to realize all the wonderful colors and the ability to soar and fly!

Imagine if the butterfly refused to fly, and wanted to crawl around on his belly, never using his wings, never drinking from the flowers....never even opening his wings....this is what "False-humility" and man-generated piety will do to you. It will cause you to be too afraid to enjoy being who you are in the Saviour. But praise Jesus, we have the right and the privelege and the call to be healed, to be free, to live!

People may have tried to MAKE you into what they think you should be. They may have tried to tell you how THEY see you. Maybe you've been called ugly. Maybe you've been called unintelligent, maybe you've been told what strengths and what weaknesses they think you have, and you've been limitted by the 'you' that 'they' have defined. Guess what? You are whatever GOD says you are. You can do whatever HE empowers you to do. JESUS gives life and that abundantly! BELIEVE it! Does not the Bible say He gives HOPE and PEACE and JOY!!?!?!?!?!

If your religion, your way of life, the people you surround yourself with-make you feel limitted, in bondage, enslaved, that what Jesus wants? Is that what He died for? Is that new life?

Do you have to hide, look over your shoulder?

Friend, God has so much for us. our identity is to be found in Him! You can be beautiful because Christ is beautiful! You can have value in Him! You are of great value to God. Why? Because He needs you??? No. because He LOVES you!

God loves you!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Now, since some ppl would think I've gone off the deep end, I'm getting liberal and I'm getting brainwashed by 'Hokie' pie in the sky new evangelicalism muhahah sarcasm of course ; )  -I might as well go ahead and work an epic fairytale cartoon into my blog today

While watching "Tangled," a newly released cartoon version of the old story of Rapunzle being locked away in a tower by an evil witch....I was profoundly hit with the allegorical significance of the whole story. This evil woman, using the young girl for her own, selfish agenda, used all sorts of manipulative techniques to keep the girl hidden away in this tower that she perceived to be keeping her safe. She used fear of the outside world, she also used guilt trips and intimidation; she tried to make the young girl feel inadequate, isolated, an powerless. The girl was scared of the outside world taking advantage of her, or hurting her-but the whole time, the one who was taking advantage of her, was right there -INSIDE her life and world, not waiting outside with the boogey-man.

This is CLASSIC abuse and manipulation.

Battered wives, are often encouraged by their wicked husbands to keep up the appearances, and even believe in their own heads that their husbands are their protection, that they NEED them. But some tell-tale signs of the husband's abuse and insecurity is the fact that #1. he ISOLATES her. He makes sure she doesn't have too much friendship and influence from outside HIS home (the tower), he holds the power, any money...identification, bank card, ID, checks, credit key, things like this, he often seems to hold onto. #2, He Emotionally terrorizes and belittles her, trying to make her FEEL that she cannot live/survive without his help. That she is powerless. That she needs him. That she is undesirable and no one else really is interested in her and anyone who is just wants to hurt you, making the enemy seem to be the outsider, when in fact an even worse enemy is right there in the tower taking advantage of Repunzle... 3. He works in the guilt, pumping the message over and over and over that asserting yourself or having any independence, is wrong, maybe even sinful and certainly ungrateful after all he has doen for you ; )

Now I used the example of a battered woman. But you could apply this EXACT same model to organized religion and cults, dysfunctional/abusive families, totaliterean governments, and at the top of all these evils, the Devil.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Delving Deeper into the Wonders of Deliverance

I seem to write blogs at strange hours of the night. I seem to sit up and read my Bible and pray and praise at strange hours of the night. God has reasons for everything, it has been a pain missing so much work from hurting my hand, and I'll be back to work soon, but thru this huge disturbance in my schedule, I've had a lot more time for reflection and study, and I have been learning A LOT.

I wish I could express this extreme, passionate, incomprehensible hope that has been planted in my heart about God. I say hope because there still remains parts of my heart or mind that have a hard time accepting and think "It's too good to be true" It is very hard for a human being to accept or comprehend the vastness of the love of such an amazing God and Father. It is overwhelming. I sit and muse, and think, and mull it all over and over and over again.

There've been soooo many times when I've thought for sure that nawing voices of guilt and anxiety came from the Lord. But as I look into the Scriptures, I have to contradict that religious proclivity.

I'm learning that when God says His ways are not our ways, and that they're higher-He means it :) God is NOT limitted by the imaginary boundaries  that religion tries to put him in. He never answered(s) to religion. He is the I AM. He's in charge, and as it turns out, He loves me so much that He gave His only begotten Son for me! Hallelujah!

I don't have to earn His smile. I don't have to earn His approval. I am saved by grace. I am walking in His marvellous light! I am free.

Over the past while in which God has revealed so much to me, it has come from MULTIPLE sources, it isn't one book I read, or one speaker that I heard, it is God's voice getting my attention in a variety of ways, all leading me to the same path. All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth. I am finding more mercy and more truth every day. And it becomes truer and truer that the truth will make you free. The more my understanding is opened, the more false thoughts I find myself absoutely liberated from! Godly knowledge, is beyond empowering! It brings true liberty! Frees you from fear, guilt, dread, depression and anxiety. Frees you from the OPINIONS of men. Frees you from the oppression of man-made religion. Frees you to enjoy the blessings of God and to learn from the hardships of life.

I can barely remember a time when someone wasn't trying to make me feel bad for enjoying myself, even when I was little, I remember party-poopers who said we laughed too loud, sang too loud, played too loud, as if having fun was some sort of sin. Some people feel uncomfortable with ppl enjoying life and they feel they need to inflict some kind of arbitrary rules and hardship on ppl, this has been going on since even before the times of the Puritans....this has pretty much always been since the days of Cain. Some people feel the need to create unnecessary toiling to satisfy their own pride but I'm content to just yield to God's plan, and even bask in His blessing. I'm just His Child. I have no problem in accepting His love for me as my Father, I don't need to try and justify His love with my own self-righteousness. I'll just depend on His true righteousness. There's peace in that. There's even a type of joy that literally goes beyond the understanding. A supernatural experience, that the theological thought-police would try to scare you away from.

Just accept what the Scriptures say and abandon your desires for self-righteousness. And divorce yourself from public opinion. Be who you are in Christ since the day you got saved.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Believe That YOU'RE my Healer

Some courageous people have had to stand up against terrifying brutality, from Christians who stay faithful to Jesus in Islamic nations, to Jews and compassionate human beings who hid those Jews in Nazi Germany. Now, if those people could stand up for the truth and right, in such horrifying circumstances, then I feel that we should be bold enough to stick by the truth when it is a little uncomfortable, or un-popular, or we'll face a little bullying or getting yelled at....You are not WRONG just because you aren't popular. There was a time in Europe when EVERYONE would condemn you if you believed in salvation by grace through faith, or if you believe in Baptism by immersion BUT it was STILL right, even if every pope and priest and cardinal would want to burn you at the stake.

Nowadays,Pastors, theologians, worldly people, and Holy Joe's will also want to burn you at the stake for DARING to BELIEVE in the liberty of Christ, for believing that we are accepted in the Beloved and walk in grace. People will condemn you for DARING to claim that God wants to get deep into your soul and mind and heal all of your souls diseases! But just as out forefathers would not back down from the papists, I will not back down from legalists, abusers and pseudo-pious religious whackjobs who want us to walk aroound in guilt, condemnation and fear. I AM free. I answer to the Lord. NOT to you! But to the Lord. You can read this and think I've gone off the deep end. I repeat myself too much. I'm turning liberal. Blah blah blah. Get this, it DOESN'T MATTER if YOU agree or if I meet your approval. It doesnt matter if Pastor, or Daddy, or the Pope, or the president, or anyone else agrees either. You cannot take Christ and who He is away from me.

HE is the Prince of Peace. He brings peace into our hearts not confusion and conflict.

He IS love. He brings love into our lives not pettiness, arbitrary rules, jealousy and envy and manipulation.

He is the great reconciler. He brings relationships HEALING, Not isolation. Not loneliness. Reconciliation and true fellowhip.

He is the one who has power on earth to forgive sins. NOT to condemn, accuse and spread guilt, but to forgive.

He is a healer-the Great Physician! So He doesn't look for weak and vulnerable spots to poke and prod and hurt and take advantage of, on the contrary-He heals and soothes and comforts and strengthens and blesses!

GOD is not like a lot of fundamentalists and religious weirdos. God will make you free! God doesn't get nervouse when you laugh too loud or smile too big or have too much fun!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Yes, I am adopted into the greatest family there has ever been

The Christian perspective is unique. You see things differently than the rest of the world does. There are these shows on tv about Hoarders, and strange addictions, etc. People watch them to be entertained at the eccentric behavior.

I saw several episodes at work while the kids were watching them, and I was overwhelmed with how these show demonstrated the fallen human condition. How deep these people's infirmities were-how they had manifested in such strange and peculiar ways, yet really they were suffering from the same human condition as everyone else. These people honestly need the healing of Jesus Christ in their minds and spirits. They obsess and fixate on peculiar things to try to feel safe and good. How sad.

Now, if some fundamentalist in a suite knocked on their door and said repeat after me 1-2-3. Most likely it would not help them to have a brand new life and to begin to be healed and freed from their problems. But if they truly came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and Friend and Father and Healer---He would begin to heal them from the inside out as ONLY He can do.

This world is full of self-proclaimed experts, of self-help books and psychology. Yet the land is filled with more perversions, crimes, eccentricities, anxieties, depression and so on than could be estimated. Despite all the pills and doctors and counsellors, despite Dr. Phill : ) suicide continues, child abuse continues, drug abuse continues....because sadly, many people, even those who say they are Christias, just do not understand that JESUS is the great COunsellor, He is the Physician, He is the healer, He is the completer-to make You whole, to complete you, to heal you to give forgiveness to you and enable you to forgive others, to DELIVER you and free you from your fears, your loneliness, your insecurities, the memories and phantoms and deamons that haunt you. All of those things are completely washed away in  the knowledge of the All-Powerful Love of Christ Jesus.

IF you're allready saved and born again, I'm not trying to say that you need to get saved again :) No, you just need to dig deeper into what all that intails! If u were adopted into a new family after years of being an orphan-it would take u a little while to adjust to the love and security that are now yours to enjoy. That is how we who are adopted into God's family often are. We may at times find it hard to accept or seemingly too good to be true that our Father truly accepts us, but as we begin to allow ourselves to believe and to get to know our new Father, to experience His love, and Hs healing, and His wisdom and security and peace-we will begin to be healed from whatever past we had without Him. And the great thing is that He is not like an earthly father who can die, or mess up, or lose his temper, He is GOD the Father and He is perfect and ever trustworthy! Praise God!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Indeed

When you say "The truth will make you free" It sounds pretty harmless, but when you go to apply that principle to real life-you'll find where the true chains really are on your life because the religious machine will raise all sorts of Hell when you dare to apply the truth. They are fine with u saying the truth will make u free, as long as u don't act free : )

Jesus brings me into joy unspeakable and FULL of glory! He doesn't lead me into agonizing and constant plaguing guilt. The cross destroys my guilt and shame! Christ cleanses my heart and my conscience. He lifts me up-in a strange paradox, as I humble myself under the mighty hand of God, He lifts me up. I am humbled and glorified and restored at the same time, because God is incomprehensibly amazing. I can worship on my face, in TRUE love and admiration, not grovelling like a slave, but worshipping as a rescued and redeemed child. hallelujah! If only more people could see the splendor and liberty and glory of who our Saviour really is!!

Sweeping things under the rug, and creating Christian lingo to minimize them and say everything is okay, is not the same as everything actually being okay. You see, Jesus Christ can free you in such a way that forgiveness, from God and others, to others and to yourself, is real and tangible and life-changing.

If we can understand that God doesn't just love us JUST ENOUGH to give us a technicality by which we can escape damnation. Even though that in itself would be gracious of the Lord, He is even more gracious :) He loves us extravagantly, unimaginably, wondrously, gloriously-more than we've been willing to admit. HE is the one who created you. He is the one who opened your mother's womb. He has a plan and a purpose for you. He knows you intimately and He wants for you to know Him too!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The most important person to me is Christ. Christ is an Individual who offers freedom, liberty, love, mercy, grace and glory. When I think of Him I think of eternity, light, glory, beauty-infinity! God is awe-some. He is magnificent! He is Holy! He is abundant in mercy and grace and kindness!

In our pursuit of truth, we ascribe to philosophies and labels,...ah, I found the truth of God's Word therefore I am now a Fundamentalist. Well, Okay, but have u realized what the truth is? The truth isn't a list of facts, or a signed confession of faith. The truth is a Person. The truth is Jesus Christ.

But for some ppl, that is a fine cliche' but it doesn't make sense to them. The truth is Jesus? That is hard for some people to understand, but it is absolutely true ; )

I have known a lot of principles of wrong and right, and understood doctrine, academically, but to live the doctrine-to have it a part of you, has nothing to do with a Seminary or a group or camp, it is DIRECTLY stemming from, it is in and by-my personal, real, daily WALK with Jesus. My One-ness with Christ. Some people dismiss that kind of talk as some kind of deeper-life, esoteric mysticism, but they're wrong.

Pulpits all across this land-decry the state of affairs in modern Christianity, but has it helped? Have we identified the problem? So many people are convinced that our world is falling apart because ppl aren't dressing up nice enough for Church, or because some Preachers don't have wooden pulpits.... is that really the issue?

Sometimes, when things get off track, you have to get back to the beginning, and find what you lost sight of. I'll tell you what we've lost sight of.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The Almighty, Holy, Powerful Creator God-came to this world in the flesh, lived a sinless life, and gave His life and blood on Calvary's cross to redeem us from sin and Satan and rose from the dead in victory and glory!

The GREAT moves of God, the awakenings, the harvests of souls, revival----did not come as a renewed interest in 1950's white American cultural dress (white shirts and ties). They didn't happen because people tightened up their standards, they happened because people were captured by a vision of the Saviour of the world. They were saved. They were born again, they were filled with the Spirit. they loved God. The message filled them with hope and love and joy! Yes, they were strongly convicted but that was the first step-the result was NOT guilt-ridden, legalistic, robotic, personality-less fundamentalists, the result was Spirit-filled, Christ-exalting, Bible quoting, Hymn-singing, family-loving, soul-winning, Church-building, fruit bearing Christians. They didn't buy ties and sell them not they bought the truth. They didn't get a new haircut, they got saved. We need to return to our first love. We need to have ONE goal, one priority, and one person having the pre-eminence, Jesus Christ.