Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Delving Deeper into the Wonders of Deliverance

I seem to write blogs at strange hours of the night. I seem to sit up and read my Bible and pray and praise at strange hours of the night. God has reasons for everything, it has been a pain missing so much work from hurting my hand, and I'll be back to work soon, but thru this huge disturbance in my schedule, I've had a lot more time for reflection and study, and I have been learning A LOT.

I wish I could express this extreme, passionate, incomprehensible hope that has been planted in my heart about God. I say hope because there still remains parts of my heart or mind that have a hard time accepting and think "It's too good to be true" It is very hard for a human being to accept or comprehend the vastness of the love of such an amazing God and Father. It is overwhelming. I sit and muse, and think, and mull it all over and over and over again.

There've been soooo many times when I've thought for sure that nawing voices of guilt and anxiety came from the Lord. But as I look into the Scriptures, I have to contradict that religious proclivity.

I'm learning that when God says His ways are not our ways, and that they're higher-He means it :) God is NOT limitted by the imaginary boundaries  that religion tries to put him in. He never answered(s) to religion. He is the I AM. He's in charge, and as it turns out, He loves me so much that He gave His only begotten Son for me! Hallelujah!

I don't have to earn His smile. I don't have to earn His approval. I am saved by grace. I am walking in His marvellous light! I am free.

Over the past while in which God has revealed so much to me, it has come from MULTIPLE sources, it isn't one book I read, or one speaker that I heard, it is God's voice getting my attention in a variety of ways, all leading me to the same path. All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth. I am finding more mercy and more truth every day. And it becomes truer and truer that the truth will make you free. The more my understanding is opened, the more false thoughts I find myself absoutely liberated from! Godly knowledge, is beyond empowering! It brings true liberty! Frees you from fear, guilt, dread, depression and anxiety. Frees you from the OPINIONS of men. Frees you from the oppression of man-made religion. Frees you to enjoy the blessings of God and to learn from the hardships of life.

I can barely remember a time when someone wasn't trying to make me feel bad for enjoying myself, even when I was little, I remember party-poopers who said we laughed too loud, sang too loud, played too loud, as if having fun was some sort of sin. Some people feel uncomfortable with ppl enjoying life and they feel they need to inflict some kind of arbitrary rules and hardship on ppl, this has been going on since even before the times of the Puritans....this has pretty much always been since the days of Cain. Some people feel the need to create unnecessary toiling to satisfy their own pride but I'm content to just yield to God's plan, and even bask in His blessing. I'm just His Child. I have no problem in accepting His love for me as my Father, I don't need to try and justify His love with my own self-righteousness. I'll just depend on His true righteousness. There's peace in that. There's even a type of joy that literally goes beyond the understanding. A supernatural experience, that the theological thought-police would try to scare you away from.

Just accept what the Scriptures say and abandon your desires for self-righteousness. And divorce yourself from public opinion. Be who you are in Christ since the day you got saved.

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