Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Father Of Lights Gives Every Good Gift

God gives us all gifts. Sure, Mozart probably had a much more profound gift in music than your typical Church pianist. But did poor old Mozart know Christ as his Saviour? The old Church lady playing the piano somewhere, can bless people's hearts so much, that it would be impossible to estimate how much glory she's brought to God and how many people she's helped.

Whether it is your smile, your laugh, your sense of humor, your voice, your prayers, your ability to communicate, teach, write, play music, nurture, encourage, just plain old could be just your presence, your personality. The point is God put YOU where YOU are for a reason. God is wise. And He KNEW who you were going to be before the foundations of the earth. He has a plan for you, if you've been born again, you have God in you, you have a light to shine! Let it shine!

You don't need to go to seminary to be a blessing! You don't need to be ultra-intellectual to teach someone some spiritual truths! I have known children and mentally handicapped people who have edified and given me instruction and help! Don't be afraid to shine your light for Jesus!

God is at work to Heal! There is a whole movement that is concerned about healings, looking for signs and wonders......well, I have seen God heal people dying of physical illnesses, and that is truly wonderful, but eventually we all have to die, Lazarus had to die twice : ) but ya know what in infinitely BETTER than physical healing, the healing that God's Holy Spirit is trying to accomplish in your heart! HE heals all our souls diseases. He makes us new by the power of His blood! And as He heals ya, He'll empower you and free you to be yourself, to use your gifts without fear and to let your light shine! Amen.

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