Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Indeed

When you say "The truth will make you free" It sounds pretty harmless, but when you go to apply that principle to real life-you'll find where the true chains really are on your life because the religious machine will raise all sorts of Hell when you dare to apply the truth. They are fine with u saying the truth will make u free, as long as u don't act free : )

Jesus brings me into joy unspeakable and FULL of glory! He doesn't lead me into agonizing and constant plaguing guilt. The cross destroys my guilt and shame! Christ cleanses my heart and my conscience. He lifts me up-in a strange paradox, as I humble myself under the mighty hand of God, He lifts me up. I am humbled and glorified and restored at the same time, because God is incomprehensibly amazing. I can worship on my face, in TRUE love and admiration, not grovelling like a slave, but worshipping as a rescued and redeemed child. hallelujah! If only more people could see the splendor and liberty and glory of who our Saviour really is!!

Sweeping things under the rug, and creating Christian lingo to minimize them and say everything is okay, is not the same as everything actually being okay. You see, Jesus Christ can free you in such a way that forgiveness, from God and others, to others and to yourself, is real and tangible and life-changing.

If we can understand that God doesn't just love us JUST ENOUGH to give us a technicality by which we can escape damnation. Even though that in itself would be gracious of the Lord, He is even more gracious :) He loves us extravagantly, unimaginably, wondrously, gloriously-more than we've been willing to admit. HE is the one who created you. He is the one who opened your mother's womb. He has a plan and a purpose for you. He knows you intimately and He wants for you to know Him too!


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    I've been really amazed the last months, maybe longer, as God has been showing me all sorts of new I grow in grace and knowledge, that there are ppl and ideas that resist what I'm learning. I'm kind of shocked about it. Preachers, and brethren and teachers and Chrisitan literature and schools etc, are things you expect to HELP you in your personal walk with Christ, but I've found that it isn't always the case. They can sometimes only take you so far. There are truths and ideas that ANYONE who wants power and control will find dangerous and threatening. But justbecause you can't find a leader who is courageous enough to confirm the things you are learning from God's Spirit and Scriptures, doesn't make it not true.

    Just think of poor Martin Luther---when he wrote his 95 Thesis, there wasn't exactly a Lutheran hierarchy that looked up to him at the time ; ) and John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Progress from jail, when the religious establishment told him he had no business even talking about the Bible-so when a legalist tells you, you aren't good enough,or a theologian tells u that u aren't qualified, just remember John the Baptist didn't go to Seminary and the biggest mega-church leaders have sometimes turned out to be closet-homosexuals.

    I'm not trying to be ugly or synical, I'm just trying to make the point that if religion has you feeling like you're in bondage and under condemnation, embrace Christ instead and chuck religion and all of it's big-wigs and know-it-alls out the door.

    God is a wonderful Father to those who repent and put their faith in Him. He isn't a slave-driver, or a tyrant, He is a Father. And a better Father than any earthly father ever dreamed of being.