Saturday, September 17, 2011

God Loves You

God loves you. You've heard this said many times. You may have seen it written on a tract or on a sign or billboard or heard it at Church, and you probably believe it.....mostly.

Ya know, since the Fall of man, we've had to deal with sin. Without God we are marred, we are "a wretch like me" as John Newton wrote in Amazing Grace. We have to live with the presence of sin and evil. And we know that though God created us in His image, and though we were made orginally "Good" mankind is Not inherantly good. mankind has fallen into sin. The truth of this is profoundly heartbreaking. EVERY sorrow and pain and dissapointment, disease, abuse and infirmity and injustice of existance comes back to original sin. We are damaged at our very core, it is profoundly tragic and horrible.

There are pains, dissapointments, sorrows and holes so deep inside of us that we aren't even aware of them. But in this profound and tragic damage---there is a profound and triumphant solution that is infinitely and abundantly bigger than the problem. The new life that is offered to us in God's Son, Jesus Christ the Lord-swallows up our death in it's infinity! We are not just saved by the skin of our teeth, we are saved to the uttermost. We aren't just forgiven, and let go free from the consequences, instead we are forgiven and justified, glorifed and adopted! This means sooooooo much more than a lot of Christians have realized.

God doesn't make us "Tolerable" in His sight, He makes us "Beloved". We are precious to Him. We are actually transformed from a wretch-and a sinner, and a child of wrath, into children of the living God, saints, heirs with Christ. We are beautiful in Him!

This comforts, soothes and HEALS you completely. You no longer have to loath yourself, or be filled with guilt and shame. It is hard for the newly born again creature to begin to understand that he is no longer a caterpillar but a butterfly. It takes him some time to open up his wings and to realize all the wonderful colors and the ability to soar and fly!

Imagine if the butterfly refused to fly, and wanted to crawl around on his belly, never using his wings, never drinking from the flowers....never even opening his wings....this is what "False-humility" and man-generated piety will do to you. It will cause you to be too afraid to enjoy being who you are in the Saviour. But praise Jesus, we have the right and the privelege and the call to be healed, to be free, to live!

People may have tried to MAKE you into what they think you should be. They may have tried to tell you how THEY see you. Maybe you've been called ugly. Maybe you've been called unintelligent, maybe you've been told what strengths and what weaknesses they think you have, and you've been limitted by the 'you' that 'they' have defined. Guess what? You are whatever GOD says you are. You can do whatever HE empowers you to do. JESUS gives life and that abundantly! BELIEVE it! Does not the Bible say He gives HOPE and PEACE and JOY!!?!?!?!?!

If your religion, your way of life, the people you surround yourself with-make you feel limitted, in bondage, enslaved, that what Jesus wants? Is that what He died for? Is that new life?

Do you have to hide, look over your shoulder?

Friend, God has so much for us. our identity is to be found in Him! You can be beautiful because Christ is beautiful! You can have value in Him! You are of great value to God. Why? Because He needs you??? No. because He LOVES you!

God loves you!

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