Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Greatest Artist, The First Visionary

The God that thought up the idea to paint the sunrise. That made fascinating little creatures like sea-horses and starfish, and huge yet paradoxically graceful creatures like the blue whale, the God that crafted millions of nebuli that would never even be seen by the naked eye for thousands of years, this God of extravagant and abundant creativity and whit, this artist, this lover and creator of beauty and sublimity, created YOU! So what kind of plan do you think that kind of God would have for your life???

Do you think He wants you to go through the motions? To be motivated by guilt or fear? To live just exist, to be mediocre? That does not measure up with the personality of our Creator. He is not a God who settles for DUTY, or robot-like obedience, He is a God who wants, creates and IS....Love!

Some people, especially religious weirdos, will cloud their world and yours' with negativity. they'll always say you can't can't can't. they always think you should be led by guilt and fear. Some people think fear and even intimidation are the best motivators.

I like how Philippians tells us to think on thigns that are true and honest and lovely! Divorce yourself from the negative, religous, guilt-ridden, status quo, and allow yourself to dream and BELIEVE all that GOD has dreamed and planned for you, His child! HE can answer our prayers and give us exceedingly and abundantly ABOVE all that we ask or think! NOT ONLY does God want to give you the desires of your heart, He wants to bless you even more than that so that your cup runs over! If you have a hard time believing and accepting that, if u think I'm being presumptuous.....are u truly believing in the God of the Good Book or are you believing in the guilt/fear religion of man that you've adopted? Religion sends us in the paths of guilt, fear and duty. God's faith and grace to us leads us in the paths of mercy and truth. all of the paths of the LORD are Mercy and Truth. Amen.

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