Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Believe That YOU'RE my Healer

Some courageous people have had to stand up against terrifying brutality, from Christians who stay faithful to Jesus in Islamic nations, to Jews and compassionate human beings who hid those Jews in Nazi Germany. Now, if those people could stand up for the truth and right, in such horrifying circumstances, then I feel that we should be bold enough to stick by the truth when it is a little uncomfortable, or un-popular, or we'll face a little bullying or getting yelled at....You are not WRONG just because you aren't popular. There was a time in Europe when EVERYONE would condemn you if you believed in salvation by grace through faith, or if you believe in Baptism by immersion BUT it was STILL right, even if every pope and priest and cardinal would want to burn you at the stake.

Nowadays,Pastors, theologians, worldly people, and Holy Joe's will also want to burn you at the stake for DARING to BELIEVE in the liberty of Christ, for believing that we are accepted in the Beloved and walk in grace. People will condemn you for DARING to claim that God wants to get deep into your soul and mind and heal all of your souls diseases! But just as out forefathers would not back down from the papists, I will not back down from legalists, abusers and pseudo-pious religious whackjobs who want us to walk aroound in guilt, condemnation and fear. I AM free. I answer to the Lord. NOT to you! But to the Lord. You can read this and think I've gone off the deep end. I repeat myself too much. I'm turning liberal. Blah blah blah. Get this, it DOESN'T MATTER if YOU agree or if I meet your approval. It doesnt matter if Pastor, or Daddy, or the Pope, or the president, or anyone else agrees either. You cannot take Christ and who He is away from me.

HE is the Prince of Peace. He brings peace into our hearts not confusion and conflict.

He IS love. He brings love into our lives not pettiness, arbitrary rules, jealousy and envy and manipulation.

He is the great reconciler. He brings relationships HEALING, Not isolation. Not loneliness. Reconciliation and true fellowhip.

He is the one who has power on earth to forgive sins. NOT to condemn, accuse and spread guilt, but to forgive.

He is a healer-the Great Physician! So He doesn't look for weak and vulnerable spots to poke and prod and hurt and take advantage of, on the contrary-He heals and soothes and comforts and strengthens and blesses!

GOD is not like a lot of fundamentalists and religious weirdos. God will make you free! God doesn't get nervouse when you laugh too loud or smile too big or have too much fun!

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