Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The most important person to me is Christ. Christ is an Individual who offers freedom, liberty, love, mercy, grace and glory. When I think of Him I think of eternity, light, glory, beauty-infinity! God is awe-some. He is magnificent! He is Holy! He is abundant in mercy and grace and kindness!

In our pursuit of truth, we ascribe to philosophies and labels,...ah, I found the truth of God's Word therefore I am now a Fundamentalist. Well, Okay, but have u realized what the truth is? The truth isn't a list of facts, or a signed confession of faith. The truth is a Person. The truth is Jesus Christ.

But for some ppl, that is a fine cliche' but it doesn't make sense to them. The truth is Jesus? That is hard for some people to understand, but it is absolutely true ; )

I have known a lot of principles of wrong and right, and understood doctrine, academically, but to live the doctrine-to have it a part of you, has nothing to do with a Seminary or a group or camp, it is DIRECTLY stemming from, it is in and by-my personal, real, daily WALK with Jesus. My One-ness with Christ. Some people dismiss that kind of talk as some kind of deeper-life, esoteric mysticism, but they're wrong.

Pulpits all across this land-decry the state of affairs in modern Christianity, but has it helped? Have we identified the problem? So many people are convinced that our world is falling apart because ppl aren't dressing up nice enough for Church, or because some Preachers don't have wooden pulpits.... is that really the issue?

Sometimes, when things get off track, you have to get back to the beginning, and find what you lost sight of. I'll tell you what we've lost sight of.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The Almighty, Holy, Powerful Creator God-came to this world in the flesh, lived a sinless life, and gave His life and blood on Calvary's cross to redeem us from sin and Satan and rose from the dead in victory and glory!

The GREAT moves of God, the awakenings, the harvests of souls, revival----did not come as a renewed interest in 1950's white American cultural dress (white shirts and ties). They didn't happen because people tightened up their standards, they happened because people were captured by a vision of the Saviour of the world. They were saved. They were born again, they were filled with the Spirit. they loved God. The message filled them with hope and love and joy! Yes, they were strongly convicted but that was the first step-the result was NOT guilt-ridden, legalistic, robotic, personality-less fundamentalists, the result was Spirit-filled, Christ-exalting, Bible quoting, Hymn-singing, family-loving, soul-winning, Church-building, fruit bearing Christians. They didn't buy ties and sell them not they bought the truth. They didn't get a new haircut, they got saved. We need to return to our first love. We need to have ONE goal, one priority, and one person having the pre-eminence, Jesus Christ.

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