Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Yes, I am adopted into the greatest family there has ever been

The Christian perspective is unique. You see things differently than the rest of the world does. There are these shows on tv about Hoarders, and strange addictions, etc. People watch them to be entertained at the eccentric behavior.

I saw several episodes at work while the kids were watching them, and I was overwhelmed with how these show demonstrated the fallen human condition. How deep these people's infirmities were-how they had manifested in such strange and peculiar ways, yet really they were suffering from the same human condition as everyone else. These people honestly need the healing of Jesus Christ in their minds and spirits. They obsess and fixate on peculiar things to try to feel safe and good. How sad.

Now, if some fundamentalist in a suite knocked on their door and said repeat after me 1-2-3. Most likely it would not help them to have a brand new life and to begin to be healed and freed from their problems. But if they truly came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and Friend and Father and Healer---He would begin to heal them from the inside out as ONLY He can do.

This world is full of self-proclaimed experts, of self-help books and psychology. Yet the land is filled with more perversions, crimes, eccentricities, anxieties, depression and so on than could be estimated. Despite all the pills and doctors and counsellors, despite Dr. Phill : ) suicide continues, child abuse continues, drug abuse continues....because sadly, many people, even those who say they are Christias, just do not understand that JESUS is the great COunsellor, He is the Physician, He is the healer, He is the completer-to make You whole, to complete you, to heal you to give forgiveness to you and enable you to forgive others, to DELIVER you and free you from your fears, your loneliness, your insecurities, the memories and phantoms and deamons that haunt you. All of those things are completely washed away in  the knowledge of the All-Powerful Love of Christ Jesus.

IF you're allready saved and born again, I'm not trying to say that you need to get saved again :) No, you just need to dig deeper into what all that intails! If u were adopted into a new family after years of being an orphan-it would take u a little while to adjust to the love and security that are now yours to enjoy. That is how we who are adopted into God's family often are. We may at times find it hard to accept or seemingly too good to be true that our Father truly accepts us, but as we begin to allow ourselves to believe and to get to know our new Father, to experience His love, and Hs healing, and His wisdom and security and peace-we will begin to be healed from whatever past we had without Him. And the great thing is that He is not like an earthly father who can die, or mess up, or lose his temper, He is GOD the Father and He is perfect and ever trustworthy! Praise God!

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