Friday, September 30, 2011

Shine the Light Shine the Light, Shed the darkness no matter what you're fraid to see, He will straighten it out

There are a lot of things that God has illuminated in my life lately. So much so that I can't decide what I want to say here or where to start and how much of it ppl will be able to digest.

I am listening to Brother Hardman right now preaching about "Pleasing God." And he is talking about how MAN often tries to Control and Dominate human beings to the point where INSTEAD of pleasing God we are compelled to PLEASE MAN. Did Not Peter say IT IS BETTER TO OBEY GOD THAN MAN!?!? Do you think Peter and his brethren were scared of the Jewish authorities who had the power to BEAT them and to imprison them and to kill them? DO you think it to courage for peter to tell these intimidating authorities that it was better to obey God than man! Of course it was scary. he was probably sick to his stomach just as I have been lately but he obeyed God anyways! He is a great example for us! Thank God for Peter & his example.

In the face of persecution, amidst being yelled at, stared down, lied about, beat on, even told they were displeasing and blaspheming the God of Abraham-they continued PREACHING the TRUTH. They had boldness. They had a loyalty to God and the truth. They were true Jews, even though the rest of their Nation said they were betraying Judaism. Jesus was the Messiah even though His family didn't accept Him at 1st. He was a true Prophet though they did not receive Him in his home-town. Though He was rejected-He was and is indeed-the Son of the Living God!  

I am NOT a liar though I am being lied about. I am NOT wrong in following God, though I feel afraid. I am NOT the cause of the problem even though I am one of the ones willing to acknowledge there is a problem!. I didn't create the problem. I do not bear the responsibility for the problem. I am not perfect or much in my own self-but in Jesus Christ, I am a man of God, a man of valour, a saint.

There are so many areas, so many corners of our hearts that we have not yet allowed the light of God's LIBERATING truth to sine on yet! There is a TON of deep healing that the Good Holy Ghost needs to do.

God's Spirit is sensitive. He gets grieved. He knows where HE is welcome.

More often than not I guess, He is NOT welcome. It does not matter what we SAY, we can say we want Him to move in us all day long, but if we EXPECT Him to do things on OUR terms, according to our preconceived notions. WE are trying to take the Holy Spirit's place.

Where the Spirit of the LORD is there is liberty.

If the Pastor or anyone else led by God is NOT ABLE NOT FREE-to speak on ANY SUBJECT that God tells him to bring up-then the Holy Spirit isn't welcome is he?

FREEDOM is letting GOD have HIS way. Letting the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit and do what HE does. Not stifling Him. Not giving Him any boundaries. I'll dare any of us tell God what areas of our lives, our pasts, our families, our hearts-He is ALLOWED to shine the light of truth on and other areas WE believe should be left in the dark. NO AREA is off limits to God. No law is greater than the Law-Giver! He is LORD of the sabbath thus the sabbath serves Him! And so don't dare be a Pharisee and tell God to be careful because He isn't following the rules. There is no box or fence that you can put God on, my friend! Let God be God. Let His be the LORD of your life. LET HIS thoughts be your thoughts.

God encouraged me today through the words of a song written by a dope-smoking heathen! LOL  I could have said, No, No, Lord-you can't do that, dont you know how wicked he is? Just like Peter said Nay LORD, when God lowered those "Unclean" animals down on a sheet and told him to kill and eat. WHAT GOD HATH CLEANSED CALL NOT THOU UNCLEAN.

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