Thursday, September 15, 2011


Now, since some ppl would think I've gone off the deep end, I'm getting liberal and I'm getting brainwashed by 'Hokie' pie in the sky new evangelicalism muhahah sarcasm of course ; )  -I might as well go ahead and work an epic fairytale cartoon into my blog today

While watching "Tangled," a newly released cartoon version of the old story of Rapunzle being locked away in a tower by an evil witch....I was profoundly hit with the allegorical significance of the whole story. This evil woman, using the young girl for her own, selfish agenda, used all sorts of manipulative techniques to keep the girl hidden away in this tower that she perceived to be keeping her safe. She used fear of the outside world, she also used guilt trips and intimidation; she tried to make the young girl feel inadequate, isolated, an powerless. The girl was scared of the outside world taking advantage of her, or hurting her-but the whole time, the one who was taking advantage of her, was right there -INSIDE her life and world, not waiting outside with the boogey-man.

This is CLASSIC abuse and manipulation.

Battered wives, are often encouraged by their wicked husbands to keep up the appearances, and even believe in their own heads that their husbands are their protection, that they NEED them. But some tell-tale signs of the husband's abuse and insecurity is the fact that #1. he ISOLATES her. He makes sure she doesn't have too much friendship and influence from outside HIS home (the tower), he holds the power, any money...identification, bank card, ID, checks, credit key, things like this, he often seems to hold onto. #2, He Emotionally terrorizes and belittles her, trying to make her FEEL that she cannot live/survive without his help. That she is powerless. That she needs him. That she is undesirable and no one else really is interested in her and anyone who is just wants to hurt you, making the enemy seem to be the outsider, when in fact an even worse enemy is right there in the tower taking advantage of Repunzle... 3. He works in the guilt, pumping the message over and over and over that asserting yourself or having any independence, is wrong, maybe even sinful and certainly ungrateful after all he has doen for you ; )

Now I used the example of a battered woman. But you could apply this EXACT same model to organized religion and cults, dysfunctional/abusive families, totaliterean governments, and at the top of all these evils, the Devil.


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