Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Truth and Accountability


Religious ppl find ways to shirk away from accountability. U ever heard of the word psycho-babble? That's something the world uses to justify bad behavior, but we need to coin a term to define pious-babble. It's the biggest way religous ppl use out-of-context Scriptures, holy cliche's and religious terminology to justify what we all know is stupid. Wrap it up in enough religious wrapping paper, tie the bow of false-humility and you can make almost any behavior seem okay to your fellow Christians.

Right is right. It doesn't matter who it involves. And wrong is also wrong.

The truth is for EVERYONE! Everyone IS accountable. If you do not think that you are accountable, or that other people have a right to peer into 'your business' or that 'what happens here stays here' etc. You have a problem and a god-complex. Transparency, accountability and integrity desperately need to be applied to the 'religious' world. And Preachers and leaders who have the guts to SPEAK the truth, should not be deamonized, sand-bagged, disenfrachized, blamed, persecuted, etc. You KNOW YOU are wrong, you know the man of God has the GUTS and INTEGRITY to stand up for the TRUTH so just acknowledge the truth, don't get sneaky, deceptive, blame-shift, and put up all the smoke and mirrors.

I am an AMERICAN. Since when did I have to be afraid to speak my mind? WHen you are afraid to speak up, to say what's on your mind, to express yourself, when you get some nagging feeling that you should be careful what you're saying even though you aren't saying anything wrong. SOMEONE is intimidating you and it is NOT right. Intimidation is WRONG, ALWAYS WRONG! Bullying is a sin. Manipulating is deamonic. Blame-shifting is of the Devil. Lying is for the children of the Devil. Muddying the waters and spreading confusion is also of the Devil.

Bible says of satan-I would not have you to be IGNORANT of his devices! I bring that up because the way that the man who has the cahonays to speak the truth is often demonized is CLASSIC propaganda technique, and is classic manipulation. All you have to do is stop being IGNORANT of these classic methods and recognize WHo is spreading the lies, and who is telling the truth.

MY LOYALTY will ALWAYS lie with the truth! God says we should love the truth and so as a follower of Christ, nothing is going to be nearer and dearer to my heart that the Truth!

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