Monday, October 10, 2011

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

Though I walk through the valley of ths shadow of death, I will fear no evil

I look around and I see an evil spreading it's vains out like a crawling, spreading cancer, I hear words and voices instilling thoughts deep into the heart that poison the blood. Toxic half-truths, fear-filled tortorous positions, messages of despair, of vanity, and of bondage. and the lie takes root so deep that it seems like a hopeless task to break free.

And as the eye-salve anoints me, and the spiritual medicine frees my mind to think, I feel glad not to be under the power of lies or false piety, But as I look around with my new eyes, I see the whole world infested, overtaken, captured, invaded,...with this kingdom, this power, this stronghold. The god of this world, and his imps and servants seem to thrive and fly around rejoicing in their Hellish kingdom of control. Freedom is cherished by the underground movement in the USSR, or the Resistance in Nazi Germany. Freedom is cherished, loved---but not achieved, except in the mind. How free am I? I keep asking myself. I know that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. I know that I am more myself than I ever have been when I'm under His influence. I know I don't have to feel bad that I laugh too loud, or that I'm too passionate, or too this or too that. But my flesh is constantly troubled, my heart is vexed. Daily, I am grieved, as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I am a free man, But I walk in a Nation of slaves. As my chains have been taken off, I see other people, all around me, bearing the burden, the heavy load, the chains, the fetters, the bands of this world. Living at the mercy of their slave-masters. And the masters keep trying to give me orders, only for me to affirm once again that I do not belong to them and they look away in dissapointment. So used to abusing me, they find it hard to accept the emancipation proclamation they have been sent.

A freed slave often struggles with what a free man is. I want to be all of the citizen that I was meant to be. I don't want to get into sharecropping.

The profound struggle of the age continues. We try to entertain ourselves and make light of it. When not only death and life but eternity hang in the balance every waking moment.

INJUSTICE cries out like the blood of Abel cried out from the earth!

Can you hear it? Do you hear it? Not everyone seems to notice their yelling! Could you walk by the gallows and see the negroes hanging there with their flesh burned and just keep on living? Millions of people did. Can you see all of the abortions and mutilated children, and remian unmoved? Millions do. So what does it take? How MUCH abuse and cruelty is enough? Is too much? When will we awaken to a righteous cause? When is slavery wrong? When will they push you over the limit and you'll stand! Stand against tyranny with no fear. Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death!" I agree with him. I would rather die then live under the false pretense of liberty! My choice is live free or die!

Bullying in schools, religious bullying, cults, child abuse, beating kids, sexual abuse, political control, government tyranny. It doesnt matter if it comes from your daddy, or if it comes from 'big brother.' It doesnt matter if it is on the internet or in North Korea---the time to stand is now!

Live free or die!
You want a piece of me? You know where to find me! Come n' get it, faschists!!

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