Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Some people criticize putting your 'dirty laundry' on a facebook status, as a general rule I'd probably level with that but ya know what-sometimes SILENCE is deafening, you can call me dramatic, or say I should shut up. Okay. But it is a free country. And I am just not one for being intimidated or silent. I was never like that before. I'm not gonna be like that now. I'm a fighter. I'm a free person. I'm no victim. I am not afraid. I am slandered.

When I was a kid, certain of the older kids gave me an EXTRA hard time, lol-reason being, the other kids would kinda kiss up to the bigger kids, and just give in, but me, even if they were ten times bgger than me, I would go down swinging EVERY time rather than be a little nancy and give em whatever they asked for. I do not respond to bullying. If youw ant to get something out of me, you would be MUCH better suited trying some reverse-psychology than you would by bullying me. If you sit me down n try n change my mind ur more apt to get somewhere, because I'd rather DIE than be strong-armed. God didn't make me a punching-bag, a doormatt, or a victim. And he DEFNTLY made me with a BIG mouth and if SILENCE is what you want-you'll be sorely dissapointed. If you want me to keep things secret, and be afraid, and keep things private because you got something to hide, I'm not ur kind of person. I believe in transparency, accountabilty and integrity!!!

Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death!" I have to say I'm in agreement with that old timer. I'd rather die than live a lie! I'd rather be alone than be in an abusive relationship. I'd rather starve than live under socialism. I'd rather be hanged than bow down to statues of Kim Jong IL. My Grandfather fought and bled to offer me a free country, and Jesus Christ die on a cross to give me the Spirit of liberty. I'm not going to live in bonadage to ANYONE. I'm not going to follow arbitrary rules that NO elf-respecting man would follow that would make my Gradfather ashamed of me. You wanna call me dramatic or call me a crank-so be it-I'm Irish that's how we are, that's how God made me so ya might as well deal with it!

There are some things worth fighting for. There are some personal decision that NO ONE can understand except the person making them. There are times when no one else's opinion amounts to a hill of beans. One person told me, whatever you decide, "Be like Jesus"  I have been thinking about this. Do I feel the Spirit of my Saviour near by? Do I feel like I have His heart on this? Yes, Yes I do.

When our lovely Saviour saw His Father's house being desecrated, His reaction was not irrational, over overly dramatic or looking for trouble. His reaction was out of a reverence and a love and a passion for His Father. He was defending His Daddy's house. There are some things worth fighting for, and there are some decisions in life that do not require everyone else's opinions. People keep on sharing their opinions with me. Please get this. Nobody asked for it!

I try so hard to be sensitive to other people's feelings, to listen, to appease, to respect, to tolerate, to win over, to reason with, to love, to be kind, to be polite---and where has it gotten me? It is taken as some kind of sign of weakness. The harder I've tried ot please everyone else, the less they're pleased and the less I'm pleased. I am so over it.

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