Saturday, November 19, 2011

God loves you

I have so much to learn, not academically but deep inside. I've been learning more and more what are the imolications of God's amazing love, but I find a  lot of the times my own actions and attitudes are just not expressing that love. I have to get some of what I'm understanding on the surface to puh down deeper into my attitude and my thoughts and my heart.

As I sit and just meditate on the Beatitudes, or the Golden Rule, or the crucifixion itself-or other scenes from the Gospels like when the woman washed Jesus feet with her tears and anointed Him---I get to just....allowing myself to recognize all of the emotions contained in those scenes. The beauty, the boldness, the scandal even, of the love that was shown in the life of the Christ. 

What is Jesus like? According to the Scriptures? He let John lay on His chest. He lifted up the children in His arms and blessed them. He drove the moneychangers who were cheating people and taking adavantage of them out of the Temple. He taught the people about this living Father in the story of the prodgical son, He had compassion on the multitude. He cried at Lazaruses' tomb,..He was a man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief. Jesus is a man of feeling and passion. He knows ALL of the sorrows we face and then some! He has known so much sorrow and pain and loss. Yet He is risen in victory and prays for us all now at the right hand of the Father. 

It is of great comfort to think that this man who is also the Creator and Lord of all, and is Wisdom incarnate, full of power and glory-is touched with our infirmities and cares so much for us. The Bible says He came to set the captives free and to heal the broken hearted-isn't that cool? I mean when you REALLY think about it, the Creator, the All-Mighty, the one who it says we would be at the beginning of wisdom to fear, He left the glory of Heaven and came down here to do what? To receive glory and worship & claim His rightful place on this earth with all of us grovveling at His feet? No, not exactly. He came out of love and concern for us, for our well-being. He came to seek and to save that which was lost. He came to help us. He came on a rescue mission.

That just gets me in my heart. I understood God as someone to be taken seriously and reverenced for a long time, but I'm not sure if I was really get a handle on the fact that the most powerful, wise, all-knowing, completey worthy Being that exists....a Creator infinitely beyond comprehension-wants GOOD for me, loves me, delights in me, sees me, hears me, knows me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me :) For us all.

meh, this pain pill is making it so hard to finsih my thoughts, i have this infection in my glands right now, so im gonna come back n try to finsh this though. God bless u all. Remember, God loves you!

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