Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kindness Revolution

Spent a good deal of time this week re-reading the Gospels. I've had times where I had a hard time understanding the teachings of Jesus and felt I could connect more with the Epistles. But I feel like I am coming to understand much more of what Jesus was trying to teach us.

The 'Godlen Rule' especially jumps out at me now. I know that humanity is NOT going to embrace complete righteousness in our communitites until Christ returns---but that makes perfect sense, you see-I have always been told that the sermon on the mount for example is Kingdom teaching and that that is how the world will be run int he Millenial Kingdom, but I never thought much about it now I see it more clearly then ever-our Saviour and Creator TOLD us ALL exactly HOW we COULD actually live the way we were meant to, not just as individuals but as a society. Will we follow it and enter into a utopia? No. But He has shown us that HIS way i the best way and when He finally returns He will demonstrate this! When Jesus reigns, the world will be run how it was SUPPOSED to be. Talk about a Revolution. All of these poor Arabs are having revolutions that just end in more blood-shed and persecution BUT if the WHOLE world started following the "Golden Rule" we'd have a Jesus Revolution, a Kindness Revolution. Crime would stop. Dishonesty in business would stop. If we SINCERELY asked ourselves, is this how I would want ot be treated EVERY time we did something. It reminds me of that book "In his steps". Just what would ACTUALLY happen if a whole community said "What Would Jesus Do?" every time they made a decision? Wow! Do you see it? Do you feel the profoundness of it? Once, I didn't. Once, it was lost on me. But now it is so clear. Jesus had the answer to ALL social problems. Love thy neighbour. Treat others as you'd like to be treated. That is it. It is that simple.

We don't see the importance f it because we lie to ourselves. We tell ourselves we don't care how we're treated. We say oh I wouldnt mind if someone treated me this way or that way. But the truth is we ALL love ourselves and we'd all aprreciate beign treated with honor and respect and thoughtfulness, kindness and consideration. Respect is the Christian way. Kindness is the Christian way. Good manners are Christian! Being courteous is Christian! Serving others is Christian! Giving is Christian. Compassion is Christian. Because it is what our Master taught us to do. And He didn't just tell us, He showed us. He took the time to call Martha by her NAME> She wasn't just some woman, another lemming, another nameless follower, she was Martha, someone he cared for. He healed people that were sick. He fed the hungry before He sent them away. He washed His disciples feet. He laid down His life for others. Jesus is the greatest Minister. He came to Minister to us! Thank You Jesus! You are awesome!   

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