Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Truth about Love

In Corinthians 13, we are told that without Charity we can do NOTHING. Charity is love in action. It is translated from the same word as love. It is a part of God's love. Charity gives us a clearer sense of the word that it isn't just an 'idea' of love but that it is a love that causes us to GIVE and to give sacrificially, expecting NOTHING in return.

The Bible is true and if it says that without charity we can do nothing and anything that we do is worthless, like a tinkling cymbal or sounding brass-then guess what? We can do NOTHING without it. The Word also talks about the Church that has left its first love. That CHurch got itself into a bad situation. Now, I didn't write this down just to say, "See, this is why we must have more sermons on the topic of love" No, no, no. It is not that simple by a long shot. Even sermons on love and charity are not the answer. The point is, there must be love. First, we must know the love of God (we only love Him because He first loved us) and secondly, we must love God back-which will happen as we get a clear look at His love.

It might seem simple, but it is essential. What lasts forever? What is the greatest of all things? What is at the TOP of every Biblical list of 'virtues' ....Charity, or love. Without it, we got nothing. I have dealt with sooooOOOOOooOOOoooooo many people over the years who come to Church looking for help, and you spend time with um, you pray with um, you teach n preach u counsel, u try n help, you do everything you can but does it magically fix their lives? No. Because when the rubber meets the road, they are NOT filled with a love for God. So many people come to the Church like they're signing up for public assistance. :( this is so sad, because it isn't that God doesn't want to help you, HE does want to help you but the ONLY thing that CAN help you is a relationship with HIM but if all you're looking for is quick fixes to get YOUR way in life, you've come to the wrong place and you've brought the wrong attitude. That's why Jesus said that He that will gain His life must first lose it! Because in seeking to gain for yourself, you'll gain nothing, but when you give it up for Jesus, you end up gaining everything!

So many people say yeah, I don't think it's true Micah. Because I went to Church. I sang the songs, heard the sermons and read the Book, and it didn't help me. Ahhh, but you see, that's the problem. It has nothing to do with the sermons and the songs and the reading, and the attendance, what's supposed to happen, is you're supposed to fall in love with the one who wrote the Book, inspired the sermons and is being sang about! You've gotta fall in love with Jesus, you've gotta come to Him, you've gotta realize that He ISN"T some mean ogre in the sky, but that He actually loves you beyond imagination..He died for you, He rose again for you, His blood can make you clean and you can belong to Him. He wants to be a Father to you, He wants to be a Healer to you, He wants to be a Saviour to you, He wants to be a Comforter to you, He wants to be a Shepherd to you and yes, He wants to be Lord and Master to you. He wants a REAL relationship and friendship with you. He doesn't wanna be Santa Clause, He doesn't wanna be a gene where u just rub the lamp and make ur wishes and carry on, He doesn't wanna be a socialist.communist government to you so you can get your public assistance and carry on, no-He doesn't offer those kind of cheap, shallow solutions, He offers a real, authentic relationship with Himself that will utterly transform your life. ANYTHING less than that is just pretense and false religion and it won't help you, it wont fulfill you and eventually you'll walk away, give up, self-destruct AND you'll probably blame Church, your PAstor and ultimately God. It's so heartbreaking. And ALL you needed to do was get to know Jesus. No one is saying you cant enjoy your cars and your houses and your family and your job and your fishing and your hunting and your hobbies etc etc etc, but when they're your god, it doesnt leave any room for the real God. And if you think you can 'play' the real God so He can help you get what you want out of the gods you worship. It doesn't work out well for anyone :( God loves you, do you love Him back?

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