Wednesday, November 16, 2011


God has been teaching me so much, yet I've never felt so....human. I don't feel like Joe spiritual, or everybody's mentor. And you know what. That's okay, I don't have ANY reason to try and project some image of myself being any further along than you are. You have flaws. I have flaws. God loves me. I say this because I've noticed that for years I've felt afraid to be vulnerable in admitting my own weaknesses or areas where I don't have everything figured out. And that has held me in bondage.
Part of the reason for this COULD be that when I was a young kid attending Sunday School at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church-when I shared some of my own feelings and vulnerabilities with my sunday school teacher, I was derided and put down for it. Sadly, many, even some well-meaning people-will judge you and put you down or make you feel bad or give you some spiritual platitude the moment they see a sign of weakness from you. But the Spirit of God brings freedom and perfect love casts out fear. God knows your vulnerable and hurting and damaged areas of life even better than you do and despite what some pseudo-pious people would lead you to believe, He never asked us to put on a facade and pretend were something we aren't. God accepts me when I am hurting. He doesn't tell me to get my crap together and then come back when I'm ready. No He is my great Physician and my COunsellor. He is the one who is going to fix me up and heal me. He is not emberassed to embrace this special needs child and give me the nurture and instruction that I need.

I was once one who believed that "Psychology" is one of the great evils of the world because of all of the misguided, blame-your-mother, freudian treatment methods, as well as the sometimes over-medicated society we live in BUT I have realized this, we can no more REJECT the science of 'psychology' because of unscriptural theories than we can reject 'Biology' because of the unscriptural theories of darwinism. Piaget and Freud may not have the answers for you BUT the Great Physician and the True Counsellor=DOES! And I am not too afraid of being called a heretic to acknowledge this.

Romans says we need to renew our minds, Philippians says we need to control our thinking, Psalms tells us we will be blessed when we meditate of God's laws. All through the Bible we are taught the TRUE path to healing of the mind, yet ultra-pious fanatics would want us to completely neglect these great blessings of God and replace them with shallow platitudes and Church slogans.

A PROPER and Scriptural understanding of your self-worth IN CHRIST will deliver you from your inferiority complex!

A deep understanding of the Gospel will deliver you from unhealthy fears.

A proper understanding of God's love with deliver you from the fear of abandonment (Perfect love casteth out fear)

All sorts of distortions and misunderstanding and lies of the Devil that damage our mind and emotions can be healed by the Word of God as taught to us and applies to our hearts by the Holy Ghost of God.

We are to buy the truth and sell it not! The truth will make you free. I value the truth and it doesn't matter if it fits into someone's idea of a good sermon or not, the truth is, JESUS loves you more than you could ever fathom and He values you and He doesn't see you as worthless scum-He has made us holy and acceptable by the blood of His Son. Why do you think the GOSPEL is so scandalous to the religious establishment? Get back to the Gospel, in all of its power and glory, it is the answer, even to the questions that the psychologists are asking.

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