Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Truth Is Out, There Is A Leak, A Spiritual Informant, A Spy, A Narc, A Recon Mission for Liberty

"Give me liberty or give me death" -Patrick Henry

Fear is the enemy, my friends. Patrick Henry was tapping into some reckless abandon, which brings freedom. He was saying ya know what, if we gotta live in slavery just so we can have safety than life aint worth living anyways. I'd rather die than be a slave! Gimee liberty or death! That's the attitude that will win us freedom! Because if you have fear you truly are in bondage. Fear and intimidation are the ULTIMATE weapon that abusers use AND TRUTH AND COURAGE are our ways of fighting back. Arm yourself with the truth and have the courage to never back down!

I'm not backing down! I know I've made some "Enemies" lately. I know I'm at the top of some people's 'crap list.' But I'm okay with that :) and by the grace of God, I'm learning to not be eaten up by anger or unforgiveness but ALSO not to mistake meekness for weakness. I won't be veangeful, I won't be sadistic, I wont be wrathful, but I won't tolerate and condone evil either.

We ALL have our faults. And redemption and reconciliation i available for EVERYONE. I long for it and pray for it.

But I have had my eyes opened so wide now! I have seen the light. There is so much abuse, oppression, slavery, bondage and condemnation that we tolerate and justify by some warped, twisted, mistaken sense of morality and right. For example, so many people justify harsh, harmful, sadistic behavior from parents towards their children in the name of discipline. But all that is-is a cloak for ther maliciousness! Open your eyes! WWJD? Does God treat us that way when we mess up? No. You may say "they're my children." NO, they aren't. NO human being owns another human being. NO ONE! They are God's children and He has entrusted them into your stewardship and care so you can look out for them and nurture and provide and raise them, they are not posessions!

I have seen oppressors in so many different positions employ so many different methods of control and manipulation. If you're, like I was, a tad bit naive, you just do not realize how full of power abuse this world is, but once you recognize the power structure, you'll see that a lot of behavior that you take at face value, and don't examine, is actually quite insidious.

I feel called, my eyes couldn't have been opened to this for NO reason. I feel called to stand up for the helpess, speak up for those without a voice, be an advocate for the vulnerable, defend the helpess.....this is why I am working very hard to finish the book I am writing on bullying and manipulation tentatively titled "Manifesto of the Abused"

This book looks at the issue of the abuse and the importance of TRUE spiritual liberty in this generation. We look at it from family life, to Churches, to governments and communities and even to your own personal spirituality. These concepts and principles apply to so many different areas, it is truly amazing. The basic premise of the whole thing is simply this "Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty" God's presence brings freedom. God wants us to be free. So if there is bondage, slavery, oppression, abuse, bullying, or intimidation-----the will of God is not being accomplished and HE wants to set you free. The TRUTH will set you free, and thats why from my blog to my book to my life I wanan spread the TRUTH everywhere I can so freedom can ring all over! Remember also that Jesus said He came to set the captives free! What captivates you? What are you a slave to? Who are you afraid of? Who intimidates you? Who scares you? He makes you feel condemned and beaten down? God doesn't want that for you. He wants you to be free!

The ULTIMATE slave-masters are the ones who live in your mind. The ones who read the paragraph above this one and say No No No No, that Micah is going in a weird direction, I Don't know about him, do you think he's getting liberal? I mean, I'm preeeety sure God wants me to feel guilty and condemned so I can stay humble ; ) you see, those little imps of Hell that live in your mind are what really hold you back from enjoying your freedom in Christ and soaking up His love!

God loves you and in ROmans 8 He says if God gave us His only Son how shall He not also freely give us all things! Try reading Romans 8 and looking at the GOD presented there and see if the God of Romans 8 is the same God as the one you've been believing in. God isn't a bully. And when your abusers try n tell you God gave them permission to treat you like their property, tell them to go back to their father, the father of lies.


  1. i could say so much...
    -it is all about control and isolation
    -it is about money
    -it is not the gospel at all

  2. i have looked at that blog before. it has a lot of good thoughts. i like the use of the word journey because that's what is really going on here, we are all on this journey to getting closer to the heart of God and understanding what He is really about. There are pitfalls on every side. It is a struggle to not fall into ANY movement or to abandon our love for God's heart which includes forgiveness, redemption and reconciliation. May Jesus keep us all safe from the lies of the Devil and from hate and abuse that can eat us alive.

  3. Jesus Christ is faithful and will keep us :) Continue to listen to the Voice of Truth.
    ~Never Forsaken

    love this song! Thought you might like it too!