Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best Friend You Can Get to Know in 2012

It's all about Jesus. That is where it's at. There is nothing more important than the fact that Jesus is the Christ, He is the Anointed One, He is God in the flesh. He is God. HE is our God. He is my God. What could possibly be more important than this? What legacy do you want to leave with your children's children? How about a legacy of faith? Nothing could be more beautiful or important than that!

How can we make sure all those in our sphere of influence are introduced to Jesus? That they, at the very least, know a little about who He is?

The first way is by demonstrating LOVE. Matthew 5:9 explains that the peacemakers are blessed because they shall be called the children of God. You see, those that show love and spread peace will be remembered as God's children. The BEST way to be a testimony for Jesus is not to proclaim all of your rules, and morals and piety, but to be loving. John also tells us that they will know us by our LOVE for each other. When we treat people with kindness, courtesy, respect, charity, consideration and compassion-these will show the world what our God is all about :) It may seem so simple, to some even corney or cliche, but it is Biblical and absolutely true. You just need to show God's love. That is the ministry. The epistles tell us that if we Love we will fulfill the law. Jesus says if you love God and love your neighbour-you are following all of the laws.

But love isn't something we can just work up or force ourselves to do. Sure, there are some types of love that can come naturally, like the way you feel about your children, your own flesh and blood, but the love of God, is supernatural and Divine. it brings about forgiveness and tenderness and kindness that the world looks at with astonishment.

How can you be filled with this miraculous love?

It only comes from God.

In John we are told we need to abide in Him who is the True Vine and we need to abide in His love....
As you pray, and read the Bible, and listen in the stillness for the voice of the Holy Spirit. As you walk with God, as you meditate on what Christ did on th cross of Calvary-as you consider His great sacrifice, you will find the presence of God in you will give you an ENTIRELY new outlook on your life. You will begin to see the people around you from God's perspective instead of your own, and you will love them as He does.

Jesus told us we need to Abide in HIM. There are all sorts of teachers, and preachers, books and seminars-that want to give you some kind of program, or formula-that is going to show you how to live the Christian life. But the Christian life is not a formula, it is CHRIST.

Every problem that you could think of-is answered by your relationship with Christ. Just think, if a pastor has to sit down with Church memebers who are arguing and tell them to get along, while he may take the time to figure out who is right and who is wrong etc. I guarantee that the real problem is spiritual. If we loved each other fervently as Christ does, if we had compassion and tenderness for each other, if we were humble, if we were praying for each other, and having compassion for each other, if we were filled with the Spirit of Christ, we would not be arguing like we do. It is really that simple.

If you will invest the time into your PERSONAL, abiding with Jesus, that intimate one-ness that you have with HIM-will cange your relationships with other people. It isn't a formula, it's a friendship.

I am so glad that when I am all alone, I am still in the presence of the one who never leaves me nor forsakes me.

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  1. Yes Jesus is my best friend, he has been for over 40 years now, But this year we have needed him more than ever before, and he is always right on time, and supplies our every need.
    Be Blessed, Barbara