Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Will Now Hi-Jack Humanism

Behold! How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity-I believe that is from Psalm 133....

In order to abide in Christ's love, we first must get a look at HIM and who He is and how He demonstrates His wonderful love to us

The next great thing that happens in our journey to God's love is that we begin to love others more. Love our brethren. Love our neighbours, and love our enemies. 

When you are talking about theology all of the time but you're cold, sarcastic, mean and even detached from your humanity--you have entered into the scary world of religion! God's people will be known by their love. You can right it off as liberal or hollywood but the fact is where there is love there is some warmth, there is some gentleness, there is a tender heart. If you're cold and calculating in your relationships-even if it is in the name of Biblical truth etc. You are lacking love, and you're religious but not godly. The presence of God fills your heart with a special kind of compassion and tenderness. A love that the world will not mistake for being commonplace. They will KNOW that you are different.

I can remember a time in my life, where with good intentions, I was FILLED with religious zeal, and that zeal made me angry at the world, I felt I was at war with everything and everyone. Trying to set things right & get the truth out. And hey, some of the stuff I was crusading for I was probably right about! But what a miserable life. A life driven by being against something is so much less rewarding than a life driven by being for something or better yet being in love with someone!  

As I look at and examine and think about and ponder and meditate on the glory, the creativity, the strength, the beauty, the compassion, the wisdom, the truth, the splendour and the sublimity of my Redeemer and Creator-I am filled with wonder! My life is an adventure. My heart is thrilled. 

What makes us human beings is that we can laugh, dance, sing, paint, write poetry, make love, climb mountains, stair at the sky in astonishment, explore, fall in love, write a symphony, show compassion----you say what on earth are you talking about.....I'm talking about the fact that God made us as individuals, humans, people, and we enjoy things, in this very human way-a way that the animals don't. A dog doesn't look up at the stars at night and say 'wow! how beautiful!' and though all species have to reproduce they certainly dont fall into or make love, you say what is your point? Well, what makes is DIFFERENT is the fact that we were made in the image and likeness of God. So you see, you can learn something about the personality of your Creator by what makes us different than the animals. God loves. God creates. God makes music and melody and beauty! 

So yes, my rigid friends among us, even you-need to join this Divine dance and enter into the kind of life God designed us to enjoy. 

David, danced before the Ark, he played the harp, he fought as a warriour, he wrote the Psalm. He lived a passionate, creative life with God, as a man AFTER GOD's OWN HEART

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