Friday, December 23, 2011

Joy to The World

The most important Christmas image for me is the star. I LOVE seeing a good, well-done Christmas star decorating someone's house. We have a beautiful star on the top of our tree. Just like the sailors look to the North Star, the wise men looked to this unique star to guide them in a constant direction closer to their Saviour. God's guidance is like a star. Not only does it give direction by its placement but it also gives us light and even beauty.
There is one house that I drive by sometimes in North Collins that has literally the hugest, most impressive Christmas display I have ever seen anywhere, and at the center of it all is this immense, gorgeous star. And as you look at it, you realize that while on the one hand it looks like a star, it also looks like a cross with light shining from it.

As Christians, the truths that we celebrate-those of Divine Light & Illumination, redemption, salvation, peace and freedom-are ideals that are significant to every human being at all times of the year and in all places. Whether it is when the Jews sit down to a Sedar meal and remember how God delivered them from Egypt or whether it is the Gentiles singing songs about the advent of Jesus Christ, or whether it is the lighting of a Menorah that reminds how God protected and provided for the people of Israel amidst persecution---the great eternal truths are always present. The fact that a Merciful God offers hope in a world full of fears and light in a world full of darkness.

That is why lighting candles at a candle-light service or sitting and watching my tree is meaningful to me. It doesn't just stand for winter-time, or another year come and gone, or family and all I have to be thankful for, or even just the birth of Christ-it is the very essence of Christ that I am reminded of yet again-that He came here, was born humbly, died and rose victoriously and will one day return as a triumphant, irresistable, glorious King over all, The fact that in the end, no matter how hopeless it may seem, or no matter how trite and cliche the words of faith may seem-in the end-when the fullness of the time has come-God will send His Son. And just like those little snowdrop flowers surprise the heck out of us when they're the first things to sprout up and blossom when spring has barely begun-all of the war, darkness, hate, sorrow and suffering, sin and darkness of this world will give way to the marvellouse light of our glorious KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. ALL that is truly good will just prosper and flourish and spread and the meek really will inherit the earth. The kingdom of God will come to man. So, interestingly, for me-Christmas is a reminder not just of what happened 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem and the prophecies that those ancient Jews watched being fulfilled, but the prophecies that we are watching being fulfilled and our turn to see the coming of Messiah. This is our Blessed Hope. Have a Blessed Christmas.

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