Friday, December 16, 2011

Love Love Love Love Love

Joy unspeakable and full of glory and peace with surpasseth understanding!  Those are a couple of the great emotions promised to God's saints. Not all of God's saints seem to enjoy these blessing though. I heard one teacher try to excuse this lil discrepancie by claiming that we have just misunderstood what joy and peace are, they're just a kind of quiet contentment, just enough to get us by thru this tough life. Well, I don't swallow that. Could Paul and Silas sing out with confidence from a dungeon after being beaten, with that kind of cheap imitation of joy? Nah. They had something to write home about, they had something supernatural and downright scandalously extreme, they were some fanatics ; )

Every single day I'm learning a lil more about God's amazing love. You can't exhaust it. It is soooo liberating and I want so desperately to be able to explain it and share it because I know many people just don't understand. I am so burdened to see so many people receive God's healing. But you have to be willing and open to learn.

None of us are beyond learning something new. None of us.

Some things I've been learning
#1. I'm not a sinner ;) People go on and on about how they hate themselves because their flesh is so filthy and disgusting etc, but Paul says it is no more I that do it but sin that dwells in me. You see, we here so much about it Jeremiah where it says we have this desperately wicked and deceitful heart but we miss the rest of the story where we are given BRAND NEW hearts. I am not bad. I am not my flesh. I am not dirty. I am clean, pure, and holy by the blood of Christ. I am a new creatire. With good and holy desires. I am not dirty or evil anymore. I am a servant and son of the Most Holy God. Pretty cool!

#2. God is not a sadist. . . yes, God does and can use suffering and sorrow in our lives to bless us and draw us closer to Himself but He is not cruel and He is not half as stern and harsh as some would have you believe. He is our FATHER. And He isn't like and earthly father, as loving our your earthly Daddy may have been. Your Heavenly Daddy is infinitely more lovign and affectionate. He gives us ALL good gifts, they all come down from the Father of Lights. Think about ROmans 8, and also the sermon on the mount when Jesus talks about asking Him for things, how HE WANTS to give us good things. God isn't looking for an excuse to punish you and make life difficult, Nowhere in the New Testament Scripture is it even hinted at that God has that attitude, so why do we want to often paint God the Father as this brutal, angry, harsh, authoriterean. There is no Scriptural evidence to support that. God loves us extravagantly!

#3. The Christian life is succesful when we ABIDE in His love. In John 15 we learn that Jesus is the True Vine and we are the branches, How many times have you heard a sermon on that portion of Scripture and all the sermon is about is the "Purging" in other words, if u wana bear fruit God's gonna purge ya and prune you and its gonna hurt! Well, that is partialy true, BUT the emphasis of the Scripture is that we will grow and bear fruit and keep the commandment if we ABIDE IN HIS LOVE. How do I abide in His love? It's easy really. Think about it. That's right,.every day, meditate on His love and you'll find you are abiding. Now you may think the purging part means trials and tribulations, well that maybe, but for some, what you need to be purged of is your false notions about our Merciful Father! You may not need another fiery trial today, your purging for today might just be reading this blog....

We're told in the New Testament, not to leave the Simplicity that is in Christ. Jesus liked to keep things simple for us, why do you suppose He boiled ALL of the law down to two commandments. Love God. Love others.

You see people on the internet arguing about Christmas, the Jewish feasts, tattooes, denominational labels, Church polity, genealogies, etymological origins of proper names, lol everything under the sun pretty much. But all you really need to know is. Love! You say that's new age, liberal, hippie nonsense :) lol you can tell that to Jesus, my friend. He is the one who made it so simple for us to understand. This way we woudln't get bogged down with endless, fruitless debates and weak, confused consciences. Chill out everyone! And Merry Christmas to you all! Jesus loves you.

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