Saturday, December 10, 2011

Merry Christmas

The Lord came to us as a little baby. He came to the humble, vulnerable environment of Bethlehem. He came in the vessel of a frail, human body. And the angels of Heaven sang the glory of it, they said Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men!

The Prince of Peace will one day soon bring peace to all the world by being the true King of kings and lord of lords who reigns in authority and justice, but even now, He brings peace to the hearts of millions. He brings peace to believing families who cherish one another and worship together in family alter and Church.

Let this be a time of renewing our love, passion and commitment to the Prince of Peace and all of the wonderful blessings that He has entrusted to us. For so many of us, this year has brought many new challenges. The economy is difficult, people are sick, people have lost loved ones, etc. And yet we are also blessed, and so filled with thankfulness that we have hope in Christ.

As we approach a new year, let's renew our commitment to the Lord and to one another. Let's resolve to stick together, Take care of each other, and band together to get through whatever is ahead of us, knowing that because of the message the angels gave to those Shepherds, we do have hope, we do have a bright future, there will be worldwide peace on earth someday, but for now, that peace can reign in our hearts, and if we let it, our households. Let your heart be warmed by the sublime, beautiful, timeless truths of how a powerful, wise Almighty Lord, made His dwelling among men, in the most unlikely of ways, How He faced everything that we face, how He understand, how He demonstrated sacrifice and love to us and how He came out of it all victorious. Let's celebrate and meditate on the Christ!

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