Monday, December 5, 2011

the Old Snow Paths

So, I've been listening to some preching this evening, as I sit here, feeling sick-I've been listening to John R. Rice. A great Preacher from the past. We hear a lot of talk about the "Old Paths" and the "Old Time Religion" but in this man's sermon-I detected the true, authentic love and humility of the old time religion.

He also wrote a book on the Christian home. It's a beautiful, and perhaps under-appreciated book because it is so simple, and old-fashioned. Even in a lot of our TALK about the old paths, I think we get all flashy and strut around like a peacock and miss out on the sweetest blessings.

In an atmosphere where compassion and politeness are normal-it is easy to take it for granted. But in a culture where mutual respect, dignity, compassion and love seem to be waning and waning, how sweet and beautiful the grace and kindness of older generations becomes.

In a time when a lot of things that used to be considered vices, now run rampant under the guise of liberty, how refreshing becomes the idea of numbers of people living clean, pure, holy lives. Some people, when talking about the 'old paths' go on an instant tirade about backwards hats, baggy pants, 'britches' on women, make-up, and harry potter. But I'd like to share what I think are some of the wonderful, blessed hallmarks of the old paths that I'd like to make a part of my life. BTW, these are not all necessarily NECESSITIES, they are good things, they are things that are based on Biblical principles, but they aren't a list of rules and dogma, you'll see what I mean.....


Not too long ago, Christian families found it quite natural to sit down at some point in their day and open up the Bible, share a few Scriptures, pray together, encourage each other and sing a spiritual song. It wan't forced, It wasn't embarassing, it wasn't a duty, and it wasn't looong, it was just a refreshing part of the day when the whole family came together around God's Word and got on the same page. Are you a bad Christian if you don't do it in your house? I wouldn't say that. But it sure wouldn't hurt yes? It was a pretty regular thing for Christian families back in the day, It kept unity and sweetness in the family. It was a blessing. And maybe if we wanna encourage our children and keep our famlies together and serve God, family alter would be a great idea! Some kids have never even heard their Dad's pray out loud. You shouldnt be afraid to pray with your family, you wife and your kids.


Nowadays someone ets married at 30 years old and someone says, wow, ur marrying so young! lol Really? My grandmother was married at 17! But times have changed. Again, I'm not a nutcase. I'm not saying there's something wrong with waiting until later in life ot get married but I think the mentality that is causing this trend is not a good one. Even among Christians we have a lot less respect for the institution of marriage than we used to. Marriage is a blessing ordained by God. What God hath joined together let no man put asunder. We should respect and seek to support and encourage marriage. Marriage is a good thing, It brings stability to our society, to our children, and to young adults. People actually look at being with one partner all of your life as a bad thing. It isn't a bad thing. Noe everyone is lucky enough to have it that way, but if you manage to meet the RIGHT person and marry them instead of experimenting and making mistakes. That's a GOOD thing not a bad thing.

Average Americans only wanna have 1.5 kids these days, that way they can afford to buy more cars, send them to summer camp, play every sport, go to private schools on and on, in my not so humble opinion, our priorities are off. Again, I would NEVER tell you how many kids to have. I'm just saying children are an heritage of the Lord, they are a blessing. And there is nothing wrong with being more concerned about family than obsessed with career. Just throwing it out there. There was a day when families had one tv, not a tv in every room, and one car in the driveway, and everyone survived. lol

Not being afraid to sing

One of the biggest things that old time religion Churches had going on was loud, heartfelt, singing. People are afraid to sing now and enjoy themselves and they think they have to sound professional. It isn't 'american idol' Get back to enjoying singing and making melody in ur heart to the LORD!

I was taught when we were young that Christmas was a time to be thankful and be together, there were times we had almost nothing for presents, or even just plain old nothing lol but I never remember feeling sad, my parents didn't make a big problem out of it so we didnt know we were supposed to be sad :) My point is, if ur broke, it's okay, mak it an old-fashioned Christmas, make things for people, write letters or cards or crafts, show um u care and enjoy each other's company and sing Christmas carols about the Lord. These are just a few of the blessings of the old time ways that I think we ca benefit from. God bless everyone.

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