Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas you old saving and loan

My thoughts have been very much on all of these shootings, and on the political chaos in the world, the war on Hamas and the revolution in Egypt etc. There are so many different realities in this world that are ALL troubling. There is a gathering storm that is growing in power and size and spreading into every corner of the world-yet all of these things have served only to sharpen the true meaning and value of what we're suppose to be celebrating today. 

This year I see lots of trouble all around, but a peace in my heart. My heart is like a sanctuary surrounded by the chaos of the world.

I know I have used this illustration before but you can only see the brightness and beauty of the stars in the dark of night & you can only use the beam of a flashlight when it is dark all around you. 

The beauty and holiness of Christmas, and of every day that we abide in Christ and follow after Charity, becomes clearer and clearer to us as many of the things men put false confidence in prove to be untrustworthy. When we are 'disenchanted' we see that men do not always behave worthily of the trust and admiration we give them-But Christ is COMPLETELY worthy of ALL admiration, trust, confidence and worship. When we see senseless violence and shootings and crocodile tears and political agendas and children's deaths being exploited.....we are reminded that Jesus Christ taught peace, that He loves the little children of the world, that He treasures their innocence and tells us to have faith like a child. 

When we are broke, and we aren't distracted by all of the entertainment and luxury we used to be able to afford, we learn to cherish and enjoy the blessings God has given us once again. We remember that family, and conversation, and a good meal, and family altar, and singing together, are wonderful gifts that we have neglected and forgotten about.

So basically, now is the time to cling to those things which are most dear to us, to re-evaluate our values...to get back to what is important!

That's why persecution and distress often bring revival. 

Let's try to learn that lesson quickly so we dont have to learn   
it the hard way all the time.

Don't put anything above God and remember you are a steward of all the gifts He has given you, especially the people in your life. 

God bless and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :) 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Abundant Life

We have been given the gift of life, and no one knows for how long, but every day you wake up with breath in your lungs is a gift from God and an opportunity to be a part of the world and to do something good for the Lord. 

Our breath comes from the very breath of Almighty God who breathed into the clay nostrils of Adam and he became a living soul. We are so privileged. Every smile, tear, greeting and emotion, every tender moment, kiss or embrace that a human being experiences is a moment that is given by God to man. The glorious stars, and the graceful dolphins and whales etc, do not experience the things that we experience. 

As Christians, we do not embrace some Greek, Platonic theory that denies our humanity, instead-we enjoy and relish the exalted position that God has allowed for us who come from the clay of the earth, we're dust-yet we have been given a soul, and through redemption we have even been given the opportunity to connect with the Divine in a relationship with the Messiah and King of the Universe which transcends every physical and earthly relation. 

Birds fly in the sky, cats nap in the sun, fish swim in the ocean, dolphins jump and leap in the waves, that is their portion. That is what they have been given and it is good, it is their existence until their spirit returns to the earth. 

But we have been given so much more. We enjoy the physical activities of earth, we work, we run, we enjoy the beauty of creation, we toil, we love, we laugh, and eventually our bodies loose their vitality and stop working, but if we are born again, our spirits will pass on to a glorious state in the presence of God our Creator & we will one day be united with a brand new body! Our existence is more wonderful than we can even comprehend! We have so much to enjoy and look forward to!

GOD is not only the source of life, He IS life itself. It is accepting Jesus Christ into our hearts that gives us eternal life because He is eternal life. When you are connected to Christ-you have all the vitality, productivity, fruitfulness that you could ever want or need because He is life. He is the Vine and we are the branches-the nutrients and life comes to us through Him! Never loose sight of this fact, that your existence, your strength, your life, your direction, your vitality, your ability to spread life all comes directly from Him. Abide in Him and you will have life abundantly. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

all these are the beginning of sorrows

I am giving thanks today because my God is constantly worthy of praise and thanksgiving. He showers many blessings on us and He is faithful and unchanging. 

I also prayed a lot, because I know that the world has entered a new era, an era we would be wise to understand is to be called 'the beginning of sorrows'  It does not take an overwhelming amount of discernment to understand that the times we are entering are perilous times. 

We must determine NOW where we stand and what we are going to do. We must gather our strength, gird up our loins, and get prayed up. This is not a time to be apathetic, or asleep at the wheel. It is time to awaken!

The USA Secretary of State just finished brokering a deal with Israel according to the demands of the evil, Islamist state of Egypt. Egypt has been a kingdom of worldliness and iniquity for thousands of years, and we just bowed to their will and betrayed the innocent people of Israel. If you do not think the consequences of that will be serious, you're sorely mistaken. We have begun travelling down a very dangerous road. 

I get criticized by those who do not understand for being too politically-minded as if my awareness of the times were some kind of vice that distracts me from God, it doesn't distract me from God, on the contrary, it reminds me that we must depend on Him more and more.

The people of Ninevah were saved because of repentance. The prophets preached repentance. John the Baptist preached repentance. Jesus Christ preached repentance. America's only hope is sincere, genuine repentance but the hearts of most Americans are VERY far from God and very proud and very hard. They will not repent, they will not listen, they will not humble themselves, they believe they are superior, enlightened, sophisticated, evolved and technologically superior......they don't see the need for Repentance. But it is desperately needed.

So.......if you DO realize that God is right and we are wrong, what should you do? 

What did Nehemiah do when he heard of the state of Jerusalem? What did Daniel do when he was taken captive in Babylon? 

#1, they humbled themselves, sorrowed, were heartbroken, fasting, praying, crying etc.

#2, they held onto their integrity and faithfully exercised their convictions and devotion-they maintained a lifestyle above reproach and were separate from the wickedness that surrounded them even as they were productive members of the society they were assimilated into

But Churches are still seeing anemic attendance and faithfulness. The people that name the name of Christ are not holding onto much of a testimony and often even the more zealous and ambitious Christians are simply exercising superficial, vain religious activity and pharisaical pseudo-piety otherwise known as a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. it isnt the real, true spirituality of the days of revival but a sad imitation that frustrates the actors. 

So, the simple truth is that we should be flowing into the Churches, crying all over the altars, humbling ourselves,  apologizing to God, each other and the public and desperately seeking a supernatural solution. But instead, we see quiet, half empty churches, self-satisfied, Obama-voting 'Christians' who are busy watching reality tv and going shopping for black friday but wont be in Church on Sunday.....and so, the obvious fact is, that judgment is coming, on all of us, CHurches included. 

This is not the message we want to hear or give. But this is still true. 

Are there any Christians out there thinking of repenting and fasting and fervently praying? 

Whatever happens, do not forget the examples of men like Daniel, Nehemiah and Joseph who stayed true to God and saw Him work powerfully amidst the trials, tribulations and wicked surroundings in their lifetimes. Purpose in your heart, as Daniel did, not to eat the king's meat. God bless my friends, Keep the faith. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Profane People

When you turn a flashlight on in the middle of the day, you can barely see the light it gives, but when you turn it on in the middle of the night, the beam of light that it shines is much more noticeable & useful. 

My understanding of good and evil is becoming sharper and more obvious. There is more and more evil and darkness around us and it helps to make the goodness of good much more apparent. The South Koreans construct a HUGE Christmas tree every year within sight of the North Koreans. North Korea considers this to be psychological warfare & propaganda, but we walk by them all season long at stores etc, and never stop and say, Hey! look at this symbol of all that is good and wholesome in western civilization and Christianity! No, we just think it's a decoration, or don't think much of it at all (unless you're one of those Baptists who call it a Baal-bush but we're not getting into that). 

But taking things for granted and neglecting them is what causes great and wonderful things to be lost. Many people consider the 'spirit of Christmas' to be silly and corny but the Communists in North Korea consider it a threat to their way of life! Because Christmas has to do with redemption, brotherhood, giving, etc....these ideas of Jesus, giving and sacrifice and human love-are a threat to a governing party which expects it's people to WORSHIP the man they call "The Dear Leader."  

Many people take their family, marriage, Church, children, freedom--for granted. They don't realize that they are good, wholesome things that stand in stark contrast to evil. 

Sometimes I like to sing. Sometimes my wife and I even pull out some markers or pastels and do some coloring and drawing. It's good, clean fun. You wouldn't think it was any big deal for us to do this. Unless you had spent time in an atmosphere where someone oppressive wouldn't allow people to enjoy themselves. Where some sociopath wouldn't let you sing or laugh too loud or enjoy yourself without being intimidated or silenced or punished....imagine if you grew up like that, and all you wanted to do was spend one night with people you care about, maybe sitting back and watching a movie, or just talking and sharing jokes and stories. Just a night of relaxation and recreation. Something so many people take for granted and don't look at as anything special. But it is special. It shouldn't be taken for granted. 

Jesus spent a lot of time with people He cared about. He ate at Zaccheus' house, he ate with the disciples, He made them fish on the fire on the shores of Galilee after His resurrection. Jesus liked to fellowship. Paul talks in his Epistles about certain people who he loved so much and wanted to see. Loving people and spending time with them is actually spiritual :) 

What I am trying to say is, value those things which are valuable! Put a difference between the good and the evil. Do not let this twisted world define what is good and evil for you but follow what is Scriptural. 

We need to hold on to those things which are truly good and guard them and cherish them as never before. STOP neglecting God's gifts and privileges that He has made us stewards of.

ONE of the biggest things we have neglected is the home. We need to love our families, enjoy our families, watch out for our families. 

Marriage is one of God's very first creations. He instituted it and so it is holy and sacred. It isn't something to be taken lightly. And it is something that should be defended. It should not be redefines as being between a man and a man etc, and you should never find yourself opposing or harming someone else's marriage-it is not wise to criticize and denigrate someone's spouse and families and friends should be supportive and helpful to one another's marriages, seek to be an encouragement and to pray for one another's marriages. 

Children-#1 There is NO excuse for child abuse! Children are a gift from God an heritage from the Lord to be brought up in His nurture and admonition. Children should be cherished, protected and watched out for because they're a gift from God. Today, adults don't seem to think twice about their KIDS well-being when they go ahead and get divorced or cheat on their spouses. Or when they have a baby and don't even bother getting married, or when they let  Day Care raise their child, when they think being a MOTHER isn't GOOD ENOUGH and that being a career woman is more significant.....when they abort innocent children so they can treat sex as a recreation instead of unity of man and wife that brings about a family.... not to mention that many children have their minds polluted by internet/tv/cell-phone media because their parents and society have NO interest in protecting their minds from the degradation and perversion of this out of control culture. Perverts and predators are kidnapping and abusing kids and even turning them into slaves in Asia......abortion and other forms of child abuse are a total affront to a Holy God. God has a special place in His heart for children. Jesus said you have to become like a little child to enter His kingdom. So you can be sure, that harming them and neglecting them is a terrible, vile disease in our country and it will bring down the judgement of God. 

CHURCH-God's house is also sacred. For many reasons. It is a place set aside, sanctified for the use of worshiping God and hearing His Holy, Sacred Word. It is a place for the saints, the Holy people of God to gather. it is very special, Christ died for the Church. 
But we also take that for granted. There have been MANY times when God's people have not had the liberty to meet together in public and worship God. Those people could only wish to have the opportunity that we have to go to Church like we do, and yet Church attendance today in this Country is way down and our attitude about the Church is insane. 
Many people look at Church with the attitude of a consumer, Church-hopping, looking for what is most convenient and complaining about things they don't like. The New Testament saints would probably be shocked by our attitudes in 2012 America.

It is also important to look at how we treat our Bibles, our women, and our elderly. We will get into those subjects next time. Please pray and ask God to help our country repent and stop profaning His holy gifts. 

Woe to them that call evil good and good evil and put no difference between the holy and profane!

Friday, November 9, 2012

a voice cried in the wilderness

We are in a battle. A battle that is often unseen by those that aren't aware of it. But we shouldn't be ignorant of this battle. We shouldn't be lulled into complacency and think that the people sounding the alarm are being overly-dramatic. Because that is a big part of the battle. The enemy can do SOOO MUCH if you're convinced he is not there!

An old African Proverb says if there is no enemy within then the enemy without needs not be feared. It's when the enemy infiltrates the camp that we're in trouble, which is why people thinking that someone who is a complete enemy of that which is good, holy, wholesome and American being our leader is no big deal is a BIG DEAL!

We can dress it up in all sorts of religious lingo and spiritual platitudes but the FACTS remain the same.

We tend to swing from one extreme to the other which is unwise. We need BALANCE. We can't be screaming and yelling and foaming at the mouth all the time. But that doesn't mean there is NEVER a time to be stern either. People argue about Jesus-whether he was a cream-puff or a tough guy. But He was neither. He was a man, in all that being a man means. He was what He needed to be when He needed to be, just like a good father He knew when to be stern and when to be gentle. We need to learn to be more versatile and flexible, and have some discernment,..it isn't ALWAYS time for hellfire and brimstone nor is it always time for encouragement. both are needed WHEN APPROPRIATE. There is a time for ever purpose under the sun,a time for war and peace, building and tearing down etc. We seem to just want to pick one, we don't seem versatile at all. But Christ is sufficient for EVERY situation and He can be the Prince of Peace and a Man of War at the SAME time! So, while we need love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, kindness and charity, we also need conviction, integrity, courage and honesty. We need to stand for something and not compromise and we need to speak the truth and let it be heard!

In light of all that let me say this

1. America's version of Christianity is a train-wreck.

In a sophisticated, condescending manner, I have been instructed many times that I should stop expressing how I feel about Obama and other political degenerates. Because this is the popular wisdom of many spiritual giants who want to be popular and don't want to confront evil. But there isn't as much wisdom in this as some seem to think. Is the election the end all be all in our spirituality? No. Not even close. But it is a painfully obvious SYMPTOM of a huge problem.

If you are filling sanctuaries or stadiums with people or filling racks with your paperback books and selling them, does that make you a successful leader? Not according the Jesus' standard. What shows your success is the FRUIT! What FRUIT is it bearing? We like to talk numbers when it comes to attendance but how about some other numbers, how about divorce rates, crime rates, abortion rates, and votes counted......we may be able to get "our" books on the best sellers list but we aren't putting bars out of business because people are so in love with God they'd rather not get drunk (Billy Sunday did) we aren't seeing the crime rate go down (the Welsh Revival did) we aren't seeing families strengthened b/c the divorce rates are still insane....we aren't even producing disciples with enough conviction not to vote for a baby-killing, sodomy-endorsing, Christ-mocking President.....yet despite our failure of today compared to the success of many of our forefathers in the past, we are STILL impressed with ourselves, impressed with our cliches, thrilled with our false-piety and excited about our enlightened opinions.

If our methods, fads, and thinking are so impressive why did our forefathers backwards, fundamentalist, unenlightened, silly beliefs seem to bear superior fruit?

We are very self-satisfied. We assume that the PROBLEM must be in someone else. We MAY even bring ourselves to blame liberals and secularist extremists but we sure aren't going to blame ourselves.

Well, I think it does have to do with us, my friends. As a people....we've failed. As Christians, we may be the poorest group that's ever been :( DOn't get mad! Be honest. You know it is true, or atleast you should, come on, don't you feel it somewhere in the back of your mind, don't you feel as I do that we are not that impressive? Oh sure, I've had my days where I've convinced myself I am quite the spiritual giant but when push comes to shove I know in my heart that my attitude, my actions, my lifestyle, has been substandard!

I don't condone self-loathing or false humility, please dont think I am headed in that masochistic religious direction because I am not. I am just talking about good old fashioned honesty and humility. The Bible does say humble thyself in the sight of the Lord doesn't it?

I am angry at Obama, and I am frustrated at the circumstances we find ourselves is, but deeper down, I am heartbroken, sad, sorrowful, broken over the state that WE are in. And I know we have fallen far away from what God planned for us.

Our love for God is no longer hot,,.....it's dwindled to a lukewarm, dying coal in the fire.....as is our love for one another and our desire for the holy things God has blessed us with. Things Christians once cherished and prized are now utterly neglected. We do not love our Bibles and cherish reading or obeying it. We do not FEEL tenderness and respect for our families and friends like we used to. We neglect attending God's house.  

We do not defend the sacredness of our women, We do not honor and cherish them as we should. We don't
fight for the purity and the minds of our children. We don't honor our elders. We don't honor our Preachers. We don't honor God's Word. We don't honor the flag. We don't honor the home. We don't honor God. We don't honor much of anything.

The whole idea of anything being sacred is lost on us. Which means we are a very profane people. We are unholy. The word "Irreverent" is an adjective OFTEN used as a COMPLIMENT today when it is irreverence that is utterly DESTROYING our nation.

Say what you want. Think what you want. Rationalize how you will. There is only ONE answer for this Nation, ONE word and there is NOTHING you can do to escape this truth we will not survive unless there is REPENTANCE.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my words like rain drops fell and touched the sound of silence

Silence like a cancer grows

Whether it is hyper-pious, ultra spiritual, misguided Christians telling you to shut your mouth about the unconstitutional, immoral, traitorous, usurper in Washington DC, or manipulative, abusive, bullies trying to guilt-trip or Bible-ize friends and relatives into tolerating their unacceptable behavior---I REMAIN LOUD, Unrelenting, Obnoxious, and Truthful! ! !

I won't be bullied, intimidated, guilt-tripped, or bought off.

You cannot prey on my insecurities. You cannot flatter me or lull me into complacency.

You also cannot cause me to give up my own intellectual integrity-just because I may be casting my pearls before swine *Example---people comment with their own thoughts but do not have the time or intellectual capacity to even read/consider/research the argument presented to them.

I won't back down & I won't dumb down.

One of the biggest things that is bothering me is that we are in the age of INFORMATION and yet people are willfully and blissfully IGNORANT. You CAN know the truth. The fact that President Obama negligently allowed our ambassador to be murdered in cold blood is a FACT that the WHOLE WORLD can know. The fact that narcissistic personality disorder is becoming prevalent in the USA because of our depraved, self-centered, abuse-tolerating culture-is a FACT that ANYBODY can know. and yet we fall for this bogus bull that because we're Christians psychology doesn't apply to us. hehehe yeah, neither do the laws of physics right? A nut case is a nut case! Whether he has a Bible, a Quaran, or the New York Times. We are not the exception to the rule, we should be the most aware of the rule! We should not tolerate bafoonery and foolishness. We should be realistic and honest.

I am so sick and tired of ignorant, negligent, spineless, a-moral, poor excuses for citizens-trying to correct me and enlighten me when THEY are the ones who have ABANDONED all of their convictions, all of their patriotism and often even their own loved ones. They have NO courage, no conviction, no spine, no integrity, and they won't be happy until I join them in their compromising, negligent, traitorous lifestyle.

if I were the last American on earth willing to be a MAN and stand up for the truth and for the weak and vulnerable-I'd rather be all alone than to join these jellyfish who mean nothing, stand for nothing and believe in nothing!

I can just imagine my Grandfather, who loved the flag and displayed i proudly, who fought valiantly in World War 2 and served his community for years afterwords-I can just imagine how ashamed he would be of me if he saw me cave to this "Liberal" nonsense in the NAME of tolerance and Christianity and multiculturalism etc. It isn't tolerance. It isn't Christian. It's stupid.

When I see bullcrap, I am not afraid to say so. I never have been and it isn't changing any time soon.

I don't look for a fight. Believe it or not.

It's just that when you stand for something, the fight finds you.

I don't look for a fight, but I will finish one.

I have some integrity.

And I am TIRED of witnessing vulnerable people being manipulated. And I am tired of watching the truth being spinned. And I am tired of people trying t shut me up. When will they learn, the more ya try to shut me up, the more loud and obnoxious I get.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Limitless Liberty of Truth

Proverbs says the fear of man brings a snare. If you're afraid of ANY truth-you're being intimdated in some way. And you are caught in a snare.

Intimidation and fear are bad motivators. Intimidation is NOT a substitute for leadership.

Jesus IS Truth and so if you're close to Him you will EMBRACE the truth. He does not want you to be intimidated nor does He want you to be silent.

So many Christians around the world have no freedom of speech. They can be killed and/or tortured etc for speaking out. WE however, at this point, will just be ridiculed-we should not let ridicule from politically correct heyper-pious fellow Christians or godless liberals to have an effect on us.

The political aspect of breaking the silence is only one dimension of this topic though, there is also abuse,bullying, mistreatment etc among families, friends and loved ones that all stems from the fear of man which brings a snare.

I remember being sick to my stomach day after day after day on my way to school as a young man because I had to face a principal who would verbally abuse me and call me names and scare me-now that I am older I would speak a little truth to that woman that would have shut her down profoundly, but as a young man, I was more vulnerable adn scared. These types of situations exist all over.

People have been talking a lot about this issue of bullying, but it isn't just the kids, there are bullies who are spouses, there are bullies who are parents, there are bullies who are teachers and there are bullies who are politicians and law enforcement and co-workers and supervisors and on and on, and the one thing most bullies can't stand is TRUTH.

The biggest bully, at the top of them all, is Satan, the father of lies, him and his minions always want to beat you down down down, lways putting you down, but when you humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, ya know what HE does-He LIFTS YOU UP!

If your religion makes you feel lower than a snakes belly all the time, you might have a problem. And if someone is making you feel that way, you need to resist the Devil and stand up in truth. The truth is what sets you free.

I am what God says I am. YOU are what GOD says YOU ARE! Nevermind what others say , nevermind what someone in your life says who tries to limit you, you have to understand that anyone who doesnt speak the truth is getting their lies from the father of lies. The Devil is a liar. Don't listen to him or anyone who works for him.

Discouragement doesn't come from God. Being afraid dont come from God. Being silent doesn't come from God. Feeling worthless doesn't come from God.

God's Word calls me a son, calls me Beloved, calls me an heir, calls me a saint--where is WORTHLESS in there? You can't find it. We are not worthless to God-we are valuable and precious in HIS sight and thats the sight that matters.

Also, some enjoy the idea of you feeling powerless, saying you can't make it, epecially without THEM. But guess what? God says to be STRONG in Him, to be a soldier for Him enduring hardness, that we are more than conquerors, God did NOT create a victim when He created you! No More Victims! You have the victory which is FAITH. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world!

You don't need someone's approval when you have God's approval. You don't need someone's blessing when you have God's blessing. You don't need someone's opinion, when you have God's opinion. You don't need someone's permission when you have God's permision. You don't need someone's authority when you have God's authority!

If God be for us who can be against us?

No Victims Just Conquerors!

and plz remember that you have family, friends, and Church, maybe tons maybe just a few, maybe even strangers to you right now, but you have people who love you and want to see the best for you and will cheer you on and be thrilled by YOUR empowerment and success! I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Without being too graphic for the prudish, the moment of human conception is pretty much a miracle. It would not have happened without the Divine Engineering of our Creator. It is truly amazing how a human life starts with almost nothing...and becomes a Being made in the image of God. A being that can have dominion over the earth.

Have you ever stopped to consider that YOU were no accident? From your liver to your kidneys to your eye-balls-God meticulously designed you. You're a person because you are SUPPOSED to be. God knows you by your name. Not only does He show His wonderful care for you by being your Creator but He demonstrated His love for you by sending His only begotten Son to this earth to shed His blood to redeem you from sin! Can you imagine?! An infinite, amazing, beautiful, Holy, Righteous-Wondrous Creator--sent His OWN wonderful, Holy Son to show His love for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yet people have problems with their self-dignity, and discouragement and loneliness and depression? The only reason these problems plague humanity is because humanity is trapped by lies and deceit. Are you afraid? Well, God has given you the spirit of love and power and a sound mind. Not fear! Do you need something from your Lord? Well, how shall God who gave us His only begotten Son not also freely give us all things?!

Are you discouraged? Well, you don't need to listen to Satan and the world anymore. And if in your self-loathing religion you're afraid to be encouraged-here is a Bible verse to back it up-Be not weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.  How about they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength!? How about be strong and of a good courage for the Lord thy God HE it is that doth go with thee! There is more in the Bible than JUST Lamentations and by the way- it's Lamentations that reminds us that the mercies of God are new every morning great is thy faithfulness!

YOU may think the Old testament God is angry and a bully and the New testament one is the nice one, but you aren't reading with your eyes open---isn't it the book of JONAH that says God is a God of mercy and compassion?! Sometimes you gotta' actually READ the Bible and realize the same God is God from genesis to Revelation and includes October 2012-we serve a GOOD God and He LOVES you! Trust Him. Serve Him. Love Him! Enjoy Him! Peace.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


You MAY have noticed that our society, and the world at large is in  bit of a bad state. Wars, riots, immorality, debate, and political upheaval, etc. In many ways it isnt as bad int he USA but our culture is in big trouble, the family especially and morality have been disintegrating in our Country. In light of this, if YOU find yourseld FOLLOWING the TRENDS of the majority, well, you may want to consider not being part of the majority. If our culture is headed in a negative direction & you wanna go in a positive direction than you might want to LEAVE the 90% and BE a Minority. Don't be afraid to be in the minority!

It's kind of human nature to assume if tons of people are doing something, that it is normal. We see other people doing something and without even thinking about it we follow suite. Monkey see, monkey do-lol

So if you want to live a great life-the life God wants you to live, you've gotta go ahead and swim AGAINS the currents and don't fall into the trends and attitudes of the people around you.

So often when I am alone, or with my wife or reading my Bible, I feel great & I feel like life makes clear sense, but when I ge around groups of people...I start 2 feel discouraged and negative. You know why,? When you're in a group, you're exposed to the negative opinions, lifestyles, sins and bad ideas of multiple people. Does that mean that you should live isolated and avoid people and groups? I dont think that's how Jesus acted. he went and ministered to people. But you od have to be careful and pro-active to make sure other people's negativity and foolishness doesn't fly under your radar and have a bad influence on you and your life.

When you're at work, or with friends and families, RUN the things they say and the way they act thru the filter of God's Word and ur own conscience-though it is difficult, influence them for good, don't let them influence you for bad. If you're passive about it, believe me, it is easier to be influenced for evil than it is to influence others for good.

Stay in God's Word. Mediatate on it. Listen to edifying music. Seek good influences. Feed your mind.
Fight the good fight. Resist the Devil. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Be separate from the opinions of the world. Peace.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I DO Believe In Some Good Stuff

I'd rather spend my time thinking about good things than bad things, I'd rather smile than frown, I'd rather thank God for a beautiful morning than to dread the rising of the sun & complain. I'd rather imagine possibilities and set goals than predict doom, gloom and failure. It seems easier to be negative than positive, you have to be pro-active and not passive to focus on the good, but that is that path that I am going to choose. Some people suggest I have false hope, but frankly, I'd rather have false hope than no hope & I believe I can base my hope on good, solid facts. 

People all around you every day are quick to point out the things that are lacking and need improvement, but how many times do we purposely find the good things, think about the good things and talk about the good things? 

I am tired of being angry and tired of limiting myself for no good reason when I KNOW other people succeed all the time. I want to succeed. I plan on it. 

You will never regret giving God praise instead of complaining. You will never regret forcing yourself to smile or be friendly, and you will never regret counting your blessings and focusing on the character of our good God.

I know there are times when certain negative facts cannot/must not be ignored. That is fine. Everything needs balance. But there is no reason to constantly focus on the negative and bring yourself and your life into agreement with self-fulfilling prophecies.  

Being pro-active, being thankful, being positive, being strong and growing-doesn't happen by accident-you have to consciously and daily practice it. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Ask and ye shall receive also GIVE and ye shall receive. 

1. You have to feed your mind and heart with the correct things. You have to seek out the input, the influence, the media, books, Scripture and friends that you Need instead of feeding on negative things. Nurture your soul with good godly edification and positive friends, these changes might start small but they can change your life. 

It can often be as simple as reciting a Scripture to yourself or thanking God for the day the SECOND you wake up, it can be smiling and waving to someone instead of just being grumpy and in a hurry, it's the little things that change your day & it's days that make up your life. 

I've been practicing thanking God every morning, being more friendly and purposely cutting out negative conversation and replacing it with something encouraging. 

I'm not talking about corny, unrealistic, cheesy pretense-I'm talking about acknowledging the legitimately positive things in your life. You can find some-I promise. 

The Devil is a LIAR & so what he has in his arsenal is LIES. Therefore, CONSTANTLY remind yourself and repeat the TRUTH. The truth is good. The truth is liberating. The truth destroys lies. Resist the Devil. 

Always remember the love of God. God's love is constant and never-changing! God is good-all the time. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Bible says that Christ died for the Church. He LOVES, passionately-not only you as an individual but us as an assembly of His people. The word Church means a called out assembly. We are called out and lead by the Spirit of God to be part of His Church and follow the mission that He has given to us. We should love the Church because Christ loves the Church and gave Himself for it. If we love Christ we will love what Christ loves.

If you are abiding in Jesus, you'll have the same affections that He does. So you will have a loyalty and a passion and a love for the house of God. God's House should be a priority for us. And the house is all of us temples of the Holy Ghost joined together, it is not a building but an assembly of God's people. God's children. 

God loves us more than we understand, and He wants us to love one another.

Did you know that the Church should be a place of healing? We ALL should be looking to restore and edify each other. It is not about criticizing each other, it's about applying the healing balm of friendship, prayer and encouragement. Your presence should make other people take courage and feel more hopeful. Be an encouragement. 

Did you know that words can bring life. Let the Spirit of God and the Word of God dwell in you and out of you will spring an overflow of Hope and Faith and glory to God. Come to Church with the attitude of Jesus Christ, to minister and not to be ministered unto and watch what the Lord does! 

Behold! How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity

A Christian family that comes together in Scriptural fellowship, service and worship is absolutely beautiful. There are few experiences more precious that singing from the heart with a sincere group of unified believers. 

It will do wonders for your heart, it will be like a clean, cold drink for your soul in the desert. 

Would to God that we would love each other, that we would have tender hearts of compassion and that we would have words and attitudes of hearty, heartfelt encouragement. 

Christians, in our weakness, we must rally around each other, support the hands of the feeble, lift each other up, protect each other, stop complaining and start loving and serving. 

Whoever may be reading this-people do love and care for you-and most importantly-God loves you so very much. Don't quit. Don't be lead astray. Keep the faith. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

that scandalous Grace Gospel

Christ said "It is finished" yet many people preach all sorts of additives to the pure Gospel.

SOME people say that you have to get baptized or be a good person or join a Church to be saved

But others

tell you that your INTITIAL salvation is by grace and that's all well and good but you only grow and mature when you do YOUR PART.

They want you to take a "Do-More" pill that will make you more spiritual. But that IS by definition Religion. I'm not into religion. I'm into the Gospel.

The Apostle Paul faced so much controversy b/c he preached the GOSPEL and the Gospel is scandalous to religionists.

I believe that the BLOOD OF JESUS is total redemption. That it cleanses completely, redeems and JUSTIFIES> Justification doesn't ONLY make me innocent/forgiven it also makes me Righteous!

I am not called to follow Jesus' example.
I am called to be Jesus-by being One with Him. In Galations it says yet NOT I but CHRIST liveth in me.....I am one with Christ by His Holy shed blood. I didnt' just acknowledge a theological/doctrinal truth-no the new birth is a supernatural mystical union-something miraculous happened at the new birth. It is a reality not just an idea.

Sometimes we think some person or some preacher, someone we look up to-has reached this righteousness thru their own merits that we should hope to achieve some day. But that concept is more religious than of faith in the Gospel. When you're sealed by the Holy Ghost at the moment of your new birth, you are capable of the same 'closeness' with God and experiences of His power as anyone else.

You don't climb the ladder of spirituality thru discipline and character-building and spiritual activity and efforts. There's no ladder to climb-you crossed over that bridge at the Cross. You can do ANYTHING God asks you to do because HE is the One who empowers you!

Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace It is ALL in HIS SUFFICIENT Grace! As long as you depend on self and self-effort you will be disapointed. You just need to REST in the Grace of God. And that means spiritual rest, it doesn't mean you aren't busy on the adventure and fruit-bearing of the victorious Christian life-it means that you are at peace in your spirit and youre not rying to be something you're not you're being what you are-a child of the most High God!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Love of the Brethren

We have heard a LOT of preaching from our good Pastor at my Church about the Love of God. You can just bathe yourself in the vast ocean of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can grow in your knowledge of His love and grace every single day-it is endless.

What is DESPERATELY needed is for that love to overflow from inside of us and touc everyone around us, The Apostle John said the world would KNOW US by our love for one another.

The TRAGEDY is that the postmodern Church is PLAGUED and branded with bitterness, arguments, pride, hypocrisy and ennvy. Division. Division is everywhere. And it is a HORRIBLE testimony and Satan LOVES IT. Satan thrives on magnifying the faults of others and making a mountain out of a mole-hill so that the attention is constantly off of Jesus Christ and on others. When our attention is on our Loving Saviour and Lord-we only see others through His eyes of love- but while we claim with our lips to be serving a righteous cause and worshipping God- that is not evidenced by the way we treat each other and demonstrate a critical spirit.

Sadly, MOST Christins would agree whole-heartedly that a critical spirit, pride and hypocrisy are poisoning God's people but they would Immediately point the finger at those around them. The irony is truly profound! No matter how much we grieve over the spiritual situation of finger-pointing and mean-spiritedness among God's people we always think it means God's other people and not ourselves. We want to fix OTHER people's ritical spirit, not our own. When others gossip, it hurts us, when we gossip, we are just being helpful and recording prayer requests ; )

We often think that if we do RIGHT-and uphold correct doctrine, and have good standards, and are pasisonate-that we will have an atmosphere ready and prepared for revival. BUT humility, broken-heartedness, kindness, forgiveness, broken-ness MUST be present for revival. So as long as we agnify ourselves instead of Christ. As long as we are disgusted with other people's sins instead of broken about our own, whenever we judge someone else, are angry and disappointed with them,....we are NOT prepared for revival.

The Holy Spirit will bring out a sweet spirit in you!

If there is not a feeling of love and tenderness among God's people, something is wrong, and so many people will read these lines and think to themselves yeah, that's right-people need to be sweet to me I am so sick of people's bad attitudes! But that is exactly ALL of our problems. We are all sick of everyone else's bad attitude. We want them to be sweet. We want them to be kind to US> But it has to start with yourself. Overcome evil with good. Don't be hurt when others gossip about you when you also gossip about them. Don't be hurt when someone is critical when you know you are also critical.

When you see your brother in a fault, you should feel compassion NOT anger. We act as if people are sinning against us and take it personally, when really they are doing the same exact thing WE ARE DOING-they are sinning against God, just like we are.

We only feel like we can point the finger and look down on people when we think we are better. We have justified our own attitudes and explained them away because people just don't understand us, and God knows our heart and God understands, well the problem is-others feel just the same way about themselves as you do about yourself. We ALL justify ourselves and give ourselves the benefit of the doubt but judge others hearts and condemn them.

We are not going to have revival until we are BROKEN about our state. Many times we feel broken, but it is broken for everyone else. We need to be broken over our own hearts.

I firstly pray that God will heal my heart from this horrrible poison of judgmentalness, and a critical spirit. I have not yet put my finger on where it springs from. But I know too often my spirit is not sweet. And I know when many of us Christians get together our 'fellowship' is not uplifting but discouraging and critical. May God forgive us. and help us to build each other up and to have compassion and tender heartedness.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I Speak Out About Obama

I'm not as excited about this blog as I usually would be because this has been something I've been explaining and re-explainging over n over again since 2008 BUT once it is written, every time someone gives me some sanctimonious speech about how I should shut up and not speak out because I'm a Christian, I will point them to this post rather than writing it over n over n over again.

If you saw someone in your presence beating a child to death, or abusing someone in any way, would you just sit there and pray or would you act? If someone broke into your house and was about to hurt your wife or children, would you have a seat and watch, or would you defend them? If you're answer is that you would sit there and just watch and wait for God to intervene then you know what, don't even bother continuing to read this because you're a fool. Period. You're the SAME ilk of person who justified the Holocaust in Germany. When good men do nothing in the face of evil-they aren't good men. You can't claim you are good if you're not against evil.

When I think about 60 million babies who have been brutally slaughtered, when I think about scores of Christians being abused and murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood in an Egyptian and Libyan Revolution that the President supported, when I think about lies and corruption that steals millions of hard-working American's dollars for government programs that are a sham---I Know that Barak Obama IS an evil man.

Some would then say, Yes Obama is evil, but God placed him in power and we're supposed to honor the king etc. But Obama is NOT a king. This is the USA, and as law-abiding Christians, the law we're responsible to is the Constitution not the whims of a would-be dictator who isn't even proven to be eligible for the office.

I post statuses, tweets, blogs, etc, that express the truth about wickedness and corruption in our present government. And people are constantly saying things like What Would Jesus Do? Well, good question-what would Jesus Do? How did Jesus react to the Pharisees? What did Jesus do when he saw dishonest, corrupt business people in the Temple? He wasn't exactly a peace activist when He flipped over those tables and drove people out with a whip!    And what did Jesus say about those who hurt His little ones (ABORTION) He said it were better that a millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea! Now, now, Jesus...You're being kinda harsh aren't you? You sound kind of judgmental, Jesus........

Jesus showed love and compassion to the hookers and the publicans etc. I don't disagree with that at all. I am all about the love, and the compassion and the mercy and the charity. I am not a mean person, if you'd get to know me instead of demonizing me because of my political convictions you'd know that. But saying I am mean because I speak the truth about a wicked, lying, baby-killing maniac---is like saying a father who defends his kid from a home-invader is violent. It's like saying someone who stands up against abuse is a bully. It's an oxy-moron. It's foolish.

Think of all the Christians and Israelis and unborn children that have been abused, murdered, mutilated and executed because of these disgusting politics---and you're worried about my mean-spirited fb status? Get your head out of the sand!

We Christians are on the run because we've fallen for the propaganda of the liberal mass media. They always try to make us sound like we're evil, but Christian Americans are building hospitals, homes, missions, Charities, and food banks....we're not funding abortion clinics but adoption agencies. We're the GOOD GUYS!

Stop Falling for the Propaganda!

Example-a bunch of old people get together and wave flags and sing patriotic songs, (Tea Partiers).  And the media claims these old patriotic folks are dangerous extremists??????????

Meanwhile, the Occupy Wall Street Movement is a bunch of anarchists, looting and trashing public property, defacating on American flags and breaking laws---and how does the media react? These are good people trying to bring reform and improvements to the Nation???? Face it, the media is crooked! And the problem in this country isn't evil, right-wing Christians and they're mean spirited statuses-the problem is left-wing, anti-God, pro-abortion fanatics trying to dominate our Country.

Now only should you stop criticizing people like me, but YOU should start speaking up for the truth too!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Part 1 of My Manifesto Of Freedom

IN school, the bigger kids would try to bully the smaller kids, in High School, the richer kids would try to out-popular everyone else, in politics, people like Obama, Hitler, and Chairman Mao try to silence people and put them in their place. IN religion, people try to take your soul-liberty, and control YOUR conscience and even demand worship and reverence for idiots like Popes, mega-CHurch ego maniac preachers, and some stupid wafers or wine, John Calvin says you believe in predestination or I burn you at the stake, Pope says you worship the wafer-god or we will kill you, religious popular people say buy my book and follow my rules or be shunned. I say forget em all! Yeah I said it.

Earlier today I had some pious, sanctimonious goofball try n tell me that Im NOT ALLOWED to speak out against Obama because I'm a Christian. Now I could fall for her spiritual lingo of 'we're not citizens of this world' and be silenced, but ya know what---I Refuse! I'm just not gonna be bullied.

And some people say I'm not fit to say a prayer because I dont tow the line for EVERY goofy, unBiblical, man-made RULE that some southern dude dreamed up in the 50s and 60's, well guess what? I aint gonna be bullied spiritually either! I am not gonna do it.

I could write a book or two about what the Bible ACTUALLY says compared to what a lot of RELIGION teaches, but all it would do is create even more arguments, what it really comes down to for me is BACK OFF! I am a born again Christian, I am NOT a new convert to the movement of the Pharisees, I'm not going to be wearing philactories, and tying Bible-verses to my forehead, u wanna white those sepulchres good for you, thaz ur business, but leave me out of it!

I've noticed something. I RESPECT other people's convictions, standards, beliefs, lifestyles, I even give them props and honor for being faithful to what they believe-but that just isn't good enough---just like liberals compromising does no good!

WHen I say some of this stuff, in no time flat some OTHER bully from another movement will contact me and think I'm ready to be one of their sheep. Listen, I AM NOT PART OF THE COLLECTIVE> I am not a drone. I am not a borg. And I never will be. Just because I don't follow and worship your enemy doesn't mean I am going to come and follow you! SO get over it! Some people are so blind by their own agenda, its like the people who hate Obama but think the patriot act and Homeland Security were a good idea!! I dont care if it's the Republicans or the Democrats--I dont wanna be abused by ANY politician or government. And I dont care if you're a wacko fundamentalist or a retarded liberal! I'm not about to swallow your crap either!

I won't kiss up to people, never have never will.

I believe all people deserve respect and dignity and I believe ALL people have the right and responsibility to make their own stinkin decisions!

I am a man. I am the one responsible for my life. I have people that give me counsel and instruction. But THEY do not direct my life! It's about time some of you lemmings----GROW UP and OWN your own life!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Perspective of Persecution

I am listening to a man named Richard Wurmbrand. A man who was in a Communist prison under the USSR being BRUTALY tortured for 14 years for no other crime than being a Bible-believing Christian. He has written a book called "Tortured for Christ." I lack the words to express how that book rocked my world.

I have been told that I and my family get 'carried away' with our faith. I wish that were true.

There are men and women who REFUSE to deny Jesus Christ with their mouth despite barbaric torture, the killing of their families and execution.

I have times where I don't even stand up for Christ's name when there is NO threat to my life. I have times when I neglect God's Word even though I have about six Bibles and these people study Bibles that they risk their lives to have and SOME of them don't have any Bibles at all and NEVER have yet they worship God.

Some of our relatives think we are bat crazy because we are going to Church TWICE tomorrow! Whewhew. Big stinkin deal. There are millions of people who have shed their blood and suffered unimaginably for their faith and we AMerican Christians think we're "RADICAL Christians" because we go to Church a few times a week.

I'm not saying these things to lay a guilt trip. I'm saying these things to give ...here it comes, one of my favorite words....Perspective! The people of the USA sure have lost perspective, especially us Christians. We think God should thank us for fulfilling our Duty to come to Church when it isnt a duty at all it's a perk that God has blessed us with. We think we're doing God a service when we go to Church but it is HIM who is doing us a service!

You think you're serving God, and maybe you are. BUt realize this-GOD is serving you! Just as Jesus ministered to the disciples and washed their feet, if it were not for His sacrifice, for His intercessory prayer, for His cleansing for His abiding presence, we would have nothing.

WHy does God seem to be working so powerfully in foreign countries? Because Americans have become so comfortable and self-satisfied that we think we're doing God a favor by being 'nominal' Christians who show up to Church. We are out of touch.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Prayer n Praise

God, i just don't have all the wisdom and understanding. I see so much going on, and I get some insight on some things, but some days I feel like I have more questions than answers.

Lord, guide me in the path that YOU have for me.

I want to be a man who can provide for those in need, but I am also learning to be a child depending on You my Father, to provide for my needs. Help me to trust You. I am scared about the future, yet I KNOW YOu are trustworthy and I need to keep my eyes on You and give You praise!

I despair some days over the wickedness that is in power in high places. but I know no power is greater than Yours' Most High God! Amen.

I make lists of things I need to get done
I make lists of concerns.
I'm gonna make a list of things to thank God 4.

1. My beautiful, loving wife
2. Parents who care about us.
3. A Church that encourages and challenges us.
4. Some food to eat.
5. Some great friends/family who fellowship and share meals with us
6. A baby on the way
7. Living in an area where we arent scared or witnessing lots of crime
8. Having freedom to worship and Bibles to read.
9.A bed to sleep on at night.
10. Running water.
11. good enough health to get up and walk around easily and be active
12. a mind that can think and reason and learn about God

There is more that I can be thaankful for. But I'm trying to be pro-active about Recognizing the good things that God has done so 1. He gets the honor He deserves and 2. I fight off discouragement.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Forgotten Signs of The End Times !

Could it be, that amidst all of our preaching, teaching, arguing, philosophizing, theologizing and so forth that we may have neglected and forgotten some important, orthodox, 'Fundamental' truths?

Some words of wisdom from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-written by Douglas Adams, a tragic atheist- "Don't Panic!" What would stop you from panicing? Stopping. Pausing. And taking a minute to remember the instructions and warning that our Lord gave us specifically for such a time as this.

Fact is-many people ARE downright havin' a panic attack! We're saying to ourselves,....something is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong with the world! Well, you are correct, right on the money, something is very much wrong with the world but why are we so surprised? Didn't Jesus 1-say that we'd have tribulation n suffering in this world and 2 prophecy of this great falling away and apostacy and impending judgment? I am NOT suggesting in the slightest bit that we should not be sorrowing and broken-hearted over the horrible state of Christianity but I am saying we need to get some perspective and stop being so shocked and confused about it. They say "Kowledge is power" Well we dont have to be ignorant of the methods of the Devil or of the times in which we're living.

We're living in the time that God's Word said men would NO LONGER ENDURE sound doctrine but heap unto themselves teachers having itching ears-and would be seduced by false teachers and doctrines, and would love pleasure more than God and be disobedient to parents, and would worship animals more than God or man! We're living in a time when novices will lead us instead of princes (Obama), when good will be called evil and evil will be called good-pro-life ppl are considered wackjobs but people who have an agenda of infanticide are called humanitereans!?!? We live in a time that is strange but not unprophecied!

God is not taken by surprise by all of this. God is not worrying and fretting about the stock market numbers. God is not worrying about whether or not Mitt Romney is electable. God is not disappointed or confused by man's failures and sins. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

THINK OF THIS---If you were a Jew in the days when Jesus was about to walk in the land of Judeah, you could look around at the state of God's Chosen people and say what is going on around here? This is NOT how JEHOVAH said thing were to be done! This is all wrong. There are hypocrites and liars and opportunists and idolaters. This is wrong wrong wrong, But Yet Jesus Christ, when the fulness of the times was come, was born. HE did NOT change regardless of the state of His people. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Richard Dawkins, renowned atheist, recenly passed away-wrote a book called "God Is Not Great" The book wasn't really about God though, It was about the true and scandalously horrid hstory and organized religion-well, guess what-Mr Atheist was CORRECT-almost no force on earth is responsible for more evil than organized religion. We are a failure in many ways.

But when Jesus came, He didn't go to ANOTHER people, He came to the Jews. The Romans called it Judeah, to them it was just some outpost of their Empire but to Christ, it was STILL His Covenant people, and He did not change.

Guess what? Jesus is coming. And He is coming as the same Person He was when He left. He is Holy, and just as Holy NOW as He was even though WE often live far from holy, but He doesn't change! He is LOVE. Even though we may have left our first love, when He returns He will be the same Loving God who sacrificed so much for us. He is King. And when He returns He will STIIILL be King even though we have rebelled against His authority, our foolishness changes NOTHING.

So don't be tossed to and fro by politics and circumstances, doubts, fears and failures,
Get Your Eyes Back On Jesus Christ the Lord!

By all means, fast and pray and sorrow-and repent, and preach and love folks and pray some more but do not get squirrely! Don't freak out! Relax and Look Up! You know, many people of Israel were angry and frustrated at the wicked Romans and wanted to overthrow the Romans. Was the Roman Empire wicked? Sure! But did Jesus become a revolutionary and overthrow them? No.

While MANY Jews were fretting about the Romans---SOME Jews were waiting with FAITH for the coming of the Anointed One! Men like Simeon and women like Anna, people like the wise men--they were looking for the Savour! But others were doing their own thing and worrying about politics.

The children of Abraham were waiting for Christ to come in Judeah and we should be waiting for Christ to come too. It didn't matter to Jesus that Ceasar was in power and it wont matter now that Obama is in power. No Herod could stop Jesus and no dictator can stop Him now. So get your perspective and be like a wise man, and seek God.

Now, I use the example of Obama often because many fret about Obama, including me-BUT that is just a general example, there are many many many other realities that shake our faith-things going on in Churches, lost jobs, hurting families, ilnnesses, natural disasters, on and on-but no mattr what it is. It doesn't take God by surprise and we need to get our eyes off of people and onto Christ.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Twilight of the Prosperous Nation

What does it mean to be courageous? Why did God tell Joshua to be strong and courageous? On the one hand God told him to take heart because God was reassuring him that HE would be right there with HIm taking care of him. That gave Joshua some reassurance and it gives us reassurance that God's Word says HE will never leave us nor forsake us.

Jesus said that in this world we are gonna have tribulation---BUT BE OF GOOD CHEER I have overcome the world....

Paul the APostle SUFFERED, he suffered in prison, shipwreck, beatings, stoning etc. BUt he also relished the sweetness and glory and majesty of God!

We live in some perilous times. We are witnessing a lot of heartbreaking things in this generation. But be of good cheer, because amidst this all you can have personal, heart-communion with a magnificent God.

in the 90's, we saw amazingly low gas prices and amazingly high stocks! and now, it seems to be going the other way. Well, they called the 1920's the Roaoring 20s! But you know what happened in the 30s and 40s. Aint it about time to learn something from history?

WHo are you reading and studying and paying attention to? Can I give you some advice? If you want to do well in these coming years, model your life after the heroes of similar ages, examples from the Bible would be Daniel in captivity, and ELijah under a wicked kingdom. More modern examples would be Miss Corrie Ten Boom in World War 2 Holland, and Pastor Yusseff in an Iranian prison cell.

I am not trying to be some kind of doomsday maniac, depressing, negative alarmist. All I'm trying to do is pay attention to what's going on in the world and what kind of times were living in. If you don't have the discernment to see that we are all going to face some hard times, you just are not paying attention.

And ya know, even if we were not in such a time as this, fact is, every single one of us is, has and will face suffering and burdens. But don't despair. FInd the courage and freedom that it brings in God.

One of the first things we have to do is get our perspective back.

Why are Americans, even CHristians....keeping track of what the Kardashians are doing? Why are we spending more money at Wallmart and the mall that we EVER have before when our whole nation is broke? Why do we think we have to have a tv in every room, even the bathroom, when there was a time that the MOST we had was one in the living room? Why does every kid think they HAVE to have a car when we used to hop in the station wagon as a family? And yet we're all freaking out because we're so poor? DId I miss something?

One second we are freaking out saying this is the worse things since the Depression, and the nest thing we're buying ANOTHER phone upgrade? Did I miss something? lol

My point is not that we need 2 be more thrifty, although we probably should be, my point is that we have totally lost perspective.

We don't seem to remember how to be happy as a culture. We are not thankful even though we have lots to be thankful for, and at the same time-it seems that very soon that all the things we're so unthankful for may very well disapear...at which point we'll be even more unthankful....

Example-people in asian, middleast and african nations have no rights to freedom of worship. They wish and long for a day when they could publicly worship God with no fear. They risk life n limb and freedom for a piece of Scripture or an underground Church. Meanwhile, folks back in the USA-count themselves as fulfilling some kind of difficult, taxing duty by waking up early enough to make the 'sacrifice' to come to sunday school at their Church. Millions would PRIZE and cherish the right to come to a nice building and have a Bible study, but millions in America either 1 dont come or 2 come out of a feeling of obligation. Think maybe we've lost perspective?

EVery time that I find myself in Church, I find myself thinking how blessed and priveleged we all are at having the opportunity and wondering for how many more years our freedoms will be preserved. Imagine if calamity comes to this country and we no longer have the privelege of a Church service, I wonder how many Christians will finally regret all the years that they completely neglected the opportunity.

Thousands of people freaked out that ChicFilA was under attack and flocked to its doors to show support. Good for them. But I guess when I go to Church I feel kinda like those ppl felt about their favorite chicken restaurant. I feel like, ya know, I need to support this type of place, a place where God's Word gets the pre-eminence...I love chicken but this is even more important than chicken...lol

There's a saying that we don't know what we've got until it's gone. that can apply to so many of the priveleges we enjoy as American Christians.

It's just like those that live in a happy home. They may not feel overwhelmed with joy because they dont know what an unhappy home can be like! If only they knew! People who have healthy spouses and kids etc, are very very very blessed especially in this day in age when broken homes are so common.

I have found in my life, that I have been treated very well. That I have been blessed and shown kindness by so many. Not everyone has had that kind of a life. I have so much to be thankful for!

My Grandmother was all alone in life, she had to make her own way, but then, when she found a great man and married him and started a family, she became the matriarch of a family that was one of provision and warmth and kindness and security. She did not have those blessings, but she had a God who watched over her and directed her life and brought her to a place where she could build a family. Almost no one has been more influential on my life than my Grandmother. She was hardowrking, kind, classy, polite. pleasant, thoughtful, insightful-she was a blessing from the Lord. I give thanks for that, and for the fact that in a world that can be pretty intimdating, I was given encouragement, instruction, examples, and confidence. God's been good. And as Americans, it's the same way, rather than being intimidated, abused and misused by the State, we have been given opportunities, help, support and liberty such as the world has neve known. We should take advantage of this while we still have it, because it seems the end of such National Benevolence and security and the beginning of State-ism and socialism could very well be on its way. Take advantage of your freedom. Use it for the glory of God.

Friday, August 3, 2012

WHat Would Jude Say?

When I say something about God's grace and forgiveness, mercy, liberal extremists think YES he's on our team baby! and when I stand up for what's right and pure and good and holy-the other crowd is like yes, he's finally getting it right! And I'm just like....wow. Where is the discernment to see the difference between knowing what is right and what is wrong instead of  having an AGENDA. My only agenda is the truth. I'm not in any camp. But some people just cannot imagine that! I've been in that situation before matter of fact-it's kinda like when two friends get a divorce, you think you can be friends with both of them since you became friends with BOTH of them, but man o man, they just cannot accept that you aren't part of their war, so you know what happens? They BOTH attack you and you don't end up being friends with either.

Balance is Gone. People cannot think outside of the box of the little war/agenda that they are in. Our nation is falling to pieces before our eyes, but our politicians fight over the scraps because all they care about is their party and career. SPiritually we are all but destroyed but men still busy themselves arguing about theology and gossiping about each other. We're like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

We lack discernment, we lack a love for the truth instead of our egos

The Gospel itself is a story that is so full of HORROR and WONDER that it is paradoxical. The cross is gruesome, and heartbreaking and tragic-yet powerful and liberating and wondrous! The resurrection is glorious and relieving and victorious, but the three days before it full of fear and despair. The Gospel is the basis for our faith, and it is a mixture of mercy and truth. It isn't contradictory...is isn't two different Gospels, it's the WHOLE Gospel plus or minus nothing.

Some SHUN conviction and want entertainment while others shun joy and long for condemnation and both are equally foolish and the only answer is to repent, reject your lame, inflated opinion and follow after the SPIRIT OF GOD.

No program is gonna save you. No human teacher is gonna give you perfect doctrine. No discipline is going to stop your flesh from acting the fool. It is the SPIRIT of God that we need plus or minus NOTHING.

I am NOT impressed with the charisma of a preacher/teacher, I am not impressed with the program, the personality, the talents, the number, the technology, the book sales, the beautiful music. The world has ALL of these things. I am not impressed. WHat we need is the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. and if our CHurches full of hypocrisy, ego, sin, entertainment AND condemnation are going to claim that we have not left the leading of the SPirit behind somewhere, I think we need to do some serious self-examination.

From the divisions and schisms in the body, to the flagrant sin, to the pharisaical leaving of our first love-all of this was predicted about us in the New Testament. Wake up!

Now get this and dont mesage or call me and try to see if im part of ur movement because im not part of anybody;s movement. I wanne be part of the movement of the Holy Ghost.

If you are so arrogant that you think the hope for revival is in "Our" Churches....THAT is exactly the problem. WIth our disgusting attitudes, I would look to hope towards some broken-hearted person in the loneliness of their own life to begin praying for revival then I would envision that our self-righteous, pontificating is going to bear fruit.

I find this ridiculous attitude in all of us-including myself, like some kind of disease. This attitude like no one else "Gets it" but "we" do, right? SOmeone may even be reading tis and thinking ahhh, he's finally getting it! No. No. No. No. if thatz how ur thinking than you think YOU lready have the big secret. But if we are so enightened s we think we are, then what is God doing in our lives? What fruit of the Spirit is abounding in your life? WHo is coming to know CHrist because of me today? Am I filled with the Spirit?

God's Word says I am supposed to be, yet most of the time I cannot seem to answer that question. Please don't get some kind of agenda out of reading this. Just turn your computer off and pray. That's what I gotta do.

Lord Jesus. Please. do what ONLY You can do. Please fill us with Your Spirit and set us straight. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ that YOU are the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Awake to Righteousness

We are living in volatile times. If Obama is re-elected, people like me, patriotic, God-fearing, Bible-believing, well- we could find ourselves in prsion before you know it, we're already being blacklisted and harassed, don't think so? Look at CHic-Fil-A or imagine telling some lib wacktard the truth during a job interview or imagine earning ur college degree being an underground conservative the whole time b/c of activist teachers, believe me- the systematic bullying of the left is a serious reality!

If he is not re-elected, we can sigh a sigh of relief for our freedoms may be slightly prolonged, nonetheless, the middleast will still be on the brink of plunging us into a world war worse than the first two, the economy will still be bad, and so on. NO matter how u slice it, we're living in volatile times.

We need to wake up, because the world is moving on with or without us and we may want to be prepared.

Honestly, I believe that in light of so many unprecedented realities that we are now living with, that we are suffering from mass delusion that we are not FILLING the CHURCHES< declaring fasts, prayer meetings, repentance, Seeking true and profound & real change.

IN a time when the whole world has declared a frontal assault on all that is good and wholesome, you'd think people would be thronging into the Churches, rallying around their families, putting aside differences, praying, saving money instead of wasting it, pulling together n helping each other out so we can survive. But instead the Churches continue to dwindle, the broke continue to spend, the feuds and grudges continue on as they did the year before, the families don't wanna stick together or help each other out instead of criticizing........strange behavior.....

Now don't get me wrong. I believe there are SOME who have the discernment to see the signs of the times. Some PAstors are preaching more passionately than they ever have before....but are their congregations listening? SOme CHurch members are at the altar and hearts are being effected,...some people gathered for the Restoring Love rally the other night, some ppl see what is going on, but many more need to wake up.

Turn off your reality television and take a look at Reality!

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Back

The truth will make you free  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. No More Victims.

Those three thoughts have been the emphasis of my life for about a year or so. 

At some point, when the light was shed on the darkness of my own mind, I saw that where I thought I was free, I was a slave. Knowledge is light. Light is what makes manifest, Light is the acknowledgment of the truth. Light is knowledge and that which makes known. When the lights turned on, the darkness dissapeared and the chains fell off.

But a freed slave, just like Moses couldn't forget his fellow Israelites, will not forget all his family who are still living in slavery and mental/spiritual/physical prison.  Being an abolitionist takes GUTS ;) You don't comdemn slavery in a spiritual economy based on slavery, unless you're brave.

Everybody today likes to give lip-service to civil rights, but that's b/c the hard battle is over. You can say I love black and white people without having to face fire-hoses and billy-clubs. A rabble-rousing moron like Jesse Jackson did not take a bullet for the movement, a gentleman by the name of MArtin Luther King did. And Johnny-Come-Lately Civil Rights leaders are not Civil Rights Leaders at all---and that is how most of us are. You say you're against abuse/peresecution/evil/terrorism---then why does the whole United States ignore the cries of our Christian brethren being threatened, imprisoned, tortured/murdered by extreme Muslims? We play nice and act 'tolerant' of the Islamist agenda in the USA while the same system slaughters innocent people overseas? You say you're against abuse, but you buy products from companies and sources that have slave labor, you think pornography is a matter of free speech when the system supports sex-slavery and human traficking?

SO many claim they want to help the homeless but are they going to take someone into their home?

You see, many of us are slaves to our own fear and lack of conviction.

And when someone is being mistreated-we find it more convenient to act like we don't understand what's going on.

The judgments of the Old Testament came on a nation that was not caring for the justice of the poor, the fatherless, the widow and the stranger.

As child abuse, neglect, abortion, prostitution and drug sales sky-rocket in America, you can be assured the judgments of God will not slumber forever.

Standing up for the under-dog. The little guy. The victim. Is not convenient, not popular, not profitable. But it is the right thing to do. We need to start looking out for one another again and having a sense of community instead of being selfish, darwinistic, opportunistic, calculating, self-promoting cowards.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There were complaints in the school system a few years ago that a young man was making all sorts of threats and inappropriate comments about murder and other morbid things.

The authorities became angry with the students who reported it and said the young man was being picked on and the other students were being dramatic. YET a couple of days ago the same young man was arrested for murder.

In the early 1940s-there were whisperings of all sorts of Jews being imprisoned for no good reason, and rumours of massive death camps. But most people who reported this were considered alarmists and political extremists.

People often have this attitude of it won't happen to me or it won't happen here, but if we want to stop evil clouds from gathering into storms we MUST call it by name when we see it EVERY time and take it seriously. A tyrant is a tyrant be he Democrat, Republican, black white or purple. Abuse is abuse no matter what form it takes or where it is seen. A lie is a lie. A killer is a killer, no matter if you killed a million people or an unborn child.

We need to have the integrity to stand up for right and aganst evil no matter what, and no matter if it's convenient or who it offends. We must divorce ourselves of public opinion too.

I don't care if ALL my friends think I have lost it, I don't care if people say I'm hyper-sensitive etc etc, fact is when I see bullying I don't like it and I don't tolerate it.

Caring what other people think has NEVER gotten me very far,
and people will always talk trash about you when you stand for something. HAters can keep hating. Go ahead and talk about us and then act polite to my face, I will still try to be good to you but I won't try to make excuses for unacceptable behavior.

We REALLY need to start learning how to treat one another.

Rodney King said "Can't we all just get along"  People often joke about that, but seriously, I often agree with the guy. Just treat other people good.

People gotta start acting decent! Even in cyber-land ppl are doing dumb stuff, sending things to people that they shouldn't. The whole world, adults and children, brothers sisters moms and dads-needs to re-learn the Golden Rule!

No More Victims homies!