Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Only Person You'll Ever Have To Be

I've been thinking about the heart. We know it is called desperately wicked and deceitful in Jeremiah. I don't know about all of you, but I have been warned so many times by the careful, the level-headed, the wise, the calculating, and the rational-to follow my logic, not my heart. Now before you blow a gasket ;) there's some wisdom in that. Your emotions can get way too far ahead of you, your thoughts can become clouded, your judgment impaired. So when we're told to follow our thoughts first and not be led around by 'the heart' it isn't totally wrong, but it isn't totally right either!

There are also many Scriptures that tell us we will be given a new heart and be made new creatures. We are told in Psalms that when we delight in the Lord He will even give us the desires of our heart. Now, would God want to satisfy the desires of a desperately wicked and deceitful heart? No. God wants to bless your good heart. Your loving heart. Your new heart. Your pure heart. Your beautiful heart. The precious shed blood of Christ washed us (the born again)completely clean and creates in us a clean heart (check out Psalm 51).

There is a sneaky heart, that will trip you up. A heart that has bad motives. And a twisted agenda. A heart that lies to itself. Don't live from that heart.

But there is a time to follow your heart. Follow your heart when it fills with compassion for your neghbour and love for your mate. Follow your heart when it breaks for and longs for a closer relationship with your Creator. Follow your heart when you want to find an adventure and do something new! Live out of your good heart, and enjoy it. Enjoy being who God made you to be. Don't cross-examine every good thing inside of you and demonize it-reject the evils of the flesh but embrace the goodness of the Spirit of God inside of you that gives you life.

Wouldn't it be a shame if we missed out on all of these good desires and holy pleasures that God has restored to us because we were too afriad and our consciences were so weak and confused? Don't let the fears of religion be used to the Devil's advantage. A good, healthy examination of your inner self is good-and it is the Scripture that divides the thoughts and intents, so just ake sure u stay in the Word! But do not sell your birth rite of freedom under false notions of self-denial or humility. Deny evil. But accept the good and have the understanding to know the difference! This is my struggle and I pray that myself and all of you reading this will be able to succeed in this little battle. We have so many treasures given to us. as it says in 2 peter 1-we have been given ALL things which pertain unto life and godliness. We have what we need allready, inside of is in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It only takes some love and faith to access it ;) You don't need to beat yourself up and you don't need to go thru religious duties-you just need to have the faith to believe.

LORD< please help me, Father, Abba, to just go ahead and be the person that You made me to be. So many times I become scared or distracted. So many times I've picked up the yoke of bondage and put it on my neck and walked on in self-imposed slavery-Lord, You've allready offered me freedom and liberty. Help me to understand it and accept it so I don't get entangled again in the yoke of bondage. God please help me to be at PEACE with myself and who I am, BECAUSE OF the cross. Let Your Christ live in and through me. Help me to live by faith. Open our eyes, Jesus. Amen.

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