Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fighting those Evil Doers Let's Roll Yes I Miss George W

We look at late Rome and see the barbarism of the Colliseum in disgust. We see the slavery of the 17 and 18 hundreds with disgust. We look at the decapitations of the French Revolution, again, with disgust. But what we do not realize is that the people who stood up for what we now acknowledge in the mainstream as right we're NOT heroes in their day. They were labelled as extremists, idealists, fanatics, religious wackoes, etc.

To stand behind a pulpit in the 1800s and preach against slavery wasn't exactly going to help you win friends and influence people but it was right nonetheless.

But today, we have equally sick, twisted, barbaric practices as every society and generation in the past, and just as in the past, those who heroically oppose these travesties are slandered and blacklisted.

Even fantastical stories like 'the Hunger Games' portray a society that accepts this horrible, cruel waste of human life as nothing but tradition and entertainment. And we look at such a story, understanding that it is meant to portray how wrong this behavior is. BUT is it anymore wrong than partial-birth abortion, sweat-shops, sex-traficing, or prostitution? Is it any worse than the porn industry which takes advantage of people and is all tied up in organized crime and even child pornography?

Sadly, just as those who once stood up against African slavery were labelled as extremist abolitionists, who were 'polarizing' the nation, pro-lifers, and people fighting the porn-industry, and prostitution etc, are often called religious zealouts, "Anti-choice" closed-minded, intolerant, etc. It is sad how twisted, tainted, and warped our culture has become.

If you are truly moral, and on the side of right, you will RESPECT LIFE no matter how big, small, young or old, and you will respect all people made in the image of God and realize that no one is ever there just to gratify other people or be used for material gain.

The people of the USA need to stand up against the three evils of abortion, sex-traficking, and sweat shops. Some people don't even realize that thru a lot of industries and through Obama's healthcare program, a lot more of us are funding this nonsense that realized. Not to mention, dear old ACORN was actually caught giving advice to criminals on how to smuggle females into the country and hide them to start brothels. Our President is dangerously close to these very evil, base, unscrupulous scumbags.

Friday, March 9, 2012

In These Days

So many problems seem to beg for so many solutions. Sometimes when I listen to Christian radio, I hear these guys trying to convince the world of good things, especially on the political arena, but the problem is, it is CHRISTIAN radio-most people hearing it allready agree. And even when we try to crusade for what we think is right on the internet, we USUALLy accomplish one of two things, angering a couple people who read our stuff by accident, or preaching to the choir.  

Some people say our problems are economic, some say political, some say moral. But to get to the depths of all our problems, we have to realize, they're spiritual.

It might sound like the trite, hyper-spiritual answer that the Church-goer uses to bury his head in the sand-but the truth is, we need SPIRITUAL REVIVAL AND HEALING, period.

When individuals, families and Churches get right with their Maker-the whole Nation prospers. As the famouse French Philosopher is often quoted as saying in our past "America is great because America is good" But in his report he went deeper into it-he defined that goodness. he claimed that he found it in America's pulpits and pews.

I struggle to even begin to imagine how to put into words the vast contrast between the state of these States today and the State of these States then! I know we lament like this often, but it never really seems to get old to me to think about men like Jonathan Edwards or George Whitefield, or Billy Sunday or one of my greatest heroes-D.L. Moody. The passion, the zeal, the reverence, the LOVE of God that once was found in this Nation!

Some say that since it is indeed the last days, we should be resigned to the great falling away and quit thinking about these past glories. But is it wrong to wish and pray for revival? Nope. And even if we cannot hope to have a world-sweeping revival---can we have a revival in our own hearts? Yes. Can we have a revival in our own homes? Yes. And if we have revival in our own homes than we will have them in our Church! And if our Churches get right, then there is hope for others.

A Church is supposed to be a Beacon of Hope. Not a quiet place to find formalism, traditions and control-freaks seeking to make people's lives miserable while also appearing pious. No, a place of hope. A place where people who thought they had nothing-can find that they indeed can have everything.

Churches today are very concerned with image, live-streaming, the quality of their music, the youth program, etc. When you read about the New testament Church, you don't read long, detailed instructions at how to run your praise team or teen group. Not even at how to present yourself in preaching! The Apostles werent giving voice and oratory lessons, heck, they weren't even building beautiful sanctuaries-they were talking about one thing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you think that your rules, opinions, methods, quality if people-etc, are what the priority is, then no wonder you are finding no power in the service. The ONLY thing that is the power of God to usward, is the Gospel of JEsus Christ and the moment you lose confidence in and abandon the Gospel and Christ Jesus as the center of everything your about, the moment you leave your first love. You're headed for lukewarm and even coldness. Our COuntry is FULL of religion, you have online Churches, churches with tim hortons in them, churches with tatto parlours in um, traditional Churches, contemporary Churches, little boring Churches and big dramatic Churches. We got lots of religion but not enough Jesus.