Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fighting those Evil Doers Let's Roll Yes I Miss George W

We look at late Rome and see the barbarism of the Colliseum in disgust. We see the slavery of the 17 and 18 hundreds with disgust. We look at the decapitations of the French Revolution, again, with disgust. But what we do not realize is that the people who stood up for what we now acknowledge in the mainstream as right we're NOT heroes in their day. They were labelled as extremists, idealists, fanatics, religious wackoes, etc.

To stand behind a pulpit in the 1800s and preach against slavery wasn't exactly going to help you win friends and influence people but it was right nonetheless.

But today, we have equally sick, twisted, barbaric practices as every society and generation in the past, and just as in the past, those who heroically oppose these travesties are slandered and blacklisted.

Even fantastical stories like 'the Hunger Games' portray a society that accepts this horrible, cruel waste of human life as nothing but tradition and entertainment. And we look at such a story, understanding that it is meant to portray how wrong this behavior is. BUT is it anymore wrong than partial-birth abortion, sweat-shops, sex-traficing, or prostitution? Is it any worse than the porn industry which takes advantage of people and is all tied up in organized crime and even child pornography?

Sadly, just as those who once stood up against African slavery were labelled as extremist abolitionists, who were 'polarizing' the nation, pro-lifers, and people fighting the porn-industry, and prostitution etc, are often called religious zealouts, "Anti-choice" closed-minded, intolerant, etc. It is sad how twisted, tainted, and warped our culture has become.

If you are truly moral, and on the side of right, you will RESPECT LIFE no matter how big, small, young or old, and you will respect all people made in the image of God and realize that no one is ever there just to gratify other people or be used for material gain.

The people of the USA need to stand up against the three evils of abortion, sex-traficking, and sweat shops. Some people don't even realize that thru a lot of industries and through Obama's healthcare program, a lot more of us are funding this nonsense that realized. Not to mention, dear old ACORN was actually caught giving advice to criminals on how to smuggle females into the country and hide them to start brothels. Our President is dangerously close to these very evil, base, unscrupulous scumbags.

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