Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Man-the marred glory of God

We are human beings. We were made by God, in HIS image. 1 Corinthians 11 explains that man is the glory of God. No, this is not humanism we're talking about-this is human dignity given by our Creator.

When we have a proper understanding of our place in God's eyes, certain truths that we've heard over and over but not comprehended become much more profound.

I believe that through "State-ism," the over-use of technology, and the abandonment of our faith, we, the human race, are losing our God-given humanity.  We are starting to believe that efficiency is more important than compassion, that results are all that matters (the ends justify the means), that machines and formulas are the ultimate achievement and goal of existance....this happens subtly, and many do not see it.

Let me try and give some examples,

COURTESY, or politeness, our past, was much more important to us than it is now. Courtesy, small kindnesses, thoughtfulness, comes from our values, It comes when we value PEOPLE.  Today, we are in a hurry, we are wrapped up in text messages, and personal concerns, and we have an agenda, and anything outside of our agenda is often ignored an we do not feel bad about it.

My Grandmother Buchler, representing another generation, is a great example of what we are now missing. She took time for people, and that could be anyone from the paperboy, to a neighbour, to the garbage men, to her family. She was polite, pleasant, thoughful....she valued people and she cared about their feelings.

Some people think talk like that should only be applied to women, but that is ridiculous. Especially for Christians, as people commanded to love one another, it is high time we return to the courteousness and kindness of pre-internet, pre-texting generations.

Today, especially in entertainment, art and media, we desire to see what appears to be most genuine....authentic....and that can be good, but in some cases in our culture we've taken our desire to be authentic so far that we often become vulgar, and do ourselves and our listeners a disservice.

I'm not saying to be a prud, or to have unreasonable, victorian sensibilities, I'm just saying, let's try being polite. Let's try being human. Let's not forget what is important.

We have been mis-taught when it comes to "Humility" We have brought humility to new lows, we have gotten into self-loathing and human loathing, where we talk so much about the depravity of man that we think of humanity as masses of disgusting, vile filth....but GOD looks down on humanity and says "For God so loved the world..."

Again, this is not humanism, and this is not denying the fallen state of man, but-we do not need to see ourselves and others as something to hold in disdain. On the contrary, we need to value them just as God does.

We like to hear how God is love but He is also Holy. Good. But what is Holiness? Is holiness some kind of detached, cold, impersonal concept or is Holiness a person. If God is Holy then Love is Holy because God is love. And we will not be effective servants of God until we value people because we value God. We love others because we love God, we cherish people made in the image of God because we cherish God. The more we TRULY understand Holiness, the more we will realize that holy people treat other people well, and do not shy away from their God given humanity.

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