Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Marvelllous Light and Beautiful Glory of the Living God

Both the Devil AND the world, his system,his kingdom-wanna push you DOWN as a Christian. In an unregenerate individual-false confidence, pride and self-satisfaction are used to shield the person from the truth of his/her desperate need for a Saviour, in the saved person---a pseudo-spiritual hopelesness 'I'm not good enough. What God can do with me?' Is the ticket to stifle your confidence in God and stop creativity and usefulness.

Satan and this world system want you to feel helpless.
Why do you think the government wants you to depend on them so much? Because under the care of the nanny-state-you will lose power and responsibility in your own life-spiritually and physically.

If your broke, this world wants you to think you're nobody-you're Low class. Well, God chooses to do a great many good things with the poor. The angels came first to the Shepherds not the kings!

Christian, when you feel pushed down down down, don't let it pass for spiritual humility and stay on the ground-first, get on your knees and acknowledge God, second-Let Him take you by the hand and say stand up son of man-
He said to gird up your loins with truth and stand, that was His command to us, His servnts, His children,
yet so many times we wallow around on the ground thinking we're being humble and spiritual-but the truly humble will be OBEDIENT and get on their feet!

It  can be discouraging if you identify yourself according to the world' standards. How little I have accomplished in my life according to this world! I am low class. I am blue-collar. I am not what they'd call a great man. But I am what GOD says I am, nothing else matters. What gives value to a life? God does. You are what He says you are.

God's Word says those who have been born again are---

Accepted in the Beloved
Joint heirs with Christ
predestined to be conformed to His image
Sons of God
and so much more.

NONE of these wonderful truths are said in order for us to lift up ourselves in pride, on the contrary-they are all for the pleasure and Glory of God the Father.

We are His workmanship!

We are so priveleged to be mirrors of the marvellous light and beautiful glory of the living God~

Live in these truths! And what was once mundane, daily routine, will shine with the knowledge of God's truth and Satan will not be able to knock you down into depression, false-humility and low expectations.

Do not stay on the ground, unwilling to stand and be productive and creative, Keep moving forward for God!

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