Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What is Worth Fighting For?

True Evil is a kind of pure evil-a kind of evil that though often hidden by subtle methods, is everything that we suspected.

Although we know that evil doesn't always appear ugly and Good doesn't always appear attractive, somehow we feel that fluffy bunnies are more likely to be seen on the Good side and venomous snakes on the Bad side. But as we grow older we realie this might be a shallow way of looking at life and that a lot of people who look scary or unattractive are the most lovely people and a lot of people who are alluring and impressive are con-artists, and manipulators. We realize the world can be a deceitful place.

Nonetheless, at it's CORE, evil really is Ugly. And though it loves to sugar coat things, and appear attractive like the wicked witch in Snow White trying to offer a tastey apple...

The "Beauty" of evil is skin-deep.

There is a reason the North Korean Regime doesn't want it's people to be able to see a Christmas tree in December, or to read a Scripture verse or to express themselves---the reason in, they may be INSPIRED and for the human soul to be inspired, to feel liberated, to transcend the mundane and unspiritual-is the nightmare of true evil!

Evil people, manipulators, control-freaks, dictators, narcisists,....despise creativity and the human spirit.

They cannot be touched with the notes of Mozart's genius, or warmed by the look in a child's eyes on Christmas morning. These sentimentalities are just weakness to them.

The warming of your heart, your human emotions, your desire for beauty---your imagination for sublimity, are the fingerprints of your Creator upon your soul, Lost are saved-He has left evidence of His existance in our own heart.

This evil world will constantly try to turn you away from your Humanity. Telling you to be less sensitive, to toughen up, to be more calculating, rational, mechanical, reasonable, etc. But in fact what we call humanity, isn't humanity at all but evidence that there is more in this universe that just us humans.

EVERY human being has the heart of a poet because he or she was created by a poet-a creative Individual whose love, creativity, power and beauty-overflowed from an over-abundance into the excessive, extravagant artwork of the universe and LIFE!

The desire to feel, to be felt, to be one, to know, passion, is what brought you into being, not only in the creative act of Genesis but in the creative act of conception.

Let yourself find your own heart. but not the heart of deceit and desperate wickedness, but the new heart that was MEANT to be inside of you given by the Spirit of God that brings liberty and life and newness into the once broken, marred and condemned human soul.

The human story is a tragedy. But with redemption by Christ's blood it can become a Romance. a narrative that transcends all evil and blossoms into UNSPEAKABLE glory!

The clearer we see this good, the more easily it's opponent will contrast in our eyes. How clearly the cancerous poison of demonic lies becomes when our existance is baptized in Light.

When you smile at someone who is hurting, when you say a prayer, when you color a picture, write a poem, light a Christmas tree, treat someone with dignity, plant a garden, whenever you do Anything that is human, and good, and wholesome, and beautiful, and natural-you are in direct opposition to Evil.

Believe it or not, just like Corrie Ten Boom's prison guard HATED the birds that sang their beautiful song while she tried to torture the prisoners with a gruelling roll-call-Evil does hate fluffy Bunnies!

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