Monday, July 30, 2012

Awake to Righteousness

We are living in volatile times. If Obama is re-elected, people like me, patriotic, God-fearing, Bible-believing, well- we could find ourselves in prsion before you know it, we're already being blacklisted and harassed, don't think so? Look at CHic-Fil-A or imagine telling some lib wacktard the truth during a job interview or imagine earning ur college degree being an underground conservative the whole time b/c of activist teachers, believe me- the systematic bullying of the left is a serious reality!

If he is not re-elected, we can sigh a sigh of relief for our freedoms may be slightly prolonged, nonetheless, the middleast will still be on the brink of plunging us into a world war worse than the first two, the economy will still be bad, and so on. NO matter how u slice it, we're living in volatile times.

We need to wake up, because the world is moving on with or without us and we may want to be prepared.

Honestly, I believe that in light of so many unprecedented realities that we are now living with, that we are suffering from mass delusion that we are not FILLING the CHURCHES< declaring fasts, prayer meetings, repentance, Seeking true and profound & real change.

IN a time when the whole world has declared a frontal assault on all that is good and wholesome, you'd think people would be thronging into the Churches, rallying around their families, putting aside differences, praying, saving money instead of wasting it, pulling together n helping each other out so we can survive. But instead the Churches continue to dwindle, the broke continue to spend, the feuds and grudges continue on as they did the year before, the families don't wanna stick together or help each other out instead of criticizing........strange behavior.....

Now don't get me wrong. I believe there are SOME who have the discernment to see the signs of the times. Some PAstors are preaching more passionately than they ever have before....but are their congregations listening? SOme CHurch members are at the altar and hearts are being effected,...some people gathered for the Restoring Love rally the other night, some ppl see what is going on, but many more need to wake up.

Turn off your reality television and take a look at Reality!

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Back

The truth will make you free  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. No More Victims.

Those three thoughts have been the emphasis of my life for about a year or so. 

At some point, when the light was shed on the darkness of my own mind, I saw that where I thought I was free, I was a slave. Knowledge is light. Light is what makes manifest, Light is the acknowledgment of the truth. Light is knowledge and that which makes known. When the lights turned on, the darkness dissapeared and the chains fell off.

But a freed slave, just like Moses couldn't forget his fellow Israelites, will not forget all his family who are still living in slavery and mental/spiritual/physical prison.  Being an abolitionist takes GUTS ;) You don't comdemn slavery in a spiritual economy based on slavery, unless you're brave.

Everybody today likes to give lip-service to civil rights, but that's b/c the hard battle is over. You can say I love black and white people without having to face fire-hoses and billy-clubs. A rabble-rousing moron like Jesse Jackson did not take a bullet for the movement, a gentleman by the name of MArtin Luther King did. And Johnny-Come-Lately Civil Rights leaders are not Civil Rights Leaders at all---and that is how most of us are. You say you're against abuse/peresecution/evil/terrorism---then why does the whole United States ignore the cries of our Christian brethren being threatened, imprisoned, tortured/murdered by extreme Muslims? We play nice and act 'tolerant' of the Islamist agenda in the USA while the same system slaughters innocent people overseas? You say you're against abuse, but you buy products from companies and sources that have slave labor, you think pornography is a matter of free speech when the system supports sex-slavery and human traficking?

SO many claim they want to help the homeless but are they going to take someone into their home?

You see, many of us are slaves to our own fear and lack of conviction.

And when someone is being mistreated-we find it more convenient to act like we don't understand what's going on.

The judgments of the Old Testament came on a nation that was not caring for the justice of the poor, the fatherless, the widow and the stranger.

As child abuse, neglect, abortion, prostitution and drug sales sky-rocket in America, you can be assured the judgments of God will not slumber forever.

Standing up for the under-dog. The little guy. The victim. Is not convenient, not popular, not profitable. But it is the right thing to do. We need to start looking out for one another again and having a sense of community instead of being selfish, darwinistic, opportunistic, calculating, self-promoting cowards.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There were complaints in the school system a few years ago that a young man was making all sorts of threats and inappropriate comments about murder and other morbid things.

The authorities became angry with the students who reported it and said the young man was being picked on and the other students were being dramatic. YET a couple of days ago the same young man was arrested for murder.

In the early 1940s-there were whisperings of all sorts of Jews being imprisoned for no good reason, and rumours of massive death camps. But most people who reported this were considered alarmists and political extremists.

People often have this attitude of it won't happen to me or it won't happen here, but if we want to stop evil clouds from gathering into storms we MUST call it by name when we see it EVERY time and take it seriously. A tyrant is a tyrant be he Democrat, Republican, black white or purple. Abuse is abuse no matter what form it takes or where it is seen. A lie is a lie. A killer is a killer, no matter if you killed a million people or an unborn child.

We need to have the integrity to stand up for right and aganst evil no matter what, and no matter if it's convenient or who it offends. We must divorce ourselves of public opinion too.

I don't care if ALL my friends think I have lost it, I don't care if people say I'm hyper-sensitive etc etc, fact is when I see bullying I don't like it and I don't tolerate it.

Caring what other people think has NEVER gotten me very far,
and people will always talk trash about you when you stand for something. HAters can keep hating. Go ahead and talk about us and then act polite to my face, I will still try to be good to you but I won't try to make excuses for unacceptable behavior.

We REALLY need to start learning how to treat one another.

Rodney King said "Can't we all just get along"  People often joke about that, but seriously, I often agree with the guy. Just treat other people good.

People gotta start acting decent! Even in cyber-land ppl are doing dumb stuff, sending things to people that they shouldn't. The whole world, adults and children, brothers sisters moms and dads-needs to re-learn the Golden Rule!

No More Victims homies!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I believe there is power in positive thinking and I believe it is a principle found in Philippians.

I believe that parents should nurture their children not intimidate, threaten and shame them!

I believe God IS love.

I believe that the saved person is Beloved, Accepted, Fully forgiven, valuable, beautiful and has a good future.

I believe that liberty is a necessity-it is not to be done without-give me liberty or give me death. I believe we have a free will because I believe that God has given it to us. I do not believe in Calvinism.

I do not believe that we must grovel and say self-deprecating things and subject ourselves to all kinds of neglect and abuse to prove that we are humble. I do not believe that self-loathing is a virtue, nor do I swallow the platitude that anyone 'hates themselves.'

I believe that ALL people should be treated with dignity. Not just people who you think you can get something out of. I believe that basic respect is owed to ALL human beings but that the respect some people claim they deserve is actually "Honor" and Honor is earned!

Some people pull the respect card whenever you disagree with them or reject their bad behavior. But they don't know what respect is.

I believe kindness is extremely important. I believe name calling is a bad idea. I believe arrogance is uncalled for.

I do not believe I am in competition with everyone around me.

I believe jealousy, envy and too much emphasis on competition is counter-productive.

I do not believe that I need to be better than anyone else, nor do I believe I am any worse.

I believe if you respect others, you'll respect yourself.

I believe I have spent way too much time in my life listening to negativity, pettiness, insecurity and a "No" mentality.

I do believe it is better to be known for what you are for than what you are against.

I do not believe any of us should be victims.

It is time for people to stand up and say No More Victims, and put bullies everywhere in their place. And is funny as it may sound to some, some of these bullies just need a hug and to be loved!
Sadly, a true narcissist can't be helped by human love because they don't know how to receive it, your best way of dealing with them is to RUN as fast as you can.

I believe that forgiveness means letting go and leaving it in God's hands not making excuses for unacceptable behavior.

This is some stuff that I believe.