Monday, July 30, 2012

Awake to Righteousness

We are living in volatile times. If Obama is re-elected, people like me, patriotic, God-fearing, Bible-believing, well- we could find ourselves in prsion before you know it, we're already being blacklisted and harassed, don't think so? Look at CHic-Fil-A or imagine telling some lib wacktard the truth during a job interview or imagine earning ur college degree being an underground conservative the whole time b/c of activist teachers, believe me- the systematic bullying of the left is a serious reality!

If he is not re-elected, we can sigh a sigh of relief for our freedoms may be slightly prolonged, nonetheless, the middleast will still be on the brink of plunging us into a world war worse than the first two, the economy will still be bad, and so on. NO matter how u slice it, we're living in volatile times.

We need to wake up, because the world is moving on with or without us and we may want to be prepared.

Honestly, I believe that in light of so many unprecedented realities that we are now living with, that we are suffering from mass delusion that we are not FILLING the CHURCHES< declaring fasts, prayer meetings, repentance, Seeking true and profound & real change.

IN a time when the whole world has declared a frontal assault on all that is good and wholesome, you'd think people would be thronging into the Churches, rallying around their families, putting aside differences, praying, saving money instead of wasting it, pulling together n helping each other out so we can survive. But instead the Churches continue to dwindle, the broke continue to spend, the feuds and grudges continue on as they did the year before, the families don't wanna stick together or help each other out instead of criticizing........strange behavior.....

Now don't get me wrong. I believe there are SOME who have the discernment to see the signs of the times. Some PAstors are preaching more passionately than they ever have before....but are their congregations listening? SOme CHurch members are at the altar and hearts are being effected,...some people gathered for the Restoring Love rally the other night, some ppl see what is going on, but many more need to wake up.

Turn off your reality television and take a look at Reality!

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