Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There were complaints in the school system a few years ago that a young man was making all sorts of threats and inappropriate comments about murder and other morbid things.

The authorities became angry with the students who reported it and said the young man was being picked on and the other students were being dramatic. YET a couple of days ago the same young man was arrested for murder.

In the early 1940s-there were whisperings of all sorts of Jews being imprisoned for no good reason, and rumours of massive death camps. But most people who reported this were considered alarmists and political extremists.

People often have this attitude of it won't happen to me or it won't happen here, but if we want to stop evil clouds from gathering into storms we MUST call it by name when we see it EVERY time and take it seriously. A tyrant is a tyrant be he Democrat, Republican, black white or purple. Abuse is abuse no matter what form it takes or where it is seen. A lie is a lie. A killer is a killer, no matter if you killed a million people or an unborn child.

We need to have the integrity to stand up for right and aganst evil no matter what, and no matter if it's convenient or who it offends. We must divorce ourselves of public opinion too.

I don't care if ALL my friends think I have lost it, I don't care if people say I'm hyper-sensitive etc etc, fact is when I see bullying I don't like it and I don't tolerate it.

Caring what other people think has NEVER gotten me very far,
and people will always talk trash about you when you stand for something. HAters can keep hating. Go ahead and talk about us and then act polite to my face, I will still try to be good to you but I won't try to make excuses for unacceptable behavior.

We REALLY need to start learning how to treat one another.

Rodney King said "Can't we all just get along"  People often joke about that, but seriously, I often agree with the guy. Just treat other people good.

People gotta start acting decent! Even in cyber-land ppl are doing dumb stuff, sending things to people that they shouldn't. The whole world, adults and children, brothers sisters moms and dads-needs to re-learn the Golden Rule!

No More Victims homies!

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