Thursday, August 9, 2012

Forgotten Signs of The End Times !

Could it be, that amidst all of our preaching, teaching, arguing, philosophizing, theologizing and so forth that we may have neglected and forgotten some important, orthodox, 'Fundamental' truths?

Some words of wisdom from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-written by Douglas Adams, a tragic atheist- "Don't Panic!" What would stop you from panicing? Stopping. Pausing. And taking a minute to remember the instructions and warning that our Lord gave us specifically for such a time as this.

Fact is-many people ARE downright havin' a panic attack! We're saying to ourselves,....something is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong with the world! Well, you are correct, right on the money, something is very much wrong with the world but why are we so surprised? Didn't Jesus 1-say that we'd have tribulation n suffering in this world and 2 prophecy of this great falling away and apostacy and impending judgment? I am NOT suggesting in the slightest bit that we should not be sorrowing and broken-hearted over the horrible state of Christianity but I am saying we need to get some perspective and stop being so shocked and confused about it. They say "Kowledge is power" Well we dont have to be ignorant of the methods of the Devil or of the times in which we're living.

We're living in the time that God's Word said men would NO LONGER ENDURE sound doctrine but heap unto themselves teachers having itching ears-and would be seduced by false teachers and doctrines, and would love pleasure more than God and be disobedient to parents, and would worship animals more than God or man! We're living in a time when novices will lead us instead of princes (Obama), when good will be called evil and evil will be called good-pro-life ppl are considered wackjobs but people who have an agenda of infanticide are called humanitereans!?!? We live in a time that is strange but not unprophecied!

God is not taken by surprise by all of this. God is not worrying and fretting about the stock market numbers. God is not worrying about whether or not Mitt Romney is electable. God is not disappointed or confused by man's failures and sins. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

THINK OF THIS---If you were a Jew in the days when Jesus was about to walk in the land of Judeah, you could look around at the state of God's Chosen people and say what is going on around here? This is NOT how JEHOVAH said thing were to be done! This is all wrong. There are hypocrites and liars and opportunists and idolaters. This is wrong wrong wrong, But Yet Jesus Christ, when the fulness of the times was come, was born. HE did NOT change regardless of the state of His people. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Richard Dawkins, renowned atheist, recenly passed away-wrote a book called "God Is Not Great" The book wasn't really about God though, It was about the true and scandalously horrid hstory and organized religion-well, guess what-Mr Atheist was CORRECT-almost no force on earth is responsible for more evil than organized religion. We are a failure in many ways.

But when Jesus came, He didn't go to ANOTHER people, He came to the Jews. The Romans called it Judeah, to them it was just some outpost of their Empire but to Christ, it was STILL His Covenant people, and He did not change.

Guess what? Jesus is coming. And He is coming as the same Person He was when He left. He is Holy, and just as Holy NOW as He was even though WE often live far from holy, but He doesn't change! He is LOVE. Even though we may have left our first love, when He returns He will be the same Loving God who sacrificed so much for us. He is King. And when He returns He will STIIILL be King even though we have rebelled against His authority, our foolishness changes NOTHING.

So don't be tossed to and fro by politics and circumstances, doubts, fears and failures,
Get Your Eyes Back On Jesus Christ the Lord!

By all means, fast and pray and sorrow-and repent, and preach and love folks and pray some more but do not get squirrely! Don't freak out! Relax and Look Up! You know, many people of Israel were angry and frustrated at the wicked Romans and wanted to overthrow the Romans. Was the Roman Empire wicked? Sure! But did Jesus become a revolutionary and overthrow them? No.

While MANY Jews were fretting about the Romans---SOME Jews were waiting with FAITH for the coming of the Anointed One! Men like Simeon and women like Anna, people like the wise men--they were looking for the Savour! But others were doing their own thing and worrying about politics.

The children of Abraham were waiting for Christ to come in Judeah and we should be waiting for Christ to come too. It didn't matter to Jesus that Ceasar was in power and it wont matter now that Obama is in power. No Herod could stop Jesus and no dictator can stop Him now. So get your perspective and be like a wise man, and seek God.

Now, I use the example of Obama often because many fret about Obama, including me-BUT that is just a general example, there are many many many other realities that shake our faith-things going on in Churches, lost jobs, hurting families, ilnnesses, natural disasters, on and on-but no mattr what it is. It doesn't take God by surprise and we need to get our eyes off of people and onto Christ.

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