Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Part 1 of My Manifesto Of Freedom

IN school, the bigger kids would try to bully the smaller kids, in High School, the richer kids would try to out-popular everyone else, in politics, people like Obama, Hitler, and Chairman Mao try to silence people and put them in their place. IN religion, people try to take your soul-liberty, and control YOUR conscience and even demand worship and reverence for idiots like Popes, mega-CHurch ego maniac preachers, and some stupid wafers or wine, John Calvin says you believe in predestination or I burn you at the stake, Pope says you worship the wafer-god or we will kill you, religious popular people say buy my book and follow my rules or be shunned. I say forget em all! Yeah I said it.

Earlier today I had some pious, sanctimonious goofball try n tell me that Im NOT ALLOWED to speak out against Obama because I'm a Christian. Now I could fall for her spiritual lingo of 'we're not citizens of this world' and be silenced, but ya know what---I Refuse! I'm just not gonna be bullied.

And some people say I'm not fit to say a prayer because I dont tow the line for EVERY goofy, unBiblical, man-made RULE that some southern dude dreamed up in the 50s and 60's, well guess what? I aint gonna be bullied spiritually either! I am not gonna do it.

I could write a book or two about what the Bible ACTUALLY says compared to what a lot of RELIGION teaches, but all it would do is create even more arguments, what it really comes down to for me is BACK OFF! I am a born again Christian, I am NOT a new convert to the movement of the Pharisees, I'm not going to be wearing philactories, and tying Bible-verses to my forehead, u wanna white those sepulchres good for you, thaz ur business, but leave me out of it!

I've noticed something. I RESPECT other people's convictions, standards, beliefs, lifestyles, I even give them props and honor for being faithful to what they believe-but that just isn't good enough---just like liberals compromising does no good!

WHen I say some of this stuff, in no time flat some OTHER bully from another movement will contact me and think I'm ready to be one of their sheep. Listen, I AM NOT PART OF THE COLLECTIVE> I am not a drone. I am not a borg. And I never will be. Just because I don't follow and worship your enemy doesn't mean I am going to come and follow you! SO get over it! Some people are so blind by their own agenda, its like the people who hate Obama but think the patriot act and Homeland Security were a good idea!! I dont care if it's the Republicans or the Democrats--I dont wanna be abused by ANY politician or government. And I dont care if you're a wacko fundamentalist or a retarded liberal! I'm not about to swallow your crap either!

I won't kiss up to people, never have never will.

I believe all people deserve respect and dignity and I believe ALL people have the right and responsibility to make their own stinkin decisions!

I am a man. I am the one responsible for my life. I have people that give me counsel and instruction. But THEY do not direct my life! It's about time some of you lemmings----GROW UP and OWN your own life!

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