Saturday, August 11, 2012

Perspective of Persecution

I am listening to a man named Richard Wurmbrand. A man who was in a Communist prison under the USSR being BRUTALY tortured for 14 years for no other crime than being a Bible-believing Christian. He has written a book called "Tortured for Christ." I lack the words to express how that book rocked my world.

I have been told that I and my family get 'carried away' with our faith. I wish that were true.

There are men and women who REFUSE to deny Jesus Christ with their mouth despite barbaric torture, the killing of their families and execution.

I have times where I don't even stand up for Christ's name when there is NO threat to my life. I have times when I neglect God's Word even though I have about six Bibles and these people study Bibles that they risk their lives to have and SOME of them don't have any Bibles at all and NEVER have yet they worship God.

Some of our relatives think we are bat crazy because we are going to Church TWICE tomorrow! Whewhew. Big stinkin deal. There are millions of people who have shed their blood and suffered unimaginably for their faith and we AMerican Christians think we're "RADICAL Christians" because we go to Church a few times a week.

I'm not saying these things to lay a guilt trip. I'm saying these things to give it comes, one of my favorite words....Perspective! The people of the USA sure have lost perspective, especially us Christians. We think God should thank us for fulfilling our Duty to come to Church when it isnt a duty at all it's a perk that God has blessed us with. We think we're doing God a service when we go to Church but it is HIM who is doing us a service!

You think you're serving God, and maybe you are. BUt realize this-GOD is serving you! Just as Jesus ministered to the disciples and washed their feet, if it were not for His sacrifice, for His intercessory prayer, for His cleansing for His abiding presence, we would have nothing.

WHy does God seem to be working so powerfully in foreign countries? Because Americans have become so comfortable and self-satisfied that we think we're doing God a favor by being 'nominal' Christians who show up to Church. We are out of touch.

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