Friday, August 10, 2012

Prayer n Praise

God, i just don't have all the wisdom and understanding. I see so much going on, and I get some insight on some things, but some days I feel like I have more questions than answers.

Lord, guide me in the path that YOU have for me.

I want to be a man who can provide for those in need, but I am also learning to be a child depending on You my Father, to provide for my needs. Help me to trust You. I am scared about the future, yet I KNOW YOu are trustworthy and I need to keep my eyes on You and give You praise!

I despair some days over the wickedness that is in power in high places. but I know no power is greater than Yours' Most High God! Amen.

I make lists of things I need to get done
I make lists of concerns.
I'm gonna make a list of things to thank God 4.

1. My beautiful, loving wife
2. Parents who care about us.
3. A Church that encourages and challenges us.
4. Some food to eat.
5. Some great friends/family who fellowship and share meals with us
6. A baby on the way
7. Living in an area where we arent scared or witnessing lots of crime
8. Having freedom to worship and Bibles to read.
9.A bed to sleep on at night.
10. Running water.
11. good enough health to get up and walk around easily and be active
12. a mind that can think and reason and learn about God

There is more that I can be thaankful for. But I'm trying to be pro-active about Recognizing the good things that God has done so 1. He gets the honor He deserves and 2. I fight off discouragement.

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